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I Spy With My Little Eye: Hockey
I Spy With My Little Eye
School & Library      ISBN: 1585363650
"Each page includes two photos related to hockey. Using poetic clues, readers try to spy the changes made from the original photo on the left to the altered photo on the right. Subjects include skate sharpening, referees, jerseys, and trophies"--Providedby publisher.
Hidden Dangers: Seek and Find 13 of the World's Deadliest Animals
Hidden Dangers
Seek and Find 13 of the World's Deadliest Animals
School & Library      ISBN: 1452134294
Presents the habitats and the dangerous behavior of various animals around the world, including the golden poison dart frog, North American porcupine, aquatic coral snake, Australian box jellyfish, and the deathstalker scorpion.
I Spy Fun House: A Book of Picture Riddles
I Spy Fun House
A Book of Picture Riddles
School & Library      ISBN: 0590462938
Rhyming riddles challenge young readers to locate well-hidden objects in ornate photographs of jeweled masks, amazing mirrors, and alluring items from a magician's bag of tricks.
Where's Waldo? Exciting Expeditions: Play! Search! Create Your Own Stories!
Where's Waldo? Exciting Expeditions
Play! Search! Create Your Own Stories!
Paperback      ISBN: 1536206709
What did you do on vacation? Waldo’s latest travel-size collection features puzzles, searches, and prompts for writing about your own adventures. On the road again? Planning a vacation? Be sure to pack this compact compendium full of things to spot, story games to play, and puzzles to create, featuring the elusive Waldo and his wily friends. Want a creative challenge to boot? Check out the writing prompts for making up your own stories, plus bonus journal pages inviting you to record your own travel escapades and a creative story game with twenty-four cards. Move over, Waldo — there’s more than one intrepid traveler in town!
Where Did They Go?
Where Did They Go?
Hardcover      ISBN: 1783702788
Where has the Polar Bear gone? Where has the bison go? Where did the Tiger go? Can you find them? In this stunning book from printmaker and illustrator Emily Bornoff, search for endangered animals in jungles, in deserts and on the ice. Bornoff's lovely patterns and the playful hide-and-seek elements make this a gorgeous title and it also has a fascinating non-fiction element; every one of these animals is hard to find in the wild. Learn where in the world they come from and what is being done to save them.
I Spy Fantasy: A Book of Picture Riddles
I Spy Fantasy
A Book of Picture Riddles
School & Library      ISBN: 0590462954
A new addition to a popular hide-and-seek series features fourteen fantasy environments including an underwater scene, a twinkling night sky, and an elaborate city of blocks, accompanied by challenging riddles.
Where's Waldo?
Where's Waldo?
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316342939
As Waldo sets out on a hike to visit the beach, the airport, the museum, and other places of interest, readers are challenged to find Waldo in illustrations filled with masses of people involved in various activities
1001 Wizard Things to Spot
1001 Wizard Things to Spot
by Unknown
Hardcover      ISBN: 074608417x
Suitable for young children, this book features the magical world of wizards. It includes scenes such as a wizards school, an enchanted forest, a wizard supplies shop and a grand wizard's feast. It aims to encourage visual recognition and help to develop number skills.
My Big Seek-and-Find Book: With Wipe-Clean Pen!
My Big Seek-and-Find Book
With Wipe-Clean Pen!
Paperback      ISBN: 031252224x
My Big Seek-and-Find Book is a 56-page, wipe-clean activity book that comes with its own pen. It is packed full of seek-and-find puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, number fun, and more. The colorful, illustrated pages wipe clean, so that children can complete and repeat the puzzles time and time again
Time for Kids Picture Puzzles
Time for Kids Picture Puzzles
Paperback      ISBN: 1603207767