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50 Fun Things to Do on a Plane
50 Fun Things to Do on a Plane
Cards      ISBN: 1452183023
Bestselling format

Looking for screen-free activities for airplane travel? Look no further than this cute, compact tin filled with 50 great ideas for family fun up in the air

- Perfect for fans of Brain Quest or Mad Libs--a great way to make the plane ride fly by while keeping kids in their seats and entertained
- The colorful, petite tins are perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket for on-the-go fun. Also makes a thoughtful, unique gift or stocking stuffer
- Tin box with lift-off lid, 51 cards, full-color printing throughout
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart: 50 Trivia Questions
After Dinner Amusements Get Smart
50 Trivia Questions
Cards      ISBN: 1452164908

Fifty brain-busting trivia questions about history, geography, pop culture, and more make for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family

Village Green: A Game of Pretty Gardens and Petty Grudges
Village Green
A Game of Pretty Gardens and Petty Grudges
GAM      ISBN: 1472842421

Winner of Meeple Mountain's Best Light Game award

A beautifully-illustrated, 1-5 player card game designed by award-winning designer Peer Sylvester, pitting rival gardeners against one another as they compete in the prestigious Village Green of the Year competition.

It's the first day of spring, and there's only one thing on everyone's mind - the Village Green of the Year competition In just a few months, the judges of this prestigious contest will be visiting, and the village council have finally put you in charge of the preparations. With your newfound authority, you can show those snobs from Lower Aynesmore just what a properly orchestrated floral arrangement looks like

In Village Green you are rival gardeners, tasked by your respective communities with arranging flowers, planting trees, commissioning statues, and building ponds. You must place each element carefully--time is tight and the stakes couldn't be higher Split your days between acquiring and installing new features for your green and nominating it for one of the competition's many awards. Will your village green become the local laughing stock, or make the neighbouring villages green with envy?

Players: 1-5
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Ages: 14+
Contents: 96 cards
Reset the Table Conversation Cards
Reset the Table Conversation Cards
Paperback      ISBN: 1797205641
Join the movement. Push the conversation. Challenge the status quo.
--from Reset the Table Conversation Cards

U.S. Women's National Team members and World Cup champions Megan Rapinoe, Christen Press, Tobin Heath, and Meghan Klingenberg created re--inc, a purpose-driven lifestyle brand to boldly reimagine the status quo and champion equity, creativity, progress, and art. They host Reset the Table events, at which they use conversation cards as an invitation to spark dialogue. Now available to the public for the first time, these Reset the Table Conversation Cards inspire exploration, collaboration, and reflection with others. Encased in a tray and sleeve with silver letterpress, these 20 cards with 40 thoughtful questions plus an instruction card can be used as starting points to dream big, think differently, and act with purpose.

Printed in the U.S.A.
After Dinner Amusements Do You Remember?: 50 Questions to Share Memories
After Dinner Amusements Do You Remember?
50 Questions to Share Memories
Cards      ISBN: 1452164894

Fifty thought-provoking questions about players' pasts will spark sweet memories and lively discussion.

Pendleton Playing Cards: 2-deck Set
Pendleton Playing Cards
2-deck Set
Cards      ISBN: 1452172560
Pendleton Playing Cards: 2-Deck Set is a stylish pouch featuring two card decks.

With the appeal of a Pendleton blanket--tactile materials and timeless design--and travel-ready pouches, this is the perfect game to bring along on any trip.
Story Stitch: Telling Stories, Opening Minds, Becoming Neighbors
Story Stitch
Telling Stories, Opening Minds, Becoming Neighbors
Cards      ISBN: 194952311x
Featured by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's on Instagram Stories

Everyone has a story to share. Story Stitch facilitates the exchange of stories between immigrants and refugees and their new neighbors.

Story Stitch was created to serve as a guided storytelling activity that connects and builds empathy between people of different cultural backgrounds, through the art of storytelling. It was co-created by members of the diverse Minneapolis/St. Paul community in a series of game sessions lead by the Green Card Voices team.

This game is perfect for classrooms (ages 10 and up), diversity training workshops, workplaces, leadership retreats, training workshops, conferences, nursing homes, and more.

Gin Rummy: Gin Lovers Playing Cards: Including Gin-Laced Cocktails
Gin Rummy
Gin Lovers Playing Cards: Including Gin-Laced Cocktails
Cards      ISBN: 1786273942

This beautifully illustrated deck of playing cards is perfect for round after round of gin or Gin Rummy--or any other card game. Featuring illustrations of 40 gins from around the world, plus 12 gin-based cocktails, the cards are accompanied by a booklet giving detailed background to the world's favorite juniper-based spirit, the 40 gins themselves, and recipes for all the cocktails. Perfect for a hand of cards or a handy refresher on how to mix a Tom Collins or Twisted Gin Fizz.

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi
Japanese Chess
The Game of Shogi
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 4805310367
Learn and master the fascinating game of Japanese Chess or Shogi with this expert guide and chess set.

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi is the ultimate strategy guidebook for players of any skill level to improve their game and winning strategies. Played by millions around the world, Shogi is the uniquely Japanese variant of chess. It is the only version in which an opponent's captured piece can be dropped back onto the board as one's own. This makes for extremely exciting, dynamic gameplay in which momentum can quickly shift back and forth between players.

Trevor Legett, expert player and longtime resident of Japan, gives you all the information you need to play the game, form its basic rules to winning tactics.

Also included in this book are:
  • Sample game and commentary
  • Discussion of various opening strategies and game positions
  • Explanation of how to read a Japanese score
  • Fold-out Shogi board
  • Sturdy paper playing pieces
Japanese Chess features everything you need to get started playing this challenging and fun game
The Nikola Tesla Electrifying Puzzle Book: Puzzles Inspired by the Enigmatic Inventor
The Nikola Tesla Electrifying Puzzle Book
Puzzles Inspired by the Enigmatic Inventor
Hardcover      ISBN: 1787392457
Immerse yourself in Tesla's world of invention, innovation, and experimentation These puzzles will test whether you can hold your own against the Father of Electricity.

Enter the universe of Nikola Tesla, the inventor who enabled the modern world as we know it, thanks to his work as a pioneering electrical engineer, inventor, physicist, and futurist. This clever collection offers solvers a range of logic puzzles, lateral thinking problems, memory tests, and other conundrums all inspired by Tesla's life and work. So set your synapses sparking and embark on a quest to solve the challenges inside.

Previously available as The Nikola Tesla Puzzle Collection.