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Wiedza Powszechna Compact Polish and English Dictionary
Wiedza Powszechna Compact Polish and English Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 0844283673

Defines approximately 30,000 words and phrases used in English and Polish.

Speak Polish With Confidence: Speak and Understand Straight Away
Speak Polish With Confidence
Speak and Understand Straight Away
Polish    Compact Disc      ISBN: 0071751963

Your all-audio survival program for conversational proficiency in practical skills, from greetings to travel around, booking a hotel room to shopping and eating out "Speak Polish with Confidence" contains ten topics (with two conversations each) with specific objectives. Each topic introduces 15 key words (plus some cognates), three structures/useful phrases, and one main grammar point. You are encouraged from the start to speak out loud; your confidence will be built through a variety of listening exercises. The 20 conversations and following explanations and instructions are simple and bite-sized, making this a very accessible program for on-the-go learning.
In addition, the third CD provides practical guidance on holding two-way conversations, covering such difficulties as speaking with people who talk very fast or use words and phrases that you do not know.

Speak Polish Get Started Kit
Speak Polish Get Started Kit
Polish    Compact Disc      ISBN: 0071628983

Experience the language learning method millions around the world have come to trust Unlike most language learning systems, the Michel Thomas Method enables you to naturally and intuitively develop the building blocks for language comprehension. You can pick up Polish quickly and easily through listening, speaking, and thinking through the language. Guided by a language instructor and native speakers, Speak Polish Get Started Kit takes you through an interactive lesson with two other students. In less than two hours, you will have the ability to put together words and phrases together naturally and make your own sentences.