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Fucking Brilliant Pencils
Fucking Brilliant Pencils
ACC      ISBN: 1452144818
This fancy-ass set of ten graphite eraser-topped pencils features inspirational profanity, calligraphic flourishes, and foil stamping. A great way to add a touch of humor and irreverence to everyday writings.
City Maps and Stories: Contemporary Wanders Through the 19th Century
City Maps and Stories
Contemporary Wanders Through the 19th Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 8867324837
The Love Fortune Cookie: A Romantic Keepsake
The Love Fortune Cookie
A Romantic Keepsake
TOY      ISBN: 0762464089
Share your love on Valentine's Day (and every day) with a unique and romantic fortune cookie keepsake! The Love Fortune Cookie is the perfect way to create a new tradition of love with your own special fortune to share back and forth or as an every day treat with the one you love. In the kit: - one-of-a-kind, gold plated fortune cookie box - a 88-page mini book, including more than 100 love fortunes to tear out and share
Love Bible: Words of Love
Love Bible
Words of Love
Hardcover      ISBN: 1784882305
Love is a universal language, made even more so, with the help of this little book. Love Bible is full of 'I love you' in more than 365 languages, making it the perfect way to show anyone in your life how much you care.
How to Say I Love You in Almost Every Language
How to Say I Love You in Almost Every Language
Hardcover      ISBN: 1925418855
This beautifully designed and illustrated guide to saying "I love you" in 150 languages is the perfect gift for the romantic traveler or loved one. This is the perfect book for romantics, language nerds, travel enthusiasts, and anyone on a round-the-world trip hoping to meet the love (or loves) of their life! With 150 of the world's most common languages covered--as well as some fictional ones, like Klingon, Na'vi, Dothraki, and Elvish for good measure--this book will have you covered wherever you are on the globe (be it on the ground or online). Each entry in this beautifully produced gift book has a pronunciation guide and tells you where the language is spoken in the world, so you'll be sure to say "I love you" perfectly every time. Let's get more love in the world!
Magic Library: Children's Classics
Magic Library
Children's Classics
TOY      ISBN: 1452173249
This classic amusement uses optical illusion to inspire creativity. Crafted from wood and hand painted to look like a stack of leatherbound children's books, this Jacob's ladder will keep the imaginations of kids of all ages in perpetual motion.
Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious
Dream Decoder
60 Cards to Unlock Your Unconscious
Cards      ISBN: 1786274930
Ever dream that you were flying? Or being chased? Do you wake up and wonder, "What did that mean?" Dream Decoder presents 60 of the most common dreams, explaining what your unconscious mind is telling you, and what events or situations in your waking life might cause certain dreams. This improved self-awareness can be used as a tool to deal with challenging emotional situations or life choices. Each card shows an atmospheric illustration of an archetypal dream on one side and common interpretations on the other. Includes tips on how to use the cards and optional games for one or more people.
The Snark Handbook: A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring
The Snark Handbook
A Reference Guide to Verbal Sparring
Paperback      ISBN: 1602397600
A treasury of biting comebacks, insults, and sarcastic quips counsels readers on how to catch others off guard and get desired results, organizing entries under such headers as the Snark Hall of Fame and the Best Snarky Responses to Everyday Dumbassness. Original.
Doodling for Bookworms: 50 Inspiring Doodle Prompts and Creative Exercises for Literature Buffs
Doodling for Bookworms
50 Inspiring Doodle Prompts and Creative Exercises for Literature Buffs
Paperback      ISBN: 1633220516
Combine your love of classic literature and doodling with this fun, quirky, and inspirational doodle journal! Book lovers, bibliophiles, and literati, get ready to take your clever illustrations and lit memes to the next level. Designed to appeal to seasoned artists and doodle enthusiasts alike, Doodling for Bookworms is packed with more than 50 fun and inspirational prompts, drawing exercises, and literature factoids. With her cute and clever art style, professional illustrator Gemma Correll takes readers on a doodling journey that sparks the imagination and spurs doodlers to explore, experiment, and brainstorm unique ways to doodle their favorite stories and writers. Doodling for Bookworms invites literature aficionados on a doodling adventure through time-treasured books, plays, and writers. From Poe, Austen, and Shakespeare to Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, Dracula, and Frankenstein, readers will discover how to create their own whimsical doodles of their favorite authors and literary characters. With its portable format and plenty of open doodling pages, this series is perfect for on-the-go creative types.
Song of Creation
Song of Creation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1883211344
In 1225 the infirm St. Francis, living in a hut in a church garden, wrote this poem in which he looks on the face of creation and blesses it in its totality. Our text is a translation of the poem by Matthew Arnold. We have illuminated each line with paintings -- "Praised be my Lord for our brother the Wind" is accompanied by a Corot painting of trees bent before a gale, and also an illustration by Frank Pape in which a dove is borne joyously upward. In this manner two faces of wind are shown, and the words made more vividly manifest.