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The Floor Is Lava: And 99 More Games for Everyone, Everywhere
The Floor Is Lava
And 99 More Games for Everyone, Everywhere
Paperback      ISBN: 1982116188
With 100 games to start a party, ideas to trigger conversation, storytelling setups, and fiendish puzzles—no materials required—The Floor Is Lava is a how-to for turning screen-free time into quality time. Put down the phone and pick up the fun! Analog play is known to stimulate imaginative thinking, problem solving, and interpersonal connection. However, games only seem to exist on screen now and quality time spent together—in person—is rarer than ever. The Floor Is Lava is perfect for anyone looking to disconnect from technology and spend some quality time with family or friends. Packed with one hundred screen-free games, it’s the necessary antidote to digital overload and the answer to every occasion: - hosting a party - long car rides - cooling off on summer days - sitting around the dinner table - holiday gatherings - rainy days The best part is, you don’t need anything to play. So what are you waiting for? Jump up and get started—the floor is lava!
What's Your Type: The Type Dating Game
What's Your Type
The Type Dating Game
Paperback      ISBN: 1786272520
This unique card game lets you test how type savvy you are! For everyone who wants to get to know fonts a little better, what better way than to go on a date? Struggling to decide between Arial and Times New Roman for your résumé? Can't tell the difference between Brush Script and Bodoni? Understand type in a totally new way with this fun game. The attractive gift box includes a booklet explaining type psychology and provides suggestions for four games to play. Fifty cards feature different fonts to choose from: make your selection, then turn over to find out what the type you're attracted to says about the type of character you are!
Teach Yourself Backgammon
Teach Yourself Backgammon
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0071482601
Describes the rules of the game, provides tactics and strategy, and includes sample games.
Deal or Duel: An Alexander Hamilton Card Game
Deal or Duel
An Alexander Hamilton Card Game
Cards      ISBN: 0451499565
In the face of the political instability and financial turmoil of the American Revolution, only one individual always came out on top: Alexander Hamilton. Pit your survival instincts and spending savvy against all the founding fathers (and mothers) in this historic action card game whose simple objective is as old as Ameritocracy itself: get all the money or die trying. Inside You’ll Find: -54 Historical Face Cards -120 Action Cards -40 Hamilton Cards -$3,500 Colonial Cash -Face Card Roster Scroll -Playing Mat 2-6 players Ages 10 +
The Escape Book: Can You Escape This Book?
The Escape Book
Can You Escape This Book?
Paperback      ISBN: 1781317437
Candela Fuertes is 28 years old and works as an investigative journalist specializing in economic and financial crime. She is trapped in a labyrinth and has just 60 minutes to escape and reveal the secret plans of the businessman Castian Warnes and the Wanstein Club. Joins Candela in her trap where you must draw on all your ingenuity to solve puzzles, optical illusions, conundrums and anagrams to make progress, and finally escape both the labyrinth and the book. Do you have what it takes to solves the challenges, solve mysteries and clues to finish and escape from the book?
After Dinner Amusements - Charades: 50 Cards With 200 Playful Prompts
After Dinner Amusements - Charades
50 Cards With 200 Playful Prompts
Cards      ISBN: 145216746x
Featuring 200 prompts from books, movies, television shows, and songs, this pocket-size take on classic charades makes for a lively guessing game for friends and family.
Moon Playing Cards: Featuring Photos from the Archives of Nasa
Moon Playing Cards
Featuring Photos from the Archives of Nasa
Cards      ISBN: 1452176841
Behold the moon in all its glory with this 54-card set of deluxe playing cards featuring phases of the moon as well as iconic Lunar modules.
Bright Games 2-deck Set of Playing Cards
Bright Games 2-deck Set of Playing Cards
Cards      ISBN: 1452172986
• A fresh, colorful take on classic playing cards! • 2 vibrant decks of high-quality playing cards • Each deck features a unique design: the back of one has a color gradient from red to green while the other has a gradient from blue to purple • Decks are set in a deluxe rainbow tin—perfect for gifting
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart: 50 Trivia Questions
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart
50 Trivia Questions
Cards      ISBN: 1452164908
Fifty brain-busting trivia questions about history, geography, pop culture, and more make for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family!
American Authors Card Game
American Authors Card Game
Cards      ISBN: 1572814462