Furniture History and Design
Arts & Crafts Design: A Selected Reprint of Industrial Arts Design
Arts & Crafts Design
A Selected Reprint of Industrial Arts Design
Paperback      ISBN: 0879056991
Originally published in 1916 when the Arts & Crafts movement was in its heyday, this is a virtual textbook of materials, color, techniques, and designs. Arts & Crafts Design is a practical guide to the creation of high-quality, high-style furnishings through the industrial arts.
The Book of Shaker Furniture
The Book of Shaker Furniture
Hardcover      ISBN: 0870232754
A comprehensive, amply illustrated guide illustrates the simple, functional furniture style developed during the Shaker movement--a successful experiment in communitarian living--and traces its evolution from the Colonial styles of New York and New England
Chairs by Architects
Chairs by Architects
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0500292507
Does an architect’s style always come across, regardless of medium? Pairing great buildings with great chairs by the same architect, Chairs by Architects demonstrates how the defining qualities of a building’s style can also be evident in that architect’s furniture designs. Pieces of furniture, like manifestos, become signatures of architectural style. The fifty-five architects featured here include early modern architectural pioneers such as Otto Wagner, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Antoni Gaudí, and Walter Gropius, together with more recent modern masters such as Oscar Niemeyer, Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Daniel Libeskind.The book contains interviews on Designing (in conversation with David Adjaye), Manufacturing (with David E. Bright, Knoll, Inc.), Selling (with Zeev Aram), Collecting (with Richard Wright), and Preserving (with Susanne Graner, Vitra Design Museum). This is essential reading for everyone concerned with design, architecture, and the relationship between creators and their creations.
Chinese Furniture
Chinese Furniture
Hardcover      ISBN: 1878529234
Craftsman of the Cumberlands: Tradition & Creativity
Craftsman of the Cumberlands
Tradition & Creativity
Paperback      ISBN: 081319038x
" Why do people consider aesthetic qualities as well as utilitarian ones in the making of everyday objects? Why do they maintain traditions? What is the nature of their creative process? These are some of the larger questions addressed by Michael Owen Jones in his book on craftsmen in the Cumberland Mountains of eastern Kentucky. Concentrating on the work of one man, woodworker and chairmaker Chester Cornett, Jones not only describes the tools and techniques employed by Cornett but also his aspirations and values. Cornett possessed a deep knowledge of his materials and a mastery of construction methods. Some of his chairs represent not objects of utility but aesthetic developments of the chair form. Cornett sought to cope with the problems of his life, Jones maintains; their massiveness provided a sense of security, the virtuosity of their design and construction, a feeling of self-esteem. Jones also compares other area craftsmen and their views about their work.
Dictionary of Furniture
Dictionary of Furniture
3rd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 162636012x
Examines artistic and cultural trends that reveal how furniture impacted the time in which it was made, and defines terms pertaining to global styles, manufactures, and makers from ancient times to the modern era.
Early L. & J.G. Stickley Furniture: From Onondaga Shops to Handcraft
Early L. & J.G. Stickley Furniture
From Onondaga Shops to Handcraft
Paperback      ISBN: 0486269264
A reprint of two rare catalogs (circa 1908–1910) delineating the early achievement of furniture makers (brothers of Gustav Stickley) who played a key role in the Arts & Crafts movement in America, with captioned illustrations of over 200 of their furniture designs — many rarely seen in recent years.
Eco Design: Furniture / Meubles / Muebles / Mobili
Eco Design
Furniture / Meubles / Muebles / Mobili
Hardcover      ISBN: 841650458x
Following the huge demand in contemporary societies to decorate homes in a "green" style, this book offers a more environmentally conscious approach to design and production processes by presenting a wide range of furniture products made with natural materials as well as using recycling and more environment respecting technologies.
The Encyclopedia of Furniture
The Encyclopedia of Furniture
Hardcover      ISBN: 0517037351
An illustrated up-to-date reference work which describes every period and development in furniture styling and construction
French Furniture: From Louis Xiii to Art Deco
French Furniture
From Louis Xiii to Art Deco
Paperback      ISBN: 0821226835
Concise descriptions and 750 detailed line drawings chronicle four hundred years in the history of French furniture design, from the era of Louis XIII to early twentieth-century Art Deco pieces, offering helpful tips on furniture styles, characteristics, design details, and more. 15,000 first printing.