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Celebrity Love Match: A Memory Game
Celebrity Love Match
A Memory Game
Hardcover      ISBN: 1786272385
Test your knowledge of the ever-shifting world of celebrity romance with this beautifully illustrated memory game, featuring 25 famous couples to match up. To play, simply place the cards face down and see if you can remember where their current or former love interest is located. Beware – some people have dated several others, but the backgrounds will join up when you've found the right match. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win! An accompanying booklet reveals the stories and scandals behind the love matches, making this an ideal gift for all fans of celebrity gossip.
American Authors Card Game
American Authors Card Game
CRD      ISBN: 1572814462
The Escape Book: Can You Escape This Book?
The Escape Book
Can You Escape This Book?
Paperback      ISBN: 1781317437
Candela Fuertes is 28 years old and works as an investigative journalist specializing in economic and financial crime. She is trapped in a labyrinth and has just 60 minutes to escape and reveal the secret plans of the businessman Castian Warnes and the Wanstein Club. Joins Candela in her trap where you must draw on all your ingenuity to solve puzzles, optical illusions, conundrums and anagrams to make progress, and finally escape both the labyrinth and the book. Do you have what it takes to solves the challenges, solve mysteries and clues to finish and escape from the book?
Foodie Fight Revised: A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers
Foodie Fight Revised
A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers
GAM      ISBN: 1452169470
With more than 100,000 copies sold, this addictive, classic game is now revised and updated with 50 percent new content and questions. Gamers can challenge their friends and family with more than 1,000 questions—on celebrity chefs, food science, food history, and more—to find the ultimate foodie!
The Great Mahjong Book: History, Lore, And Play
The Great Mahjong Book
History, Lore, And Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0804837198
The Great Mahjong Book is a perfect resource for the beginning or experienced mahjong player. This comprehensive book covers the entire history of mahjong as it spread around the globe, on the equipment and accessories used in the game, the basic rules, how and where the game first developed and all the international variants of mahjong--including China, the U.S., Holland, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. Filled with hints, fun facts and numerous illustrations of memorabilia and artifacts, this authoritative and thoroughly enjoyable book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in this ancient and beguiling game.
Game On, Bitches Playing Cards
Game On, Bitches Playing Cards
CRD      ISBN: 1452171548
Take your game to the next level with this deluxe set of playing cards. Housed in an eye-catching box with gold foil, this 54-card deck features humorous expletives, elegant calligraphy, and classic designs with a modern twist. With gold metallic accents throughout and top-quality cardstock, this portable deck is sure to delight card players of all suits. Game on, bitches!
Georgian and Victorian Board Games: The Liman Collection
Georgian and Victorian Board Games
The Liman Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 1938461436
Previously, On...: Guess the TV Series
Previously, On...
Guess the TV Series
CRD      ISBN: 1780678428
Can you identify your favorite TV show from just three visual clues? Put all those hours spent watching box sets to good use puzzling out the answer from Casja Holgersson's intriguing illustrations. Featuring 60 shows – from Game of Thrones to The West Wing, The Killing to Twin Peaks – this after-dinner game is an ideal gift for TV aficionados everywhere.
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart: 50 Trivia Questions
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart
50 Trivia Questions
CRD      ISBN: 1452164908
Fifty brain-busting trivia questions about history, geography, pop culture, and more make for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family!
After Dinner Amusements Do You Remember?: 50 Questions to Share Memories
After Dinner Amusements Do You Remember?
50 Questions to Share Memories
CRD      ISBN: 1452164894
Fifty thought-provoking questions about players' pasts will spark sweet memories and lively discussion.