Parish and Church Management
Power Surge: Six Marks of Discipleship for a Changing Church
Power Surge
Six Marks of Discipleship for a Changing Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0800632648

Drawing on his experience at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Foss makes the case for transforming congregations from a membership model to a discipleship model of church affiliation. The book begins with a careful analysis of recent patterns in church membership/demographics which argue for this paradigm shift. Subsequent chapters detail the unique leadership and organizational needs of a discipleship model; explore the building and maintaining of fundamental trust--in God and in His people--as the cornerstone of the model; and provide practical helps for assessing the present and strategies for moving into the future.

Faith-Based Management: Leading Organizations That Are Based on More Than Just Mission
Faith-Based Management
Leading Organizations That Are Based on More Than Just Mission
Hardcover      ISBN: 0471315443

The First and Only Complete Guide to Successfully ManagingFaith-Based Organizations Faith-Based Management Written by aleading international expert on faith-based management, this bookdescribes proven management strategies and techniques developed atsome of the world's most successful places of worship andfaith-based service organizations. It also supplies you with acomplete action plan for quickly implementing them in yourorganization. Peter Brinckerhoff begins by exploring the uniquechallenges faced by managers of faith-based organizations. He thenidentifies the seven key characteristics of a successfulfaith-based organization and provides you with clear, easy-to-follow guidelines on how to:
* Assess and examine your organization's strengths andweaknesses
* Clearly define staff roles and responsibilities
* Delegate, evaluate, discipline, and motivate paid staff
* Find, train, motivate, and hold on to top-notch volunteers
* Generate budgets and financial reports and implement financialcontrols
* Improve your leadership skills
* Conduct sophisticated, cost-effective marketing compaigns thatwork
* Create strategic, business, and marketing plans
Brinckerhoff has captured the essence of faith-based management inhis latest book. He has successfully integrated proven managementconcepts and ideas with the spiritual mission that distinguishesfaith-based organizations. A must-read for volunteers and staff.--Dana R. Todsen, ACFRE President and CEO Baptist HealthFoundation, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Faith-Based Management is aconcise, accurate, and practical book. It will be a very helpfulresource for leaders who are trying to unite faith and mission intoday's world. --The Reverend Dr. John R. Buzza Hope PresbyterianChurch and Community Ministry Center Springfield, IllinoisFaith-Based Management offers the fourth important contribution inPeter Brinckerhoff's management series for not-for-profitexecutives. If mission, finance, and marketing are important tonot-for-profits' success, core values and beliefs are essential tothe faith-based not-for-profits' very existence. Peter once againchallenges and provokes thoughtful reflection while providing thereader with a pragmatic prescription for improving the overallmanagement of the faith-based organization. He challenges each ofus to accept full responsibility for carrying out God's work. Heshows us a way. --Reid S. Thebault President and CEO YMCA ofMetropolitan Detroit

The Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church
The Monkey and the Fish
Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church
Paperback      ISBN: 0310276020

Our world is marked by unprecedented degrees of multiculturalism, ethnic diversity, social shifts, international collaboration, and technology-driven changes. The changes are profound, especially when you consider the unchecked decline in the influence, size, and social standing of the church. There is an undercurrent of anxiety in the evangelical world, and a hunger for something new. And we're sensing the urgency of it.We need fresh, creative counterintuitive ways of doing ministry and church and leading it in the 21st century. We need to adapt. Fast. Both in our practices and our thinking. The aim of this book is simple: When we understand the powerful forces at work in the world today, we'll learn how something called The Third Culture can yield perhaps the most critical missing ingredient in the church today--adaptability--and help the church remain on the best side of history. A Third Culture Church and a Third Culture Leader looks at our new global village and the church's role in that village in a revolutionary way. It's a way to reconnect with the historical roots of what Jesus envisioned the church could be--a people known for a brand of love, unity, goodness, and extravagant spirit that defies all conventions. This book is part of the successful Leadership Innovation Series.

The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations
The Multi-Site Church Revolution
Being One Church in Many Locations
Paperback      ISBN: 0310270154

Fueled by a desire to reach people for Christ, a revolution is underway. Churches are growing beyond the limitations of a single service in one building. Expanding the traditional model, they are embracing the concept of one church with more than one site: multiple congregations sharing a common vision, budget, leadership, and board. Drawing from the examples of churches nationwide, The Multi-Site Church Revolution shows what healthy multi-site churches look like and what motivates congregations to make the change. Discover how your church can: - cast a vision for change - ensure a successful DNA transfer (vision and core values) to its new site - develop new leaders - fund new sites - adapt to structure and staffing change - use technology to support your worship services you'll identify the reasons churches succeed and how they overcome common snags. The Multi-Site Church Revolution offers guidance, insights, and specific action steps as well as appendixes with practical leadership resources and self-diagnostic tools. "I wholeheartedly recommend this book for any pastor or church leader who needs to know the pertinent issues, tested solutions, and real examples of multi-site strategies that are currently being deployed around the world." --Ed Young, senior pastor, Fellowship Church "The authors have done their homework. They have firsthand knowledge of the successes and failures of this movement, having been networking with and facilitating dialogue among churches across the country for years." --Max Lucado, senior minister, Oak Hills Church "Look no further than this book to propel your ministry to Ephesians 3:20 proportions: exceeding abundantly above all that you could ever ask or think " --Randy and Paula White, senior pastors, Without Walls International Church This book is part of the Leadership Network Innovation Series.

10 Power Principles for Christian Service
10 Power Principles for Christian Service
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0801072581

In a church culture that is rapidly losing its unique, intergenerational make-up in favor of small groups and even entire churches designed to target specific age groups, it can be difficult for ministers to relate to those who are not in their own demographic. But Warren and David Wiersbe, representing two generations, believe that generational differences should not keep ministers from relating to their congregations. In this thoughtful and practical book, they offer ten principles for Christian service that always work, at all times and in all places, inviting ministers to get back to the basics of serving others. New and seasoned pastors alike will find this a welcome source of inspiration and instruction on how they can relate and minister to people of all ages.

10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church
10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church
Paperback      ISBN: 1630883158
Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church offers prescriptions for the top ten issues seen during church consultations. Bob Farr and Kay Kotan share their expertise from working with churches across the country, detailing the most common concerns and obstacles, and then go straight to the point: What to change, and how, for positive results. They offer a helpful approach to fixing common problems, and strategies to help congregations achieve success in specific areas of ministry. Proven success stories offer practical application, inspiration, and hope.

I love the way this book addresses issues of mission, vision, worship, hospitality, outreach, and other important matters and offers concrete, pragmatic practices to fulfill these without compromising the gospel. This is a refreshing new guide for pastors and laity. --Tex Sample, Robert B. and Kathleen Rogers Professor Emeritus of Church and Society, Saint Paul School of Theology

Bob and Kay have so much experience. They get it: the types of changes most churches need are not new. The pathway to health is not flashy. Basic, steady, strong: That is what you find in this very useful material. -- Cathy Townley, Worship and Church Planting Consultant and Coach, Minnesota Annual Conference, UMC Bob Farr is a powerhouse of a leader who has a great grasp on what it takes for a congregation to discover the path toward vitality and health. As you read the prescriptions in this amazing book, you will see a catalyst for Jesus Christ. --Bob Crossman, New Church Strategist; author, Committed to Christ: Six Steps to a Generous Life Nobody is better than Bob and Kay at explaining the concept -- and the specifics -- of 'Prescriptions' than can improve local church health. Very few people have spent more hours in church basements, parlors and sanctuaries across the country helping churches diagnose - and overcome--the real life problems they face. Leveraging years of experience and insights, this book is an easy-to-use, instrumental tool for clergy and laity in churches that are willing to take definitive steps toward a new future. --Jim Ozier, Church Consultant, Coach, Speaker; author, Clip In: Risking Hospitality in Your Church
10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church Workbook
10 Prescriptions for a Healthy Church Workbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1630885754

In Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church, authors Bob Farr and Kay Kotan offer the top ten prescriptions for issues seen during church consultations. Farr and Kotan share their expertise from working with churches to detail the most common concerns and obstacles found when consulting with congregations.

In their conversational style, Farr and Kotan offer a practical approach to fixing common problems, offering strategies sure to help congregations achieve success in specific areas of ministry. Proven success stories offer application, hope, and practicalities from benefiting congregations.

The Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church Workbook provides the critical next step. Church leaders can use this resource with their teams, small groups, and staff to power-boost the book's ideas in their own church context. The workbook is formatted to function as an individual study, too.

The Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church

    Creates conversation starters for group discussion or personal reflection Poses powerful questions, which can lead to honest and authentic reflection and evaluation Encourages group participants to process the information together, increasing understanding and commitment Stimulates calls to action, increasing the likelihood of real and sustainable change in the congregation

44 Questions for Church Planters
44 Questions for Church Planters
Paperback      ISBN: 0687132843

Answers the question "Why start new churches?" and shows how to reverse the decline of new church development. Schaller offers tested advice based on more than thirty years of working with leaders responsible for developing new churches.

44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal
44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal
Paperback      ISBN: 0687088402

Churches don't sit still; they are either planning for the future or wishing for the past. Yet, even when setting about to discern the future into which the Spirit is leading, how does a congregation map its way? How does it understand its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and limitations, gifts and graces? In 44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal, Lyle E. Schaller directs the reader to the crucial questions a church must ask itself if it is to understand its mission and the course it must chart in order to achieve that mission. He helps pastors, congregational leaders, and strategic planning groups understand that the questions we ask and the data we gather tend to set our priorities, and for this reason it is crucial to seek the correct information from the outset. Schaller shows church leaders how not to become trapped by "means to an end" questions (real estate, staffing, money, and schedules) and focus instead on questions related to the congregation's distinctive mission (identity, purpose, role, and God's call) and message.

4D Impact: Smash Barriers Like a Smart Church
4D Impact
Smash Barriers Like a Smart Church
Paperback      ISBN: 1501880225

4D Impact: Smashing Barriers Like a Smart Church takes a critical and inspirational look at four aspects of 21st century church ministry: Technology, Hospitality, Worship, and Systems. Each of these aspects is key for developing vital churches and healthy church leaders. The author uses real life lessons from the 11-year journey of Impact Church, which is currently #5 out of the 100 fastest growing United Methodist congregations in the United States, and examples from churches and the market place, to inform, equip, and inspire the reader.

4D Impact offers:

  • a diagnostic tool in each chapter to determine the current health and status of the reader's church,
  • real time inspiration from practitioners who are experiencing health and growth,
  • guidance for readers to discern their level of fitness for their church assignment--is the leader/reader well-matched, or mismatched?, and
  • guidance for readers to determine if their church has reached a point of irreversible decline.

From the 4D Impact Introduction:

"I have been blessed to serve as the founding and lead pastor of what one of [the] original twenty-five leaders called a 'movement.' Twelve years ago we didn't set out to plant another United Methodist church--we envisioned a movement...I have learned a few things about church health and growth from my own experience as a church planner and from the many churches across the country that our team has supported and consulted with over the years. I have learned that the capital-C Church is full of grace, and I've learned that hard work and sacrifice are necessary for a local church to be vital and growing...

This book is for all churches and church leaders seeking to become vital and growing, or to remain vital and growing. This book may challenge you--I hope in a healthy way. It centers on four key principles for developing healthy and growing churches that smash barriers: Technology, Hospitality, Worship, and Systems. I am a living witness to these principles. As we say at Impact Church, you aren't called to lead an ordinary church; you are called to lead a movement."