Children's Multicultural Studies
Family Pictures / Cuadros De Familia
Family Pictures / Cuadros De Familia
Paperback      ISBN: 089239207x
The author describes, in bilingual text and illustrations, her experiences growing up in a Hispanic community in Texas.
Celebrate Kwanzaa
Celebrate Kwanzaa
Hardcover      ISBN: 142630319x
Introduces children to a varied selection of religious and cultural holidays through fascinating facts, prayers, songs, recipes, color photos, and more, and includes backmatter for parents and teachers.
Japanese Myths, Legends & Folktales
Japanese Myths, Legends & Folktales
Hardcover      ISBN: 4805314737
Here, beautifully illustrated and presented in both English and Japanese, are 12 of the best Japanese folktales—shared with generation after generation of Japanese children. These charming tales engage your imagination as you're carried on turtle-back rides, brought to the underwater palace of the dragon princess, and discover a temple with a "tea kettle" that is really a cunning badger in disguise. Stories include: - The Tongue-Cut Sparrow - The Strong Boy - The Marriage of a Mouse - The Fisherman and the Tortoise - The Luminous Princess - The Peach Boy - The Kachi Kachi Mountain - The Old Men With Wens - The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom - The One-Inch Boy - The Lucky Cauldron - The Monkey and Crab Fight These stories are all richly illustrated, with 98 color illustrations by two of Japan's foremost children's books illustrators. Executed with great skill and imagination, they bring to life the charming characters of these heartwarming tales of old Japan. The tales were originally written in English by author Yuri Yasuda based on her interpretations of traditional Japanese stories. Here they are fully bilingual—each one accompanied by Japanese text. The Japanese versions of each tale include simple kanji with furigana pronunciations to help learners recognize the characters. Japanese Myths, Legends & Folktales is accessible to both English and Japanese-speaking children, as well as to older language learners who wish to enhance their reading ability. This multicultural children's book will entertain, inspire, and educate in equal measure.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Voice for Equality!
Martin Luther King Jr.
Voice for Equality!
Hardcover      ISBN: 1684125464
"A graphic biography of civil rights leader and American icon Martin Luther King Jr. This graphical biography tells the story of the most prominent leader of the American civil rights movement. With full-color illustrations and a historically accurate narrative, Martin Luther King Jr.: Voice for Equality! will inform and entertain readers of all ages. From his childhood in Atlanta to his rise as an international icon of human rights and a fiery orator who refused to back down in the face of adversity, King's life story serves as an ongoing source of inspiration"--
Faith Ringgold
Faith Ringgold
School & Library      ISBN: 0316856525
Chidi Only Likes Blue: An African Book of Colours
Chidi Only Likes Blue
An African Book of Colours
Paperback      ISBN: 1845075137
Chidi lives in a small village in Nigeria and his favorite color is blue, but his older sister, Nneka, decides to teach him about other colors seen in their village.
The Day Martin Luther King Jr. Was Shot: A Photo History of the Civil Rights Movement
The Day Martin Luther King Jr. Was Shot
A Photo History of the Civil Rights Movement
Paperback      ISBN: 0590436619
Uses drawings and photographs to trace the history of the Civil Rights movement from the American Revolution to the present
Food Like Mine: Includes Amazing Recipes from Around the World
Food Like Mine
Includes Amazing Recipes from Around the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1465461353
Explores the different ways corn, wheat, potatoes, and rice are prepared around the world, from Canadian poutine and Jamaican corn chowder to Moroccon cous cous and Spanish paella.
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King
Paperback      ISBN: 0439099420
Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary
Malcolm X
By Any Means Necessary
Paperback      ISBN: 0590481096
Profiles the late African American leader, providing a startling picture of the life of the controversial and important historical figure. Reprint.