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Great Mahjong Book: History, Lore, and Play
Great Mahjong Book
History, Lore, and Play
Paperback      ISBN: 0804837198
Master the game of Mahjong while learning about its legends and history with this entertaining and useful guide.

An excellent way to learn Mahjong or "Mah Jongg"--The Great Mahjong Book is the perfect resource for beginner or experienced mahjong players. Richly illustrated and easy to follow with detailed instructions and clear examples, it can help all players improve their game. Mahjong beginners get a solid introduction to the rules and equipment they need to get started, while better players will find invaluable tips for mastering the game.

The Great Mahjong Book also includes the entire history of Mahjong as it spread around the globe, the equipment and accessories used in the game, basic rules, how and where the game first developed and all the international variants of Mahjong--including China, the U.S., Holland, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong. Filled with hints, fun facts and numerous illustrations of memorabilia and artifacts, this authoritative and thoroughly enjoyable book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in this ancient and beguiling game.

Mahjong players love the game because it's colorful, exotic, and fun Whether you're a first time player or a pro, The Great Mahjong Book is a perfect companion to the wide world of Mahjong.
The Stewardess Game
The Stewardess Game
Cards      ISBN: 9063692951
A funny version of the classic quartet game; collect sets of four cards by exchanging cards with other players
Previously, On...: Guess the TV Series
Previously, On...
Guess the TV Series
Cards      ISBN: 1780678428

Can you identify your favorite TV show from just three visual clues? Put all those hours spent watching box sets to good use puzzling out the answer from Casja Holgersson's intriguing illustrations.

Featuring 60 shows - from Game of Thrones to The West Wing, The Killing to Twin Peaks - this after-dinner game is an ideal gift for TV aficionados everywhere.
Street Style Memory Game 2
Street Style Memory Game 2
Cards      ISBN: 9063692706

One of the coolest products of the year challenges players to match people with special characteristics to their street-style clothing. Become a Vogueista by matching the right styles and fashion details to recreate the international street style heroes who roam the streets of Amsterdam.

Moon Playing Cards: Featuring Photos from the Archives of Nasa
Moon Playing Cards
Featuring Photos from the Archives of Nasa
Cards      ISBN: 1452176841

Behold the moon in all its glory with this 54-card set of deluxe playing cards featuring phases of the moon as well as iconic Lunar modules.

Analogue VS Digital Memory Game
Analogue VS Digital Memory Game
Cards      ISBN: 9063693788

From analogue to digital and back again. Contains thirty sets of objects and phenomena that migrated from atoms to bits, or were born in the digital world and have been planted in the physical world afterwards.

This memory game makes players of all ages aware of how the two spheres-digital and physical--have evolved and changed our lives.

How Well Do You Know Me?: 50 Questions for Family and Friends
How Well Do You Know Me?
50 Questions for Family and Friends
Cards      ISBN: 1452178240

This deck of questions will reveal which friend or relation really knows you best. Bust it out to break the ice at a party, or take it along to the next family reunion--the players can decide whether to award points for accurate answers, or hilarious ones

- tin box with lift-off lid: 2-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 1-1/4"
- 51 cards: 2" x 2"
- full-color throughout
- for 2 or more players
Bright Games Dominoes
Bright Games Dominoes
GAM      ISBN: 1452172994

- A fresh, colorful take on the classic game of dominoes
- 28 rainbow wooden game pieces
- The back of each domino is a vibrant rainbow gradient, while the face side has colored dots
- Comes in a deluxe rainbow tin--perfect for gifting

Board Games to Create and Play: Invent 100s of Games with Friends and Family
Board Games to Create and Play
Invent 100s of Games with Friends and Family
Hardcover      ISBN: 1911624296
Create the next Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, The Game of Life, Ticket to Ride, or Settlers of Catan with this creative board game book

Board games are back in vogue, with board game caf s popping up around the world. This interactive gaming book teaches you how, in just half an hour, you and your friends can come up with a new game and start playing immediately. Just decide on a theme for the game, pick a rule set from the book, agree on some variations, color in one of many board game designs, and gather your die and counters

Possible to play in any order, this book is packed with tips, tricks, and mechanics on how to design the perfect game. With 40 different rule sets, each introducing a new concept, it encourages you to develop and test your own rules. Whatever the age range or experience of players, the game that you create from this book will always be playable, entertaining, and surprising. Each board you create is easy to pull out and completely reusable to play again and again.
After Dinner Amusements Family Time: 50 Conversation Starters
After Dinner Amusements Family Time
50 Conversation Starters
Cards      ISBN: 1452164886

Fifty thoughtful and playful questions about the past, present, and future will inspire great family conversations.