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The Grammar of Spice Notecards
The Grammar of Spice Notecards
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500420904
Sixteen individual notecards (with envelopes) featuring vibrant illustrations from the book The Grammar of Spice
An Elephant Never Forgets Notes: 20 Notecards & Envelopes
An Elephant Never Forgets Notes
20 Notecards & Envelopes
STY      ISBN: 1452168350
Elephants never forget to express the most heartfelt sentiments! Whether it's love, friendship, "thinking of you," or a simple "hello," these alloccasion notecards celebrate life's sweet moments of connection.
The Snooty Bookshop: Fifty Literary Postcards by Tom Gauld
The Snooty Bookshop
Fifty Literary Postcards by Tom Gauld
Hardcover      ISBN: 177046297x
Fifty postcards from The Guardian, by Britain
Split Rock Lighthouse: A Postcard Book
Split Rock Lighthouse
A Postcard Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0873514572
An unmistakable North Shore landmark and a popular tourist destination, Split Rock Lighthouse enjoys a picturesque natural setting, embellished in these contemporary, four-color photographs with dazzling sunsets, peaceful moonrises, and lovely seascapes—a breathtaking image for all seasons.
Wild Garden: 20 Original Art Postcards
Wild Garden
20 Original Art Postcards
Paperback      ISBN: 1631593870
Discover amazing, full-color artwork by scratching away metallic coating with a special stylus as you enjoy an extremely relaxing activity. Let your creativity and senses develop as you work around the page to discover a world of shapes and colors. Scratch off all the coating to reveal 20 delightful, original postcard designs by artist Helen Dardik, ready to send or display.
Walt Whitman Notecards
Walt Whitman Notecards
STY      ISBN: 1616896779
Walt Whitman, iconic American poet and stalwart in the worldwide literary canon, embodies what is best about America: exuberance, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to democracy. The seventh in our great thinkers series, the box and envelopes are printed with stunning imagery evoking his iconic first book, Leaves of Grass. The cards feature bold calls for living your best life.
The Night Sky
The Night Sky
STY      ISBN: 1616897341
What is our place in the universe? For as long as humans have asked this question, we've looked to the night sky for answers. Whether through sketches, scientific experiments, photography, or painting, we are fascinated by the study of what lies beyond. This handsome foil-stamped box holds fifty postcards, each with a single sublime image: pages from Galileo's sketchbooks, Chinese star maps, artist interpretations of the universe, and rarely seen images from the NASA archives. This sparkly box is perfect for your favorite stargazer or celestial-inspired friend.
Enchanted Forest: 20 Original Art Postcards
Enchanted Forest
20 Original Art Postcards
STY      ISBN: 1631593889
Adult coloring books are so last year, dive into the awesome world of scratch art! With the specially designed stylus we provide, you’ll etch and scratch your way through 12 delightful, original art postcards. Each postcard is coated with silver, metallic, foil, and as you scratch away, you’ll reveal the full-color art beneath. Each design is illustrated Kailey Whitman, and is the perfect, personalized, place for a note to someone special.
Birds Writing Set
Birds Writing Set
STY      ISBN: 0711238944
Nothing touches the heart like a handwritten letter and this elegant letter writing set is the ideal gift for those who prefer a more traditional way of keeping in touch. This beautifully designed set of 12 decorated notelets with matching envelopes featuring birds and botanical illustrations from the Royal Horticultural Society Lindley Library is the perfect gift for nature lovers.
Morph Postcard Box: 30 Postcards
Morph Postcard Box
30 Postcards
by Aardman
STY      ISBN: 0711236968
Aardman fans, people who remember Morph from the 1970s kids TV show, 'Take Hart' and new fans from all over the world will love this fantastic Morph Postcard Box. Morph now has his own YouTube channel with fifteen new episodes that can be viewed by fans around the world and some of which have had 100,000s of hits. This matchbox style box will contain 30 different postcards featuring Morph, the clay shape-changing blob, known and loved as a childhood favourite of many adults and now with a new lease of life.Â