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The Law of Athens: The Family and Property
The Law of Athens
The Family and Property
Paperback      ISBN: 0872204103
Volume I, completed in 1968, gives a systematic account of classical Athenian law concerning family and property. Volume II, on the law of obligations and of procedure, was unfinished at the time of the author
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter
Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea
Why the Greeks Matter
Paperback      ISBN: 0385495544
In the fourth volume in the Hinges of History series, the author of How the Irish Saved Civilization examines the remarkable legacy of the ancient Greeks, from the origins of Greek culture to the development of Western literature, drama, poetry, and philosophy to the Greek influence on human science, mathematics, logic, and more. Reader's Guide available. Reprint. 80,000 first printing.
Meet Me in Atlantis: Across Three Continents in Search of the Legendary Sunken City
Meet Me in Atlantis
Across Three Continents in Search of the Legendary Sunken City
Paperback      ISBN: 1101983930
ÔÇťAdventurous, inquisitive and mirthful, Mark Adams gamely sifts through the eons of rumor, science, and lore to find a place that, in the end, seems startlingly real indeed.
Greeks: An Introduction to Their Culture
An Introduction to Their Culture
Paperback      ISBN: 041512042x
A concise yet wide-ranging introduction to the culture of ancient Greece, The Greeks is a lucid survey that: * covers all the key elements of ancient Greek civilization from the age of Homer to the end of the classical period * provides detailed discussions of the main trends in literature and drama, philosophy, art and architecture * places ancient Greek culture firmly in its political and historical context. Including fourty-five illustrations, chronological chart, maps, and suggestions for further reading,The Greeks is an indispensable introduction for all students of classics, and an invaluable guide for students of other disciplines who require a grounding in Greek civilization.
Courtesans & Fishcakes: The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
Courtesans & Fishcakes
The Consuming Passions of Classical Athens
Hardcover      ISBN: 0312185596
An engaging, richly detailed portrait of life in ancient Athens examines the hedonistic lifestyles of the Greeks, detailing the vice, excess, and ephemeral pleasures that marked the classical world. 10,000 first printing.
Eureka!: The Birth of Science
The Birth of Science
Paperback      ISBN: 178578191x
Medicine, anatomy, astronomy, mathematics and cosmology, science began with the Greeks, and Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Archimedes and Hippocrates were amongst its stars. That man ever managed to develop a "scientific" attitude to the natural world at all is one of the true wonders of human thought. Eureka! shows how, free from intellectual and religious dogma, these early thinkers rejected myths and capricious gods and, in distinguishing between the natural and supernatural, effectively discovered nature. Andrew Gregory, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at University College London unravels the genesis of science in this fascinating exploration of the origins of Western civilisation, and our desire for a rational, legitimating system of the world.
Xerxes Invades Greece
Xerxes Invades Greece
Paperback      ISBN: 0141026308
When Xerxes, King of Persia, crosses the Hellespont at the head of a formidable army, it seems inevitable that Greece will be crushed beneath its might. But, the Greeks are far harder to defeat than he could ever have imagined. As storms lash the Persian ships, and sinister omens predict a cruel fate for the expedition, Xerxes strives onward.
The Greeks and Greek Civilization
The Greeks and Greek Civilization
Hardcover      ISBN: 0312192762
The landmark study of ancient Greek civilization by a renowned nineteenth-century scholar and historian sheds new light on Greek culture and its influence that rejects the long-held myth of the Greek democratic state. 25,000 first printing.
Travels with Herodotus
Travels with Herodotus
Paperback      ISBN: 1400078784
The acclaimed Polish journalist describes his earliest odysseys into the world beyond the Iron Curtain, detailing his journeys of discovery to China, India, Iran, Africa, and beyond, accompanied by a volume of Herodotus, a gift from his first boss. Reprint. 30,000 first printing.
The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History's Greatest Mystery Revealed
The Lost Empire of Atlantis
History's Greatest Mystery Revealed
Paperback      ISBN: 0062049496
Through an examination of new documentary and academic research, metallurgy, ancient shipbuilding and navigation techniques, archaeological artifacts, and cutting-edge DNA evidence, Menzies uncovers a trading empire that spanned from the Mediterranean, to the Great Lakes in North America, to Kerala in India. He explains the reality behind the legendary civilization described by Plato, as well as its violent disappearance.