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Where's the Astronaut?
Where's the Astronaut?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1536207527
An interactive 50th anniversary celebration of the lunar landing invites the youngest children to discover four hidden space-themed friends beneath felt lift-flaps, in a story that features a surprise mirror under the final flap.
That's Not My Puppy: Its Coat Is Too Hairy
That's Not My Puppy
Its Coat Is Too Hairy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0746037783
Young readers may touch various surfaces on puppies that are not the one someone is looking for, until at last the right one appears.
Bunny's Happy Day
Bunny's Happy Day
Hardcover      ISBN: 4056210799
This new board book series, Butercup Babies give a fresh take on Shizue Arakawa's iconic characters with peek-a-boo die cuts, touch-and-feel and early learning concepts.  Babies will sharpen their motor skills with interactive elements while feeling soothed by the touch-and-feel spots and relate to the adorable childlike animal characters. Bunny&;s friends are planning something special for her&;but she has no idea what&;s in store! Babies will enjoy pushing the squishy raindrops, petting the fleecy sheep, rubbing the soft mittens, and peeking with the characters through clever cutouts, all while figuring out Bunny&;s surprise.