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The Magic & Mystery of Trees
The Magic & Mystery of Trees
Hardcover      ISBN: 1465479368
A lavishly illustrated tour of the natural science of trees touches on how trees communicate, how they nurture their networks, how they reflect history and what everyday kids can do to counter the damage of pollution and deforestation.
The Everything Kids' Nature Book: Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!
The Everything Kids' Nature Book
Create Clouds, Make Waves, Defy Gravity and Much More!
Paperback      ISBN: 158062684x
Explores the different natural habitats--forests, rain forests, grasslands, deserts, cold regions, oceans and rivers--and the plant and animal life that exists in each, and offers related activities and word lists.
Leave Only Ripples: A Canoe Country Sketchbook
Leave Only Ripples
A Canoe Country Sketchbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0967705797
"Describes a family canoe trip in the Quetico-Superior wilderness along the border between Minnesota and Canada, including natural history and evidence of the fur trade era, Indian inhabitants, and logging. Woodcuts and sketchbook entries illustrate the story"--Provided by publisher.

World of Forests: Press Each Note to Hear Animal Sounds
World of Forests
Press Each Note to Hear Animal Sounds
Hardcover      ISBN: 1786033275
Explore ten diverse habitats—from the Amazon Rainforest, to the Cloud Forest, to Redwood National Park—and listen to animals in the wild with this extraordinary sound book. Simply press the page to hear the exquisite sounds of animals around the world, from the pandas of the bamboo forest of China to the bald eagles of Tongass National Park in Alaska. A stunning interactive book for young nature lovers.
Seed to Sunflower
Seed to Sunflower
Paperback      ISBN: 1682970310
How do sunflowers begin? What do sunflowers need to grow? When do the flowers open? Packed with fascinating facts about life cycles, amazing photographs of every stage, and labelled diagrams to explain growth and development. Discover the amazing stages of different life cycles and learn all about your favorite species with this stunning series. From plants and birds to garden animals, readers will soon learn how different species are born, grow up, and reproduce. Each book has amazing photographs, easy-to-understand text, and discussion points for further learning.
Snowman - Cold = Puddle: Spring Equations
Snowman - Cold = Puddle
Spring Equations
School & Library      ISBN: 1580897983
"Vibrant artwork and engaging text offer mathematical and scientific perspectives into such springtime wonders as nesting and pollination with poem-like ""equations"" that invite children to both marvel at and understand seasonal transformations. Simultaneous eBook."
Play the Forest School Way: Woodland Games, Crafts and Skills for Adventurous Kids
Play the Forest School Way
Woodland Games, Crafts and Skills for Adventurous Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1780289294
The rise of the Forest School movement in recent years is part of a groundswell of concern about the wellbeing of our children, with many media scare stories about child obesity, 'nature deficit disorder (as described in Last Child in the Woods) and lack of exposure to risk. This woodland adventure book brings the activities and 'learning through nature' ethos of Forest School to the parents of nursery and primary school-age children. It's packed full of ideas, from creating an outdoor mandala and whittling a bow and arrow to building a shelter and foraging for food; it also celebrates the Forest School philosophy of encouraging self-esteem, confidence and social skills through engagement with nature.
Oceans in 30 Seconds
Oceans in 30 Seconds
Paperback      ISBN: 1782404872
Embark upon a voyage of discovery and learn about waves, wind, and water with this fun and informative exploration of the ocean, 30 seconds at a time. With colorful artwork, readers will delight in the 30 fast and fascinating topics of life in the depths of the sea. The 30 Seconds series takes readers on a journey of discovery through a wide range of fascinating subjects. Each topic is presented with a quick 30-second soundbite, supported by flash summaries and full-color artwork. Fun, interactive missions with things to make or do support the topics, encouraging readers to test, explore, and discover even more.
Hardcover      ISBN: 1771388048
This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated introduction to trees and the important role they play is part of the essential Nature All Around series. The book first explores the parts of trees, their life cycles, the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees, leaf types and the processes of photosynthesis and respiration. Then it takes readers through a year in the life cycle of trees, describing what happens during each of the four seasons. Readers will discover the many ways trees are vital to the environment and how various animals can share one tree as a home. A two-page spread contains a map of forest regions across the United States and Canada. And there's even a section for ?budding? tree-watchers, with fun questions to help identify trees in their neighborhoods. Combine bestselling author Pamela Hickman's child-friendly, informative text with Carolyn Gavin's whimsical, painterly illustrations and you get both a complete reference tool and a book that children will be drawn to for its enticing visual appeal. This book has strong curriculum applications in grades two through five, when children are learning about the characteristics of living things. It works specifically for life science lessons on the growth and changes in plants, and on the interdependence of living things. End matter includes information about endangered trees and how readers can help, as well as an activity, glossary, and index.
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Hardcover      ISBN: 1596439505
"An exploration of the Grand Canyon on a grand scale, as only Jason Chin can illustrate and explain."--