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Mimi's Picnic
Mimi's Picnic
Hardcover      ISBN: 4056210802

This new board book series, Buttercup Babies gives a fresh take on Shizue Arakawa's iconic characters with peek-a-boo die cuts, touch-and-feels and early learning concepts. Babies will sharpen their motor skills with interactive elements while feeling soothed by the touch-and-feel spots and relate to the adorable child-like characters.

Mimi is having a picnic in the park with a special friend--who is it? Babies will enjoy feeling the smooth apple, rubbing the crunchy biscuit, petting the fluffy dandelion, and peeking with the characters through clever cutouts, all while guessing who Mimi's surprise guest is.
Touch and Feel: Fire Engine
Touch and Feel
Fire Engine
by DK
Hardcover      ISBN: 0756689929

Perfect for the child who wants to know everything about fire trucks, this sturdy book is filled with clear and realistic photography, simple text, and fun textures that encourage tactile exploration and help develop fine motor skills while building an early language foundation.

Featuring pictures of everything related to fire engines, Touch and Feel: Fire Engine brightly displays big red trucks including textures on the pages to keep young children engaged.

With appealing touch-and-feel elements on every spread, DK's Touch and Feel series is a favorite for both parents and children, in a larger format than DK's Baby Touch and Feel books. The perfect gift for babies and toddlers who will be drawn to the shiny jacket, Touch and Feel: Fire Engine helps develop object recognition and language skills.

Really Feely Trucks
Really Feely Trucks
by DK
Hardcover      ISBN: 146546204x

Explore kids' favorite vehicles with this adorable new book that has lots to touch and simple text on every page that make reading time even more fun.

In Really Feely Trucks, every spread contains tactile elements--from the sticky mud on the loader to the bumpy tires on the monster truck, to the rough grill on the concrete mixer. The front cover even contains textured elements to kick off the fun sensory experience from the start, and the small, sturdy format is perfect for little hands to hold, encouraging motor skills and early book skills.

Series Overview: Really Feely books are perfect for babies and toddlers, ages 0-2. These little books, created for small hands to hold, are filled with bold real-world photography covered in embossed textures, fluffy patches, bumpy patterns, and tactile glitter. The Really Feely series encourages sensory development, language skills, and early reading skills, while also teaching favorite preschool subjects.

Scratchie: A Touch-And-Feel Cat-Venture
A Touch-And-Feel Cat-Venture
Hardcover      ISBN: 1534437657
A Parents Best Kids Book of 2019

Sharpen your claws--and scratching skills--with this adorable touch-and-feel book about a cat who loves to scratch everything...and wants you to join the fun

Hi there, human
I'm Scratchie the Cat
and I like to scratch stuff
to keep my claws super sharp.

Let's scratch things together

Join Scratchie the Cat to scratch touch-and-feel elements throughout this story. Rough door mats, grainy wooden tables, paper towels, cardboard boxes, and more give readers a claws-on experience as they innocently wreck Scratchie's owner's house (just like real cats)

With touch-and-feel elements on every page, Scratchie even has the perfect ending, because there's one more thing that loves to be scratched...Scratchie the Cat
Where Is Fuzzy Penguin? a Touch, Feel, Look, and Find Book!: A Touch, Feel, Look, and Find Book
Where Is Fuzzy Penguin? a Touch, Feel, Look, and Find Book!
A Touch, Feel, Look, and Find Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 1338538020
Who's that Fuzzy Penguin? She's happy as a seal. Can you spot her over there? Search and feel

There are many, many, many penguins in the South Pole, but there's only one Fuzzy Can you spot her? Search and feel your way through the pages of this cute penguin story to see if you can either see or feel Fuzzy amidst all her penguin friends.

Bright, eye-catching illustrations by Yayo Kawamura and clever flocking on every page -- including the cover -- gives multiple sensory clues on how little ones can uncover the one and only Fuzzy Penguin

A charming and unique take on a classic search-and-find story with a clever touch-and-feel element that's age-appropriate and just right for little ones ready to handle books on their own
That's Not My Unicorn
That's Not My Unicorn
Hardcover      ISBN: 079454102x
Peek-A-Boo Little Chick
Peek-A-Boo Little Chick
Hardcover      ISBN: 1534451773
A little chick looks for mama in this adorable, springtime peek-a-boo book that has soft, felt touch-and-feel flaps throughout

A little chick is looking for mama This sweet peek-a-boo book with felt flaps throughout will have young readers looking under the soft, easy-to-lift flaps to help the little chick find mama
Alphaprints: ABC
Hardcover      ISBN: 0312516460

A new take on an ABC book, Roger Priddy's Alphaprints: ABC is a charming and creative book which will delight children and parents alike. All of the letters of the alphabet are illustrated using colored finger and thumb prints, turned into animals with the addition of simple illustration. The pictures are described using imaginative, rhythmic text which is fun to read and to listen to. A clever and engaging way to teach babies and toddlers their ABCs.

Tiny Town What Did Busy Bunny Hear?
Tiny Town What Did Busy Bunny Hear?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1787003787

Follow Busy Bunny on a journey around Tiny Town. This cute interactive book features clever textured paths and cut-outs for little fingers to follow, and peephole windows on every spread. Perfect for adults to share with children age three and up.

That's Not My Dinosaur
That's Not My Dinosaur
Hardcover      ISBN: 079450129x

-- Two additions to the best-selling Touchy-Feely series, That's Not My Dinosaur and That's Not My Truck are sure to be favorites.

-- Colorful illustrations and interesting textures make these sturdy board books perfect for hands-on fun