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The Children's Garden: Loads of Things to Make & Grow
The Children's Garden
Loads of Things to Make & Grow
Hardcover      ISBN: 071123633x
The Children's Garden is a pretty book of 52 projects, one for every week of the year, to help children aged 5+ discover the outdoor world, engage with nature, appreciate wildlife, grow plants, and understand where some of the food we eat comes from. It will also provide an appreciation of the seasons and, without fuss, enable children to start making things with their hands. Boys and girls enjoy the garden in different ways, and ex-primary teacher and author ofThe Allotment Planner, Matthew Appleby, who has both a son and a daughter, taps into his knowledge of parenting and teaching to devise seasonally-relevant projects for every week of the year. Regular 'Now we are eight' boxes will enable many of the projects to be made age-appropriate for slightly older children. Projects will mainly be parentally supervised (or instigated) and range from messy play to nature trails to cooking and crafting projects.
Snow Play: How To Make Forts & Slides & Winter Campfires Plus the Coolest Loch Ness Monster and 23 other Brrrilliant Projects in the Snow
Snow Play
How To Make Forts & Slides & Winter Campfires Plus the Coolest Loch Ness Monster and 23 other Brrrilliant Projects in the Snow
Hardcover      ISBN: 1579654053
Describes a variety of ways to have fun in the snow, from building and ice slide or snowball lantern to crafting the perfect fort or starting a winter campfire, with a full-color photograph showcasing each finished project. Original.
Backyard Birding for Kids: A Field Guide & Activities
Backyard Birding for Kids
A Field Guide & Activities
Paperback      ISBN: 1586854119
The newest in our popular children's activity line for budding bird lovers! This informative field guide and activity book teaches kids about birds of all varieties, in the city, country, desert, or at the beach-because no matter where you go, you're bound to spot a bird! Kids will learn about making the backyard bird-friendly, building a bird feeder, and creating their own bird watching notebook to record sightings, locations, information, and notes from the field.
Amazing Outdoor Activity Book: More Than 50 Step-By-Step Projects to Collect, Draw, Build, Grow, Make and Bake
Amazing Outdoor Activity Book
More Than 50 Step-By-Step Projects to Collect, Draw, Build, Grow, Make and Bake
Hardcover      ISBN: 0789404672
Teaches about the natural world by describing projects children can do such as make an outdoor survival kit, make a map, create a picture gallery, grow a garden, watch birds, and fly a kite.
The Dad Lab: 50 Awesome Science Projects for Parents and Kids
The Dad Lab
50 Awesome Science Projects for Parents and Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 0525542698
The ultimate collection of DIY activities to do with your kids to teach STEM basics and beyond, from a wildly popular online dad. With more than 3 million fans, TheDadLab has become an online sensation, with weekly videos of fun and easy science experiments that parents can do with their kids. These simple projects use materials found around the house, making it easier than ever for busy moms and dads to not only spend more quality time with their children but also get them interested in science and technology. In this mind-blowing book, Sergei Urban takes the challenge off-screen with fifty step-by-step projects, including some that he has never shared online before. Each activity will go beyond the videos, featuring detailed explanations to simplify scientific concepts for parents and help answer the hows and whys of their curious children. Learn how to: * explore new fun ways to paint; * make slime with only two ingredients; * defy gravity with a ping-pong ball; * produce your own electricity, and more! With TheDadLab, parents everywhere will have an easy solution to the dreaded "I'm bored" complaint right at their fingertips!
The Wild City Book: Loads of Things to Do Outdoors in Towns and Cities
The Wild City Book
Loads of Things to Do Outdoors in Towns and Cities
Paperback      ISBN: 0711234884
You don't need to live in the country to have fun outdoors! Wild Cities is all about finding wild places in the city and making the most of opportunities to explore and enjoy all these places have to offer. You can have fun discovering city wildlife (e.g., do a bird survey from your window; build a squirrel obstacle course; make a bean home out of straws; track city nocturnal animals). Using natural resources to play and invent new games (e.g., play conkers; have a game of marbles using pebbles; make your own shuttlecock from pigeon feathers and a cork)
The Dangerous Book for Boys
The Dangerous Book for Boys
Hardcover      ISBN: 0061243582
A guide for males of any age provides instructions for engaging in a wide range of classic boyhood projects and activities, from building go-carts and constructing treehouses to identifying insects and flying the most effective paper airplanes. 100,000 first printing.
Forest Craft: A Child's Guide to Whittling in the Woodland
Forest Craft
A Child's Guide to Whittling in the Woodland
Paperback      ISBN: 1784945005
With an emphasis on safety and adult supervision, Forest Craft presents a range of simple and fun whittling projects that children can make and enjoy hours of play with afterwards. The author, Richard Irvine, extols the virtues of exploring woodlands, getting to know the trees in your local area and learning about their characteristics and suitability for whittling. - Projects include kazoo, mini furniture, duck call, rhythm sticks and elder wand. - Includes a thorough guide to the basic tools and equipment that are required, the timber he recommends and would advise against for beginners, and the techniques that will be used in the projects. - 20 whittling projects, with simple step-by-step instructions accompanied by photographs and useful tips. - Includes a chapter on safety and safety tips throughout. Appealing to both forest school teachers and families, this is a book that can be turned to time and time again, through the different seasons and over many years. The skills learned can be treasured and passed down through generations, in time-honored traditions.
Handy Dad In The Great Outdoors: More Than 30 Super-Cool Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids
Handy Dad In The Great Outdoors
More Than 30 Super-Cool Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1452102139
Slacklining, edible bugs, tarp surfing, and more! In this awesome follow-up to the hugely popular Handy Dad, extreme sports athlete and TV host Todd Davis gathers more than 30 projects and activities sure to get kids outside and entertained for hours. With easy-to-follow instructions, helpful photographs, and detailed line illustrations, Handy Dad in the Great Outdoors is packed with all the essentials. From simple campsite know-how to more ambitious building projects (tepee anyone?), plus a few pranks for good measure, this book has something for every family and every placeā€”be it the back country or the backyard.
It's a Jungle Out There!: 52 Nature Adventures for City Kids
It's a Jungle Out There!
52 Nature Adventures for City Kids
Paperback      ISBN: 1590309081
Provides fifty-two ideas for outdoor games and activities to share with children between four and eight years of age that are intended to help children discover and identify with nature in a city environment.