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Extreme Pokemon: The Ultimate Guide for Poke-Fanatics!
Extreme Pokemon
The Ultimate Guide for Poke-Fanatics!
Paperback      ISBN: 0439194016
A fan guide to the mega-popular pocket monsters includes trivia, new info, games, answers to common questions, top ten lists, stories, trainer info, and a sheet of holographic stickers. Original.
Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Galactic Photobook
Star Wars The Clone Wars
The Galactic Photobook
Paperback      ISBN: 044844996x
A scrapbook companion to the new computer-generated animated movie contains information on the characters, droids, ships, and settings of The Clone Wars and even includes a full-color poster. Original.
Shipyards of Doom
Shipyards of Doom
Paperback      ISBN: 1595822070
Jedi knights Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and their padawan Ashoka must infiltrate the Separatists' shipyards to stop the production of enemy warships and uphold the Republic.
The Clone Wars: Battle at Teth
The Clone Wars
Battle at Teth
Paperback      ISBN: 0448449935
Clone Captain Rex and his troops attempt to hold off part of the droid army while General Anakin Skywalker tries to rescue a baby hutt.
Brick Wonders: Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from Lego
Brick Wonders
Ancient, Modern, and Natural Wonders Made from Lego
Paperback      ISBN: 1438004117
Barron's best-selling Brick City was a study of the world's most famous buildings in LEGO form. Now, master modeler, and LEGO aficionado, Warren Elsmore, takes the humble LEGO brick on another global tour, this time to recreate the stunning wonders of the ancient, natural, and modern world. Inside Brick Wonders, Elsmore presents helpful tips for neophyte LEGO modelers (such as where to buy the most useful bricks and how to build to scale) along with plans for constructing specific models. Vivid photos of completed LEGO models are stunning to view and include: - The Great Pyramid of Giza - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon - The International Space Station - The Panama Canal - The Grand Canyon - The Great Barrier Reef Featuring helpful drawings of structural details to guide model builders, Brick Wonders presents a modeler's panorama of the world's most breathtaking wonders. More than 400 full-color instructional and inspirational images throughout. BONUS POSTERS: Enclosed with the book are two dramatic posters featuring LEGO® model photos of the Wonders of the World. The posters, which are suitable for framing, unfold to 17 1/2" x 24 3/4".
Beware of the Wolves
Beware of the Wolves
Paperback      ISBN: 0545516501
The writer of the BIONICLE series presents the story of a precarious alliance between the Lions and Eagles in an effort to outwit the sneaky Wolves, who have teamed up with the Crocodiles in a plot to seize control of all the CHI in Chima. Original.
Island of the Giant Pokemon
Island of the Giant Pokemon
Paperback      ISBN: 0439104661
Team Rocket lures the Pokâemon onto a ship for a party in order to steal them, but the ship sinks and they are all stranded on an island
Planets in Peril
Planets in Peril
Paperback      ISBN: 0756666902
As the Clone Wars continue, individual planets must decide whether to side with the Jedi or join the Separatists, and local leaders, Jedi masters, and clone troopers struggle to protect endangered planets from their enemies.
The Lego Adventure Book: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs & More!
The Lego Adventure Book
Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs & More!
Hardcover      ISBN: 1593274424
Contains examples of the many things that can be built with LEGOs including step-by-step breakdowns of twenty-five different projects.
The Lego Adventure Book: Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More!
The Lego Adventure Book
Spaceships, Pirates, Dragons & More!
Hardcover      ISBN: 1593275129
Join Megs on a tour through the wide-ranging world of LEGO building in the second volume of The LEGO Adventure Book. As she battles the evil villain Destructor, you'll travel through time and space to meet some of the world's best builders. Learn to build sleek spaceships, fearsome pirate galleys, fire-breathing dragons, fast cars, and much more. Full of bright visuals, step-by-step breakdowns of more than 25 models, and nearly 200 example models, The LEGO Adventure Book will inspire you to new heights of LEGO building. Whether you're brand-new to LEGO or have been building for years, this book is sure to spark your imagination and motivate you to keep creating!