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Open Heart, Clear Mind
Open Heart, Clear Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 0937938874
Will help many on the path of meditation and in dealing with life's everyday challenges.--Asian Foodbookery
The Zen Works of Stonehouse: Poems and Talks of a Fourteenth-Century Chinese Hermit
The Zen Works of Stonehouse
Poems and Talks of a Fourteenth-Century Chinese Hermit
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 156279101x
The Land of Bliss: The Paradise of the Buddha of Measureless Light : Sanskrit and Chinese Versions of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras
The Land of Bliss
The Paradise of the Buddha of Measureless Light : Sanskrit and Chinese Versions of the Sukhavativyuha Sutras
Paperback      ISBN: 0824817605
This is a free translation of two Buddhist texts on what is arguably the most popular of all Buddhist conceptions of an ideal world, the "Land of Bliss" of the Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. The two texts, known to Western students of Buddhism as the "Smaller" and "Larger" Sukhavatiyuha Sutra, explain the conditions that lead to rebirth in the Pure Land and the manner in which human beings are reborn there.
Essential Tibetan Buddhism
Essential Tibetan Buddhism
Paperback      ISBN: 0062510517
Introduces Tibetan Buddhism and gathers selections from the most important Tibetan writings on Buddhism and the path to enlightenment
Nothing Special: Living Zen
Nothing Special
Living Zen
Paperback      ISBN: 0062511173

Chapter One

With fifteen cents and five minutes you too can use and understand I Ching.

With six coins (one dime and five pennies) and this easy-to-use guide, tapping into the synchronicity of the universe is simpler and more rewarding than ever.

The ancient Chinese oracle of the I Ching is considered one of the oldest and most reliable tools for divination. From Chinese emperors to Carl Jung, for thousands of years great minds have consulted the "book of changes." But many have found the I Ching confusing and the teachings difficult to interpret. Until now.

The I Ching Made Easy demystifies the oracle and makes its wisdom accessible for all who seek advice. It is both simple to use and relevant to modern situations and decisions -- whether you are developing a new relationship, thinking of buying a house, or 'beginning a new career. Using popular terminology, straightforward directions, diagrams and illustrations, as well as real-life adventures, The I Ching Made Easy helps you find answers to all your questions.

Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State
The Self-Perfected State
Paperback      ISBN: 1559390573
Clear explanation of the Dzogchen teachings and practices that reawaken and establish us in our true nature.
The Four Noble Truths
The Four Noble Truths
Paperback      ISBN: 1559390271
The first teaching of the Buddha and the foundation teaching for all forms of Buddhism.
The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen
The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen
Paperback      ISBN: 0877735204
With over fifteen hundred entries and forty-six illustrations, The Shambhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen is the most complete compact reference work of its kind available in the English language. It is designed not only for students and meditators but also as a took to help familiarize all readers with Buddhist terms and concepts—such as chakra, karma, koan, nirvana, and tantra—that are encountered with increasing regularity in the literature of a wide range of fields today. The lives and teachings of important philosophers and meditation masters, the variety of practices, the basic texts and scriptures, and the range of sects and schools of thought are among the subjects covered. Pronunciation tables, a comprehensive bibliography, and a Ch'an/Zen lineage chart are also provided.
Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying: An Exploration of Consciousness With the Dalai Lama
Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying
An Exploration of Consciousness With the Dalai Lama
Paperback      ISBN: 0861711238
Sleeping, Dreaming, and Dying is an absorbing account of the expanding dialogue between leading Western scientists and the foremost representative of Buddhism today, the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Revolving around three key moments of consciousness — sleep, dreams, and death — the conversations recorded here are both engrossing and highly readable. Narrated by Francisco Varela, an internationally recognized neuroscientist, the book begins with insightful remarks on the notion of personal identity by noted philosopher Charles Taylor, author of the acclaimed Sources of Self. This sets the stage for Dr. Jerome Engel, Dr. Joyce MacDougal and others to engage in extraordinary exchanges with the Dalai Lama on topics ranging from the neurology of sleep to the yoga of dreams. The conversations also reveal provocative divergences of opinion, as when the Dalai Lama expresses skepticism about "Near Death Experiences" as presented by Joan Halifax.
Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart: His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Awakening the Mind, Lightening the Heart
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0060616881
The Tibetan Buddhist leader teaches the way to enlightenment through compassion