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Anyone Who Had a Heart: My Life and Music
Anyone Who Had a Heart
My Life and Music
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062206060
In this candid and emotional memoir, one of the greatest songwriters of all time discusses his tumultuous marriages, the tragic suicide of his daughter, his long-lasting success and the never-before-told stories behind the hits. 75,000 first printing.
Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography
Over the Top and Back
The Autobiography
Hardcover      ISBN: 159240961x
A memoir by the legendary singer draws on six decades of music to discuss his coal miner origins, longtime marriage, and creative process.
You Call It Madness: The Sensuous Song of the Croon
You Call It Madness
The Sensuous Song of the Croon
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679463089
A portrait of the brief meteoric career and early death of singer Russ Columbo documents the history of the crooning form, discussing its placement at the beginning of modern popular music and the achievements of such figures as Bing Crosby, Nick Tosches, and Greil Marcus. 20,000 first printing.
Russ Columbo and the Crooner Mystique
Russ Columbo and the Crooner Mystique
Paperback      ISBN: 0922915806
In the early '30s, Russ Columbo, dubbed the "Vocal Valentino," rivaled Bing Crosby in a widely publicized "Battle of the Baritones." But his looks, charm, and beautiful voice also had a haunted side. Just two days after he attended a Hollywood sneak preview of the movie that gave him his first leading role, Columbo was killed by a wayward bullet - the climax in a chain of mysterious circumstances. In a narrative full of passion, as well as showbiz personalities like Pola Negri and Carole Lombard, Russ Columbo and the Crooner Mystique combines a remarkable collection of Columbo's letters, diary entries, scrapbook clippings, and other personal effects - all woven with an intimate biography that pleads the case for romantic balladeers.
The Gershwins and Me: A Personal History in Twelve Songs
The Gershwins and Me
A Personal History in Twelve Songs
Hardcover      ISBN: 1451645309
From celebrated entertainer Michael Feinstein comes a beautifully illustrated account of the lives and legacies of the Gershwins—told through stories of twelve of their greatest songs and accompanied by an original CD of those songs, performed by the author. The “Ambassador of the Great American Songbook
Sinatra: The Chairman
The Chairman
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385535392
Just in time for the Chairman's centennial, the endlessly absorbing sequel to James Kaplan's bestselling Frank: The Voice—finally the definitive biography that Frank Sinatra, justly termed "The Entertainer of the Century," deserves and requires. Like Peter Guralnick on Elvis, Kaplan goes behind the legend to give us the man in full, in his many guises and aspects: peerless singer, (sometimes) powerful actor, business mogul, tireless lover, and associate of the powerful and infamous. In 2010's Frank: The Voice, James Kaplan, in rich, distinctive, compulsively readable prose, told the story of Frank Sinatra's meteoric rise to fame, subsequent failures, and reinvention as a star of live performance and screen. The story of "Ol' Blue Eyes" continues with Sinatra: The Chairman, picking up the day after Frank claimed his Academy Award in 1954 and had reestablished himself as the top recording artist in music. Frank's life post-Oscar was incredibly dense: in between recording albums and singles, he often shot four or five movies a year; did TV show and nightclub appearances; started his own label, Reprise; and juggled his considerable commercial ventures (movie production, the restaurant business, even prizefighter management) alongside his famous and sometimes notorious social activities and commitments.
A Gershwin Companion: A Critical Inventory and Discography, 1916-1984
A Gershwin Companion
A Critical Inventory and Discography, 1916-1984
Hardcover      ISBN: 1560750197
Published by Popular Culture Ink, PO Box 1839, Ann Arbor, MI 48106. Contains extensive descriptions and critical commentary and analysis of more than 300 Gershwin compositions published during his lifetime and posthumously, beginning with his first published song in 1916. Unpublished works are also included. Each entry provides the song title, lyricist, key, time, tempo, how the song was introduced and by whom. A discography identifies recordings of songs made by Gershwin and others. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
The Hornes: An American Family
The Hornes
An American Family
Paperback      ISBN: 1557835640
An inspired, intimate history of musical legend Lena Horne and her family, written by Lena's daughter, Gail Lumet Buckley. More than a loving biography of a true show business legend, Lumet Buckley traces Lena's, as well as her own, roots as the latest in a long family line of America's Black elite.
Noel & Cole: The Sophisticates
Noel & Cole
The Sophisticates
Paperback      ISBN: 0634093029
First time in Paperback! Noel Coward and Cole Porter's fascinating lives celebrated. Fresh on the heels of the popular motion picture based on Cole Porter's life called De-Lovely, Noel and Cole presents a fresh and often surprising portrait of these two geniuses. The author provides insight into both men's private lives - including a frank discussion of their homosexuality - while illuminating their musical achievements. Born an ocean apart - one in Indiana, the other in England - Cole Porter and Noel Coward have come to represent the ultimate in sophistication and urbanity. Noel and Cole will be an essential reference as well as a fascinating dual biography of two men who brought style and dazzle to the art of popular entertainment. * Based on access to previously unpublished manuscripts, lyrics, scores, and letters, plus dozens of interviews * Includes a chronology and a fifty-page section devoted to the analysis of select works
Frank: The Voice
The Voice
Paperback      ISBN: 0767924231
Bestselling author James Kaplan redefines Frank Sinatra in a triumphant new biography that includes many rarely seen photographs. Frank Sinatra was the best-known entertainer of the twenti­eth century—infinitely charismatic, lionized and notori­ous in equal measure. But despite his mammoth fame, Sinatra the man has remained an enigma. As Bob Spitz did with the Beatles, Tina Brown for Diana, and Peter Guralnick for Elvis, James Kaplan goes behind the legend and hype to bring alive a force that changed popular culture in fundamental ways. Sinatra endowed the songs he sang with the explosive conflict of his own personality. He also made the very act of listening to pop music a more personal experience than it had ever been. In Frank: The Voice, Kaplan reveals how he did it, bringing deeper insight than ever before to the complex psyche and tur­bulent life behind that incomparable vocal instrument. We relive the years 1915 to 1954 in glistening detail, experiencing as if for the first time Sinatra’s journey from the streets of Hoboken, his fall from the apex of celebrity, and his Oscar-winning return in From Here to Eternity. Here at last is the biographer who makes the reader feel what it was really like to be Frank Sinatra—as man, as musician, as tortured genius. From the Hardcover edition.