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David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book
David Bowie Retrospective and Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0399579117
An adult coloring book retrospective presenting music legend David Bowie's most idiosyncratic and indelible looks throughout the years, with insight into his famed designer collaborations, fashion inspirations, and stylish illustrations. Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke. . . . Bowie changed his style more dramatically than any other musician in history. His transformations brought about seismic cultural shifts, altering the definition of what it meant to be a popular rock star. This annotated collection of illustrations provide a remarkable overview of Bowie's nearly fifty years of evolution, featuring looks by the likes of Freddie Burretti and Kansai Yamamoto, further establishing him as the fashion king of self-invention.
American West Designs
American West Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 0880451270
Illustrations of objects and designs of the American west.
A Coloring Book of Tutankhamun
A Coloring Book of Tutankhamun
Paperback      ISBN: 0883880598
Spiritual Traditions of India Coloring Book
Spiritual Traditions of India Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1620556294
"Balance your chakras, enhance health and prosperity, and connect with the gods and goddesses through meditative coloring"--
Literary Paper Dolls: Includes 16 Masters of the Literary World!
Literary Paper Dolls
Includes 16 Masters of the Literary World!
Paperback      ISBN: 1452144362
Experience literary genius first-hand with these paper doll versions of famous authors. William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and more come to life in illustrator Kyle Hilton's playful style, accompanied by bookish trivia and scholarly accoutrements. This is literature brought to life!
Color This Book: New York City
Color This Book
New York City
Paperback      ISBN: 1452117330
Featuring over 30 illustrations by artist and comedienne Abbi Jacobson, this coloring book captures the charm and personality of bustling New York City—from cultural attractions and historic sites to quirky shops and everyday street scenes.
Harry Potter Coloring Book
Harry Potter Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1338029991
Packed with stunning pieces of artwork from the Warner Bros. archive, this deluxe coloring book gives fans the chance to color in the vivid settings and beloved characters of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world. Containing intricate line drawings used in the making of the Harry Potter films, this coloring book includes fan-favorite scenes, creatures, and characters: from Dobby and baby Norbert to Quidditch games and the unforgettable final battle between Harry and Lord Voldemort. Unique and interactive, Harry Potter: The Official Coloring Book is a perfect collector’s item for all fans of the blockbuster saga--whether it's for those who grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or those who are discovering the magic for the very first time.
The Uncolored Book for You to Color
The Uncolored Book for You to Color
Paperback      ISBN: 0764340875
Color-by-Number Butterflies: 30+ Fun & Relaxing Color-by-Number Projects to Engage & Entertain
Color-by-Number Butterflies
30+ Fun & Relaxing Color-by-Number Projects to Engage & Entertain
Paperback      ISBN: 1633222039
Challenge your coloring skills with Color-by-Number: Butterflies, an exciting new way to color by number. Take your love for coloring to the next level, while you relax, unwind, and stretch your artistic skills in a variety of mediums, including colored pencils, markers, and crayons. You'll start your coloring journey with a short introduction detailing a basic color-by-number guide with tips and examples of each medium and then you'll delve into over 30 unique, color-by-number templates that will allow and encourage you to color and create your own masterpieces. As designs become more complex, you'll have less numbers, which will provide you with an additional challenge and encourage you to choose your own colors and patterns to complete the design. Need some ideas to spark your creativity? This book is also includes a full-color reference gallery. With more than 30 color-by-number templates to color, beginners and intermediate artists of all ages will be mesmerized by this unique spin on the traditional color-by-number activity book.
Barcelona: 5 Routes for Sketching Travelers / 5 rutas para dibujantes
5 Routes for Sketching Travelers / 5 rutas para dibujantes
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 8415967918
This is the first volume of the Urban Sketcher's Pad series. The book has four chapters on Barcelona followed by one on the surroundings. Each chapter has B&W sketching proposals and offers brief illustrative texts, drawings and maps of the places proposed followed by fully blank pages. The book guides unexperienced drawers and help also experienced sketchers to develop their skills further. As color spots in-between and coloring inspiration the book includes seven sketches by famous French sketcher Lapin. The book will interest sketchers or people who want to travel to Barcelona with open eyes and also document their experiences.