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Classic Comic Postcards: 20 Cards to Colour & Send
Classic Comic Postcards
20 Cards to Colour & Send
STY      ISBN: 1782435786
Packed full of fantastic vintage comic book images for you to color in, Classic Comic Postcards is the perfect way to have fun and relax. This exciting comic book art includes images from action and adventure to science fiction and romance covers from the 1950s. You’ll love bringing these comics to life with color and sharing the results with friends and family!
Walk in the Park Note Cards: 10 Cards & Envelopes Artwork by Sarah Trumbauer
Walk in the Park Note Cards
10 Cards & Envelopes Artwork by Sarah Trumbauer
STY      ISBN: 1631063006
Express your sentiment and your sense of whimsy with beautiful papercut note cards. Indulge in beautiful papercut artwork to convey your birthday wishes, thank yous, and congratulations. Sarah Trumbauer brings her unique touch to original and highly detailed cut paper designs featuring delicate leaves, flowers, and landscapes. This set includes ten cards, five of each charming design. Envelopes are included.
Bad Girls Throughout History Notes: 20 Notecards and Envelopes
Bad Girls Throughout History Notes
20 Notecards and Envelopes
STY      ISBN: 1452153981
These inspiring notecards showcase 10 revolutionary women, from the first woman to win a Nobel Prize to the godmother of punk rock. Featuring the popular art from Bad Girls Throughout History, this set of notecards encourages women to leave their mark on any occasion.
Love in Twelve Languages: 12 Foil-stamped Note Cards With Envelopes
Love in Twelve Languages
12 Foil-stamped Note Cards With Envelopes
STY      ISBN: 0451499670
House Industries's luxurious, rose gold and gold foil-stamped note cards feature twelve translations of love in all different fonts, proving that this emotion truly is a universal language. Blank on the inside with phonetic spellings of the translations and packaged in a beautiful keepsake box, each of these twelve cards is a unique way to tell someone you care. These note cards feature love translated in English, Hebrew, French, Swedish, German, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, and Korean.
Morph Postcard Box: 30 Postcards
Morph Postcard Box
30 Postcards
by Aardman
STY      ISBN: 0711236968
Aardman fans, people who remember Morph from the 1970s kids TV show, 'Take Hart' and new fans from all over the world will love this fantastic Morph Postcard Box. Morph now has his own YouTube channel with fifteen new episodes that can be viewed by fans around the world and some of which have had 100,000s of hits. This matchbox style box will contain 30 different postcards featuring Morph, the clay shape-changing blob, known and loved as a childhood favourite of many adults and now with a new lease of life.Â
John Muir Notecards
John Muir Notecards
STY      ISBN: 1616896523
Known in his lifetime as Mountain John, no one did as much to foster appreciation for the natural beauty of the American landscape as John Muir. The Scottish-born naturalist walked thousands of miles across the United States, but loved, above all, California, the Sierra Nevada, and Yosemite. His prolific writings—three hundred articles and ten books—and passionate prose about nature and our place in it were read by millions of nineteenth century Americans, leading to the creation of our national park system. He also founded the Sierra Club, which carries on his program of conservation and preservation 125 years later. His words ring truer than ever today, potent reminders to protect the natural splendors of our land and to root our spirits in nature.
Walt Whitman Notecards
Walt Whitman Notecards
STY      ISBN: 1616896779
Walt Whitman, iconic American poet and stalwart in the worldwide literary canon, embodies what is best about America: exuberance, innovation, and an unyielding commitment to democracy. The seventh in our great thinkers series, the box and envelopes are printed with stunning imagery evoking his iconic first book, Leaves of Grass. The cards feature bold calls for living your best life.
Legendary Ladies Notes: 20 Notecards and Envelopes
Legendary Ladies Notes
20 Notecards and Envelopes
STY      ISBN: 1452175136
These inspiring notecards feature portraits of 10 powerful goddesses, from the Hawaiian goddess of fire, Pele, to the Chinese goddess of the Moon, Chang-O. Each card offers recipients ways to draw strength from the goddess pictured.
Sloth Note Cards
Sloth Note Cards
STY      ISBN: 1441328084
The Book of Kells
The Book of Kells
STY      ISBN: 0500420254
Thirty exquisitely-designed postcards featuring stunning details from the Book of Kells