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Oedipus Tyrannus; A New Translation. Passages from Ancient Authors, Religion and Psychology: Some Studies. Criticism
Oedipus Tyrannus; A New Translation. Passages from Ancient Authors, Religion and Psychology
Some Studies. Criticism
Paperback      ISBN: 0393098745
This translation is for the contemporary reader. Specificallycommissioned for stage production, it rings easily on the modern earand yet remains faithful to Sophocles' original, avoiding the archaismsof other translations. The text is accompanied by a wealth of carefully chosen backgroundmaterials and essays. "Passages from Ancient Authors" includes selections from Homer's Odyssey,Thucydides' account of the plague, and Euripedes' Phoenissae. The best of ancient and modern criticism is represented, encouragingdiscussion from psychological, religious, anthropological, dramatic,and literary perspectives. Under the heading "Religion and Psychology" are included writings on theOedipus myth by Martin P. Nilsson, Meyer Fortes, Gordon M. Kirkwood,Thalia Phillies Feldman, and Sigmund Freud. The authors of the selections in "Criticism" are Aristotle, C. M. Bowra,R. C. Jebb, S. M. Adams, A. J. A. Waldock, Albin Lesky, Werner Jaeger,Friedrich Nietzsche, John Jones, D. W. Lucas, Bernard M. W. Knox,Cedric H. Whitman, Richmond Lattimore, Robert Cohen, Francis Fergusson,and H. D. F. Kitto. The special question of Oedipus's guilt or innocence is addressed inessays by J. T. Sheppard, Laszlo Versenyi, P. H. Vellacott, E. R.Dodds, Thomas Gould, and Philip Wheelwright.
The Counterfeiters: With Journal of the Counterfeiters
The Counterfeiters
With Journal of the Counterfeiters
Paperback      ISBN: 0394718429
The novel exemplifies the author's philosophy that man will find himself only when he follows his own emotions and rejects the conventions imposed by society
Catullus, Tibullus, Pervigilium Veneris
Catullus, Tibullus, Pervigilium Veneris
Hardcover      ISBN: 0674990072
Catullus (Gaius Valerius, 84–54 BCE), of Verona, went early to Rome, where he associated not only with other literary men from Cisalpine Gaul but also with Cicero and Hortensius. His surviving poems consist of nearly sixty short lyrics, eight longer poems in various metres, and almost fifty epigrams. All exemplify a strict technique of studied composition inherited from early Greek lyric and the poets of Alexandria. In his work we can trace his unhappy love for a woman he calls Lesbia; the death of his brother; his visits to Bithynia; and his emotional friendships and enmities at Rome. For consummate poetic artistry coupled with intensity of feeling Catullus's poems have no rival in Latin literature. Tibullus (Albius, ca. 54–19 BCE), of equestrian rank and a friend of Horace, enjoyed the patronage of Marcus Valerius Messalla Corvinus, whom he several times apostrophizes. Three books of elegies have come down to us under his name, of which only the first two are authentic. Book 1 mostly proclaims his love for 'Delia', Book 2 his passion for 'Nemesis'. The third book consists of a miscellany of poems from the archives of Messalla; it is very doubtful whether any come from the pen of Tibullus himself. But a special interest attaches to a group of them which concern a girl called Sulpicia: some of the poems are written by her lover Cerinthus, while others purport to be her own composition. The Pervigilium Veneris, a poem of not quite a hundred lines celebrating a spring festival in honour of the goddess of love, is remarkable both for its beauty and as the first clear note of romanticism which transformed classical into medieval literature. The manuscripts give no clue to its author, but recent scholarship has made a strong case for attributing it to the early fourth-century poet Tiberianus.

Cicero: The Verrine Orations
The Verrine Orations
Hardcover      ISBN: 0674993233
Cicero (Marcus Tullius, 106?43 BCE), Roman lawyer, orator, politician and philosopher, of whom we know more than of any other Roman, lived through the stirring era which saw the rise, dictatorship, and death of Julius Caesar in a tottering republic. In his political speeches especially and in his correspondence we see the excitement, tension and intrigue of politics and the part he played in the turmoil of the time. Of about 106 speeches, delivered before the Roman people or the Senate if they were political, before jurors if judicial, 58 survive (a few of them incompletely). In the fourteenth century Petrarch and other Italian humanists discovered manuscripts containing more than 900 letters of which more than 800 were written by Cicero and nearly 100 by others to him. These afford a revelation of the man all the more striking because most were not written for publication. Six rhetorical works survive and another in fragments. Philosophical works include seven extant major compositions and a number of others; and some lost. There is also poetry, some original, some as translations from the Greek. The Loeb Classical Library edition of Cicero is in twenty-nine volumes.
The Good Soldier Svejk and His Fortunes in the World War
The Good Soldier Svejk and His Fortunes in the World War
Paperback      ISBN: 0140182748
Translates the iconoclastic Czech's classic satire depicting the adventures of a soldier during the First World War
The Wings of the Dove
The Wings of the Dove
Paperback      ISBN: 0140432639
The Virginian
The Virginian
Paperback      ISBN: 0140390650
In the untamed West, pioneers came to test their fortunes - and their wills. The Wyoming territory was a harsh, unforgiving land, with its own unwritten code of honor by which men lived and died. Into this rough landscape rides the Virginian, a solitary man whose unbending will is his only guide through life. The Virginian's unwavering beliefs in right and wrong are soon tested as he tries to prove his love for a woman who cannot accept his sense of justice; at the same time, a betrayal by his most trusted friend forces him to fight against the corruption that rules the land.
Coming Up for Air
Coming Up for Air
Paperback      ISBN: 0156196255
Middle-aged George Bowling perceives the true condition of the world when he visits his childhood home in the late 1930's
The Three Theban Plays
The Three Theban Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 0140444254
Detailed notes accompany modern translations of the stories of Oedipus, a king who is unable to escape his tragic fate and ends his days in exile
The Brothers Karamazov: The Constance Garnett Translation Revised by Ralph E. Matlaw : Backgrounds and Sources, Essays in Criticism
The Brothers Karamazov
The Constance Garnett Translation Revised by Ralph E. Matlaw : Backgrounds and Sources, Essays in Criticism
Paperback      ISBN: 0393092143
A newly revised and annotated text of Dostoevsky's classic novel is accompanied by excerpts from the author's letters and notebooks and critical and interpretive essays by American and European scholars and novelists