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To the Ocean Deep: The Longest Coloring Book in the World
To the Ocean Deep
The Longest Coloring Book in the World
Paperback      ISBN: 1780677707
Climb down to the depths of the ocean in this amazing fold-out coloring book, the longest in the world! Color an amazing tower, all the way from a boat bobbing in the waves, past sea dragons, mermaids, aqua robots, and sharks, to reach the deep ocean floor.
Creative Haven Chalkboard Art Coloring Book: Inspirational Designs on a Dramatic Black Background
Creative Haven Chalkboard Art Coloring Book
Inspirational Designs on a Dramatic Black Background
Paperback      ISBN: 0486802108
Colorists can make the grade with 31 chalkboard-style designs printed on a realistic, black background. Each illustration features an inspiring saying, from "Dream Big" and "Love Conquers All" to "Choose Happiness" and "Make Someone Smile." Illustrations are printed on perforated pages for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists,Chalkboard Art and other Creative Haven® coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment.
Doodling for Foodies
Doodling for Foodies
Paperback      ISBN: 1600584586
Doodling for Foodies is the third in a new adult doodling series designed to appeal to both seasoned artists and first-time doodlers alike. Packed with more than 50 fun and inspirational tips, prompts, and exercises, professional illustrator Gemma Correll sparks the imagination and spurs artists to explore, experiment, and brainstorm ways to draw and doodle their favorite culinary delights with her cute and clever art style. The artist's simple, unique, and whimsical approach is sure to inspire, entertain, and guide artists of any skill level. Doodlers will find inspiration for drawing different types of food, including fruits and veggies, meats, dairy, desserts, breads, and even beverages. One part inspiration and one part instruction, this interactive book not only demonstrates how to draw whimsical dishes and delicacies, but encourages artists to develop their own doodling style and techniques. With its small, portable format and plenty of open doodling pages, this fun and quirky doodle book is perfect for the on-the-go artist.
Creative Doodling & Beyond: Inspiring Exercises, Prompts, and Projects for Turning Simple Doodles into Beautiful Works of Art
Creative Doodling & Beyond
Inspiring Exercises, Prompts, and Projects for Turning Simple Doodles into Beautiful Works of Art
Paperback      ISBN: 1600582478
Who among us doesn't simply love to doodle—or, at the very least, doodle to pass the time during long meetings or classes? Now you can learn the fine art of doodling while exercising your creativity at the same time. Creative Doodling & Beyondfeatures a fun variety of projects, prompts, exercises, and ideas to get your doodling juices flowing, while also providing inspiration for how to use your doodles creatively. Artists will begin with some warm-up exercises and basic drawing instruction. From there, they'll embark on creating projects with doodles that get progressively more advanced through the book, starting with a gift tag and ending with elaborate doodling projects on wood and fabric.
Love & Friendship: Adventures in Ink & Inspiration
Love & Friendship
Adventures in Ink & Inspiration
Paperback      ISBN: 1783619112
Bring the ink to Life! Delicate, bold, easy and challenging, there’s a Morris pattern for every mood, with 120 images and scenes, ready for your imagination. Calming and relaxing, almost every type pen, ink and pencil can be used to bing life and sparkle to this fabulous journey of discovery. Each page is perforated, and ready for you to frame.
Tattoo Activity Book
Tattoo Activity Book
Paperback      ISBN: 9185639648
An original activity book for kids and adults.Tattoo Activity Book features artwork from more than 30 tattoo artists from around the world.Old school to new school, to graphic and realistic. Pretty birds, dreadful skulls, stylish full-rigged ships and graphic weirdness. Tattoo enthusiasts of all ages are invited to add their own color and creativity to the 64 pages with artwork from some of the best tattoo artists on the planet, and create their own designs. Among the beautiful drawings you will find tattoo activities, such as "follow the dots" and "paint by number". Get inspiration for you future tattoo, and go wild with coloring the motives in the book, just as you would like them to be.Tattoo Activity Book is the latest in Dokument Press popular coloring book series, with themes such as graffiti, skateboarding and lowriders.
Paperback      ISBN: 0486474151
Artists of all ages can make a monster come alive with this ready-to-color comic-book adaptation of Mary Shelley's Gothic horror novel about a man-made monster. Each page features multiple panels and abridged text that tells the tale of a ghastly, ungodly experiment and the terrifying results.
Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places and Imagined
Fantastic Cities
A Coloring Book of Amazing Places and Imagined
Paperback      ISBN: 1452149577
This unique coloring book features immersive aerial views of real cities from around the world alongside gorgeously illustrated,Inception-like architectural mandalas. Artist Steve McDonald's beautifully rendered and detailed line work offers bird's-eye perspectives of visually arresting global locales from New York, London, and Paris to Istanbul, Tokyo, and Melbourne, Rio, Amsterdam, and many more. The adult coloring book's distinctive large square format offers absorbingly complex vistas to color, the crisp white pages are conducive to a range of artistic applications, and a middle margin keeps all the artwork fully colorable. Complementing the cityscapes are a selection of mind-bending labyrinthine architectural illustrations for still deeper meditative coloring adventures and imaginative flights of fancy.
Portable Color Me Happy Adult Coloring Book: 70 Coloring Templates That Will Make You Smile
Portable Color Me Happy Adult Coloring Book
70 Coloring Templates That Will Make You Smile
Paperback      ISBN: 1631061852
The perfect portable book for stressed-out adults who want to reconnect, simply and easily, with their inner creativity while on the go. With each development in technology, our lives become more complicated. We move through our days in a blur of emails, text messages, and social networking. This non-stop stimulation has left us stressed-out and distanced from the joys of the present moment. Art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter offer a simple and satisfying solution to this disconnect from reality. Featuring 70 calming coloring templates,Portable Color Me Happy is a guided coloring book designed for busy adults and formatted to fit easily in your bag or purse. Organized into therapeutically-themed chapters including Mandalas, Water Scenes, Wooded Scenes, Geometric Patterns, Flora & Fauna, Natural Patterns, and Spirituality, this book examines the benefits of putting pencil to paper and offers adults an opportunity to channel their anxiety into joyful creative accomplishment. Part of the international bestselling Color Me series,Portable Color Me Happy is the perfect way step back from the stress of everyday life, color, and relax even when you're on the go! Don't forget to try Portable Color Me Calm and the full-sized coloring books,Color Me Stress-Free, Color Me Calm, Color Me Happy, and more!
The Uncolored Book for You to Color
The Uncolored Book for You to Color
Paperback      ISBN: 0764340875