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The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart: Poems for Men
The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart
Poems for Men
Paperback      ISBN: 0060924209
Robert Bly, James Hillman, and Michael Meade challenge the assumptions of our poetry-deprived society in this powerful collection of more than 400 deeply moving poems from renowned artists including Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Theodore Roethke, Rainer Maria Rilke, Marianne Moore, Thomas Wolfe, Czeslaw Milosz, and Henry David Thoreau.
Poets of World War II
Poets of World War II
Hardcover      ISBN: 1931082332
A respected poet and World War II veteran gathers the work of more than sixty poets on the war years, in a volume that includes contributions by such writers as Randall Jarrell, Anthony Hecht, George Oppen, Richard Eberhart, William Bronk, and Woody Guthrie.
The KGB Bar Book of Poems
The KGB Bar Book of Poems
Paperback      ISBN: 0688171095
Complemented by dramatic blackandwhite photography, a remarkable anthology of poetry from the KGB Bar poetry readings encompasses works by John Ashbery, Charles Wright, Molly Peacock, Katha Politt, and other less famous poets. Original.
Garden Poems
Garden Poems
Hardcover      ISBN: 0679447261
The splendid poems in this collection both represent and glorify the cultivating instinct, and each of them succeeds in "annihilating all that's made," as Andrew Marvell puts it in one of the most famous of all English poems, "to a green thought in a green shade." Contents include poems on Paradises, Gardens of Love, Gardens in the Mind, Gardens and Seasons, Flowers, Gardeners, The Work of the Garden, Gardens of the Wild, City Gardens, Public Gardens, Ruined Gardens, and A Garden of Gardens. Contributors include John Milton, Ovid, E.E. Cummings, Thom Gunn, John Donne, James Merrill, Wallace Stevens, Robert Browning, Shakespeare, and many others.
Doggerel: Poems About Dogs
Poems About Dogs
Hardcover      ISBN: 140004037x
A collection of poetic works paying tribute to the canine companion includes such pieces as Margaret Cavendish's barking chorus of hunting beagles and Jane Kenyon's verse on her grinning and nuzzling dog.
Poem's That Live Forever
Poem's That Live Forever
Hardcover      ISBN: 0385003587
A selection of 371 poems by various prominent poets including Keats, Burns, Browning, Kipling, Arnold, Emerson, Poe, Shelley, and Shakespeare
Renaming Ecstasy: Latino Writings on the Sacred
Renaming Ecstasy
Latino Writings on the Sacred
Paperback      ISBN: 1931010153
Collected Poems
Collected Poems
Hardcover      ISBN: 0374126232
A collection of many published and previously unpublished works of the English poet
Love Is a Stranger: Selected Lyric Poetry of Jelaluddin
Love Is a Stranger
Selected Lyric Poetry of Jelaluddin
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1570625271
"Love is a stranger and speaks a strange language," wrote Rumi, one of the world's most beloved mystical poets. His poems of spiritual love still speak directly to our hearts after more than seven hundred years. These classic selections contemplate separation and longing, intoxication and bliss, union and transcendence.
The Hell With Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart
The Hell With Love
Poems to Mend a Broken Heart
Hardcover      ISBN: 0446678546
A poignant collection of poetry expresses the anger, hurt, and depression of loss, as well as the joy and hope of moving on, in works by Margaret Atwood, John Donne, Louise Gluck, Pablo Neruda, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Forst, Galway Kinnell, Gwendolyn Brooks, and other notable poets. Original.