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The Wicked Plants Coloring Book
The Wicked Plants Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1616206837
Artist Briony Morrow-Cribbs has adapted the forty “botanical atrocities
The Victorian Gothic Adult Coloring Book
The Victorian Gothic Adult Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0916144828
Barcelona: 5 Routes for Sketching Travelers / 5 rutas para dibujantes
5 Routes for Sketching Travelers / 5 rutas para dibujantes
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 8415967918
This is the first volume of the Urban Sketcher's Pad series. The book has four chapters on Barcelona followed by one on the surroundings. Each chapter has B&W sketching proposals and offers brief illustrative texts, drawings and maps of the places proposed followed by fully blank pages. The book guides unexperienced drawers and help also experienced sketchers to develop their skills further. As color spots in-between and coloring inspiration the book includes seven sketches by famous French sketcher Lapin. The book will interest sketchers or people who want to travel to Barcelona with open eyes and also document their experiences.
Draw, Color & Sticker Enchanted Sketchbook: An Imaginative Illustration Journal
Draw, Color & Sticker Enchanted Sketchbook
An Imaginative Illustration Journal
Paperback      ISBN: 1631592793
"For Coloring Book Graduates!" Learn to draw and experiment with color right on the pages of this fun sketchbook! Draw, Color, and Sticker Enchanted Sketchbook series offers page after page of beautiful inspiration designed to get you drawing. Stickers and partially illustrated pages provide a rich canvas to encourage you to practice drawing various themes and elements. Each illustrated spread is followed by a prompt with the same theme, ready for readers to take the lead and fill in with their own designs and stickers. Black and white drawings with touches of color will get you started started, and invite further experimentation. The uncoated paper stock is perfect for drawing, painting, and coloring with any variety of materials. The included stickers are printed on soft uncoated paper so they can take color or additional drawing on top, perfect for personalization! Draw, Color, and Sticker Enchanted Sketchbook is a simple, yet, beautiful creative outlet for anyone learning to draw.
Star Wars: 100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation
Star Wars
100 Images to Inspire Creativity and Relaxation
Hardcover      ISBN: 1484757386
Relax, and let the creativity flow through you. Whether a skilled artist or an everyday dabbler of drawings and doodles, fans of all ages will enjoy these stunning pen-and-ink illustrations of beautiful landscapes, elaborate patterns, and memorable characters from the Star Wars universe. The lovely packaging includes a board cover with metallic foil stamping.
A Coloring Book of Tutankhamun
A Coloring Book of Tutankhamun
Paperback      ISBN: 0883880598
Color This Book: New York City
Color This Book
New York City
Paperback      ISBN: 1452117330
Featuring over 30 illustrations by artist and comedienne Abbi Jacobson, this coloring book captures the charm and personality of bustling New York City—from cultural attractions and historic sites to quirky shops and everyday street scenes.
Exotic Chickens: Coloring for Everyone
Exotic Chickens
Coloring for Everyone
Paperback      ISBN: 1510712259
Exotic chicken breeds are not only a staple of farm life but also a unique backyard pet for bird enthusiasts to watch and keep. The many beautiful varieties of fowl, with their distinctive crests and colorful plumes, have provided inspiration for artists for centuries. And now, you can share in that tradition with this easy-to-use coloring book that will spark your imagination and help you de-stress. Exotic Chickens: Coloring for Everyone offers forty-six fully colored images that will inspire you as you color the forty-six black-and-white templates that are perforated so that each one can be removed to be displayed. The designs have been created specifically for you with stunning varieties such as the Golden Laced Wyandotte, Polish Hen, Crèvecoeur, and the Houdan all illustrated in this book. Whether you’re an artist looking to improve your craft, or simply just an average joe who finds coloring enjoyable and relaxing, this book is a must-have guaranteed to bring hours of artistic fun. Whether your style is realistic or whimsical, you can color these illustrations however you like. This vibrant compilation includes: An introduction to exotic breeds Forty-six original black-and-white designs for your coloring pleasure on single-sided perforated pages Forty-six full-color versions of the designs to inspire and guide you while coloring If you find yourself intrigued by the beauty and diversity of these fine fowl, this book is a must-have, guaranteed to provide hours of creative entertainment. Gather your colored pencils, get comfortable, and start coloring your vision for these unique designs!
Spiritual Traditions of India Coloring Book
Spiritual Traditions of India Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1620556294
"Balance your chakras, enhance health and prosperity, and connect with the gods and goddesses through meditative coloring"--
American Wild Flowers Coloring Book
American Wild Flowers Coloring Book
Paperback      ISBN: 0486200957
Displaying the beauty and variety of America's most popular wildflowers, naming and locating each of the species, this most unusual book is intended for coloring. Redrawn from the original Smithsonian Rickett plates by Paul Kennedy, well-known illustrator of children's books, each of the 46 renderings is ready to be colored as realistically — like the cover illustrations — or as imaginatively as you may choose. Includes 46 illustrations: lady's slipper, black-eyed susan, bird's foot violet, cardinal flower, pitcher plant, trout lily, and others. Botanical identifications, common names, and information on habitats are also included.