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Beginner's Guide to Comic Art: Characters
Beginner's Guide to Comic Art
Paperback      ISBN: 1909414271
Your journey into the world of comic art begins here! 3dtotal's latest successful Beginner's Guide delves into the creative processes behind great comic art, outlining both the traditional and digital tools of the trade. Learn all about the comic workflow, from storyboarding to speech balloons, line art, inking, coloring, and background gradients. A comprehensive comic art theory chapter will help you get to grips with narrative, composition, perspective, depth, light, color, anatomy, and environments. Learn the tricks of the trade as top artists create a mini comic book from scratch, describing in detail their working process. A visual glossary of everything from bounding boxes to poses and expressions, plus a breakdown gallery, will also help you on your way to comic success!
The Little Book of Manga Drawing: More Than 50 Tips and Techniques for Learning the Art of Manga and Anime
The Little Book of Manga Drawing
More Than 50 Tips and Techniques for Learning the Art of Manga and Anime
Paperback      ISBN: 1633224732
In this new series from Walter Foster Publishing, artists and art hobbyists alike will delight in learning a variety of fun and interesting art topics in a portable format boasting a fresh, contemporary design. Filled with open practice pages, creative exercises, and art prompts, The Little Book of Manga Drawing encourages interactivity for immediate results, while also teaching beginners the fundamentals of the featured medium in an engaging and fun way. In The Little Book of Manga Drawing, beginning manga artists and aspiring illustrators will discover a variety of basic manga drawing techniques through step-by-step projects, creative prompts, and engaging ideas to ignite creativity. From learning how to master the proportions and shape of heads and bodies, to understanding how to create personally relevant manga characters, this fun guidebook covers all the basics. After an introduction to the tools you'll use when creating manga, you'll dive into how to draw and colorize your own manga artwork with the help of dozens of techniques and helpful instructions. You'll also learn to draw props, costumes, and color, as well as how to draw manga chibis, to round out this comprehensive book.
The World of Cartooning: How Caricatures Develop
The World of Cartooning
How Caricatures Develop
Paperback      ISBN: 0913428558
Manga for the Beginner Shoujo: Everything You Need to Start Drawing the Most Popular Style of Japanese Comics
Manga for the Beginner Shoujo
Everything You Need to Start Drawing the Most Popular Style of Japanese Comics
Paperback      ISBN: 0823033295
A latest entry in the best-selling series that includes Manga for the Beginner and Manga for the Beginner Chibis targets the largest manga genre with instructions on how to draw its signature brilliant eyes and other recognizable characteristics. Original.
Shojo Wonder Manga Art School: Create Your Own Cool Characters and Costumes With Markers
Shojo Wonder Manga Art School
Create Your Own Cool Characters and Costumes With Markers
Paperback      ISBN: 1440308624
A Complete Shojo Manga Art Course! The world of shojo manga art dares you to go all out—big eyes, colorful skin tones, spiky hair…the works.Shojo Wonder Manga Art School shows you how to take full advantage of that freedom while bringing believability and originality to your manga characters. With easy to follow step-by-step instruction, Supittha “Annie
Gothic Lolitas
Gothic Lolitas
Paperback      ISBN: 1844485986
By employing stunning art and step-by-step instructions, this visual guide shows aspiring manga artists how to create lifelike female characters, from the initial geometric shapes through the finished image. Drawing inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian styles of dress, the gothic Lolita style this reference employs is shown in a clear, instructive, and easy-to-visualize fashion. Each instructional lesson begins with a series of geometric shapes and each eventual character is developed in a manner that builds confidence and skills, making this an ideal resource for beginners and those with an interest in manga who want to hone their abilities.
The Monster Book of Manga: Gothic
The Monster Book of Manga
Paperback      ISBN: 0062210246
Presents step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and techniques for drawing gothic manga characters, including cyperpunks, vampires, and warriors.
The Practical Encyclopedia of Manga: Learn to Draw Manga Step by Step with Over 1000 Illustrations
The Practical Encyclopedia of Manga
Learn to Draw Manga Step by Step with Over 1000 Illustrations
Paperback      ISBN: 1780193793
Presents a comprehensive guide to drawing manga, including tips on materials and techniques, creating characters, using props and backgrounds, building action scenes, digital enhancement, and animation.
How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals
How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals
Paperback      ISBN: 0823023729
Step-by-step instructions show how to create comic book villains, providing information on anatomy, characters and costumes, perspective and panel composition, light and shadows, and atmosphere
Mastering Manga 2: Level Up With Mark Crilley
Mastering Manga 2
Level Up With Mark Crilley
Paperback      ISBN: 1440328307
Provides advice and tips on drawing in the Japanese manga style, including heads, faces, and features, body proportions, poses, movement, and clothing for typical youthful characters, adults, and children, settings, and other details.