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Hop on Pop-Up!: How to Raise a Happy Father With a Little Help from the Good Doctor
Hop on Pop-Up!
How to Raise a Happy Father With a Little Help from the Good Doctor
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375815473
Describes how to raise a happy father, including what not to do when he has a bad day.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0312528132
A farm-themed first words primer features bold, labeled spreads of familiar objects and animals and is complemented by large peep-through flaps that reveal hidden surprises.
Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday, Baby!
Dr. Seuss's Happy Birthday, Baby!
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375846212
The Great Birthday Bird says, “Hop to it! Get dressed! Today is your day. It’s the Best of the Best!” Based on Dr. Seuss’s Happy Birthday to You!, this fun-filled interactive book has elements to touch, move, and smell. Presented in the original book’s spiffy color palette of yellow and red, Happy Birthday, Baby! helps babies and toddlers celebrate their day of all days with the Great Birthday Bird and everybody else! Dr. Seuss is quite simply the most beloved children’s book author in the world.
Happy Howloween: A Canine Pop-Up Treat
Happy Howloween
A Canine Pop-Up Treat
Hardcover      ISBN: 1623486521
The Wizard of Oz
The Wizard of Oz
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910277401
Dorothy lives on a farm in Kansas with her aunt and uncle and her little dog Toto. Suddenly, a violent storm transports Dorothy to the land of Oz. Her only means of getting home is to follow the famous yellow brick road to meet with the famous wizard. Along the way, she makes new friends and encounters both good fortune and danger. The original book was first published in 1900, and this edition has a text specially adapted for younger readers, losing none of the excitement and drama. Oliver Latyk's stylish illustrations in yellows, blues and greens evoke a stunning fantasy landscape and loveable new impressions of the famous characters, such as the Tin Man and the Lion. The die-cut illustrations add an extra dimension which makes this a highly collectible edition for lovers of beautiful children's books.
All the World's a Stage: A Pop-Up Biography of William Shakespeare
All the World's a Stage
A Pop-Up Biography of William Shakespeare
School & Library      ISBN: 0811811476
Detailed text and pop-up illustrations present the life and times of William Shakespeare--sixteenth-century England's most luminous playwright--describing his works and the production of his plays.
My Nest Is Best
My Nest Is Best
Hardcover      ISBN: 037583267x
Mr. and Mrs. Bird search for a place to build a new nest only to discover their old one is better, in an adaptation of The Best Nest which comes with flaps, wheels, and sliding tabs.
The Ultimate Construction Site Book
The Ultimate Construction Site Book
Hardcover      ISBN: 2848019840
The sounds, sights, and activity of a construction site provide for endless fascination. Packed with more than 60 tabbed moving parts to pull, lift, and explore; crammed with meticulous detail of vehicles, buildings, and techniques; here's a book that will satisfy even the most curious of kids. Whether it's building a bridge or a skyscraper, a giant ship or a tunnel, there's a wealth of color, action, and knowledge to be gleaned on each of the ten spreads of this oversized book. A wonderful companion toThe Ultimate Book of Vehicles on the Spring 2014 Twirl launch list.
The Small World of Paper Toys
The Small World of Paper Toys
Hardcover      ISBN: 3899557468
The timeless charm of old-stylewooden toys emerges from everypage of this paper pop-up. Simpleshapes and vivid colors bring classictoys such as the red fire truck,the baby bassinet, and the farmer
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: A Commemorative Pop-up
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
A Commemorative Pop-up
Hardcover      ISBN: 0689817517
The creator of The Movable Mother Goose provides a commemorative pop-up book for children of all ages to celebrate this classic tale's one hundredth anniversary of Dorothy's magical trip to the land of Oz.