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Return of the Jedi
Return of the Jedi
Hardcover      ISBN: 0394861175
As Luke and Princess Leia set out to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, the evil Emperor begins construction of a new armored space station
Marvel the Mighty Avengers Mix & Match
Marvel the Mighty Avengers Mix & Match
Hardcover      ISBN: 0794425887
A mix-and-match storybook features divided images of such Marvel characters as Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor and invites young Avengers fans to turn the pages to make favorite and funny combinations. Movie tie-in.
Darkseid's Revenge
Darkseid's Revenge
Paperback      ISBN: 0061885339
When the evil Darkseid brainwashes Superman and forces him to start destroying Metropolis, Batman and Wonder Woman try to stop the destruction and find out what is wrong with their friend.
Star Wars Boba Fett: The Fight to Survive
Star Wars Boba Fett
The Fight to Survive
Hardcover      ISBN: 0439339278
Young Boba, the one clone that bounty hunter Jango Fett is raising himself, grows up without a mother or friends, learning many hard lessons about life and survival which he will have to put to the test when he least expects it.
Pirates. . and Worse!
Pirates. . and Worse!
Paperback      ISBN: 0756657733
Hondo and his gang of space pirates get more than they bargained for when they capture Count Dooku's spaceship.
The Lego Movie: Awesome Adventures
The Lego Movie
Awesome Adventures
Paperback      ISBN: 1465416951
Meet the very ordinary Emmet and join him on his extraordinary quest to save the universe in The LEGO® Movie: Awesome Adventures! This Level 2 book from DK's levelled reading program follows the adventures of The LEGO® Movie, assembling in February 2014. DK Readers are a multi-level reading program guaranteed to capture a child's interest while developing reading skills and general knowledge — compatible with the framework for teaching literacy.
The Lego Official Movie Handbook
The Lego Official Movie Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0545624622
Emmet, an ordinary LEGO minifigure, is mistakenly thought to be an extraordinary Master Builder and is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil tyrant (Lord Business) from gluing the universe together, thus destroying creativity.
Cole: Ninja of Earth
Ninja of Earth
Paperback      ISBN: 0545369932
Sensei Wu must teach the Ninjago warriors the ancient art of spinjitzu in order to defeat Lord Garmadon, but first the ninja Cole, the leader of the ninja warriors, must learn to keep his ego in check before someone gets hurt.
Goodnight Darth Vader
Goodnight Darth Vader
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452128308
Darth Vader tries to put those rambunctious twins, Luke and Leia, to bed, but first they want to hear a story, in a parody book that features other popular "Star Wars" characters tucking in for the night and getting ready for bed.
Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
Star Wars Origami
36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away...
Paperback      ISBN: 0761169431
Presents instructions for creating over thirty origami projects resembling key characters, ships, and objects in the "Star Wars" film franchise, and includes quizzes and trivia on the six films.