American Contemporary Poetry - Individual Poets
Psychosis in the Produce Department
Psychosis in the Produce Department
Paperback      ISBN: 1597099937
Psychosis in the Produce Department: New and Selected Poems, 1975-2015 gathers the best work from Laurel Ann Bogen's previous ten books as well as new and unpublished poetry. Ranging in themes as diverse as horrific beauty and exquisite madness, dysfunctional families, love and anti-love, life in Los Angeles and Hollywood, and growing up as a Baby Boomer, these poems offer sly, humorous, surreal--and most crucially, accessible--genre-busting work that can only be called Vintage Bogen. Readers are also given the unique opportunity to experience the full power of Bogen's critically acclaimed poetry performance through ten included QR codes that link to audio files of select poems in the collection.
Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry
Quarter Life Poetry
Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry
Paperback      ISBN: 1455565288
The creator of the popular Quarter Life Poetry Tumblr and Instagram tackles real-life truths of work, money, sex, and many other 20-something challenges in this laugh-out-loud collection of poetry.

Samantha Jayne knows that life post-college isn't as glamorous as all undergrads think it's going to be... because she's currently living it. At 25, Samantha began creating doodles and funny poems about her #struggle to share with friends on Instagram. To her surprise, these poems were picked up by 20-somethings all around the world who agreed, "This is literally us."

At a time when it seems like everyone else is getting married, snagging a dream job, and paying off their student loans, Samantha's poetry captures the voice of young people everywhere who know that your 20s can sometimes be the exact opposite of "the best years of your life."
Queen Kong
Queen Kong
Paperback      ISBN: 1630450383

Poetry. Women's Studies. QUEEN KONG opens with an autobiographical poem chronicling childhood through graduation from college. This not only informs the reader but also infuses subtle meaning throughout the remainder of the book's poems, which are all lyric in nature. It is this subtlety that poignantly pervades the crown section of the book: a collection of hard-hitting feminist poems that Bradley wrote in dialogue with famous feminists across history. QUEEN KONG takes the reader by storm, just like her male counterpart took New York, except QUEEN KONG is a powerful journey for women (and men) everywhere.

"Amanda J. Bradley's latest book, QUEEN KONG, is a courageous and audacious book. Starting with the long poetic sequence rooted in narrative, it is specific, heartfelt, energetic, honest, and we are drawn into the world of this poet. Throughout the rest of the book, the poet confronts all that is broken and lost in the world. She grieves over the damage we have caused to the environment, and gives us feminist manifestoes. This is a tour de force performance that leaps from lyrical narrative to the surreal and back. It's unforgettable."--Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Quick Question
Quick Question
Paperback      ISBN: 0062225960

Hailed by Harold Bloom as "America's greatest living poet," John Ashbery has won every major American literary award for his poetry, including the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the Griffin Poetry Prize, and the National Book Critics Circle Award. A beloved and gifted artist, Ashbery takes his place beside Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens, and Hart Crane in the canon of great American poets. With Quick Question, a new collection of poems published in time for his 85th birthday, John Ashbery proves that his creative power has only grown stronger with age.

Quickening Fields
Quickening Fields
Paperback      ISBN: 014313132x
Winner of the John Burroughs Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Nature Poetry

A new collection by an award-winning poet who "presents her apprehensions of the natural world with striking accuracy and emotional impact" (Orion Magazine)

Denise Levertov has called Pattiann Rogers a "visionary of reality, perceiving the material world with such intensity of response that impulse, intention, meaning, interconnections beyond the skin of appearance are revealed." Quickening Fields gathers fifty-three poems that focus on the wide variety of life forms present on earth and their unceasing zeal to exist, their constant "push against the beyond" and the human experience among these lives. Whether a glassy filament of flying insect, a spiny spider crab, a swath of switch grass, barking short-eared owls, screeching coyotes, or racing rat-tailed sperm, all are testifying to their complete devotion to being. Many of the poems also address celestial phenomena, the vision of the earth immersed in a dynamic cosmic milieu and the effects of this vision on the human spirit. While primarily lyrical and celebratory in tone, these poems acknowledge, as well, the terror, suffering, and unpredictability of the human condition.
The Quotations of Bone
The Quotations of Bone
Paperback      ISBN: 1556594836

Winner of the 2016 Griffin International Poetry Prize

"Norman Dubie is one of our premier poets."--The New York Times

"Dubie's poems are unmatched in their incandescent imaginings, gorgeous language, and fearless tracking of the inexorably turning wheel of existence."--Booklist

"Dubie is] one of the most powerful and influential American poets."--The Washington Post

"The poems in Dubie's newest collection The Quotations of Bone] are deeply oneiric, governed by vigorous leaping energy that brings the intimate into contact with history, and blurs the distinction between what is real because it once happened, and what is real because of the emphatic manner in which it has been felt. Longtime admirers of Dubie will certainly recognize the familiar mind and spirit able to punch through the surface of experience and into deep psychic quandary with a single revelatory gesture (Did you ever want to give someone // All your money?)-but that tendency is greatly amplified here. One feels the unconscious mind working ceaselessly, even playfully, alongside memory, imparting the poems as if with a strange and consoling living spirit. This makes for a heightened sense of mystery and mortality in poems of private experience. And when such an impulse is aligned with public history--the division of Germany, say, or the acceleration of the planet's ecological crisis--it is outright haunting. Dubie's uncontested mastery of the lyric poem has, in this collection, broken into strange and revelatory territory."--Griffin International Poetry Prize Judges' Citation

In his twenty-ninth collection of poems, Norman Dubie returns to a rich, color-soaked vision of the world. Strangeness becomes a parable for compassion, each poem leading the reader to an uncommon way of understanding human capacities. In the futuristic sphere of The Quotation of Bone, the mind wanders meditatively into an imaginative and uncontainable history.

The Quotations of Bone

The meal of bone was a soured milk--
just the heads of giant elk
in a dark circle looking down
on a wooden bowl of soda crackers
and pork. One large knife
resting in the meat
of a woodsman's calloused hand.
He grins at his woman
who is slowly poisoning him
with the stringy resins of morning glory.
A tasteless turpentine with pink pig.
The speeches of bone
are matrimonial in early autumn--
by January there's a froth of blood
at a nostril.
He thinks a long icicle is buried in his ear.
She thinks D. H. Lawrence was a grim buccaneer.
I hate most men. Adore the few named Lou.
One small addendum:
the dead elk are grinning too.

Norman Dubie is a Regents professor at Arizona State University. He lives in Tempe, Arizona.

Ragged Anthem
Ragged Anthem
Paperback      ISBN: 0814346537

Ragged Anthem displays the same inimitable voice and unflinching gaze that made Chris Dombrowski a Poetry Foundation bestseller and silver medal winner of Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Award in poetry. His work has been celebrated by renowned writers such as Jim Harrison and Alicia Ostriker, who have called his books (respectively) "extraordinarily powerful and graceful" and "one of the most beautiful books of poetry I've read in years."

As in Dombrowski's previous books, in Ragged Anthem the natural world is as alive and as fully realized as language allows. His comfort with the naming of the world, combined with a life lived intimately with the other species that populate the landscape of home, suggest an authenticity that few can claim. Ragged Anthem is a demonstration in continued poetic growth and expanded terrain. Written from the speaker's midlife, the poems delve into the transformation of family, childhood tragedies, and politics. Dombrowski lifts the veil on the imbecilic bureaucracies-those on Capitol Hill and in the faculty meetings occurring in our own conference rooms-that often help to whittle our fates. The book contains well-placed and evocative allusions to such figures as American painter Mark Rothko and Saint Francis of Assisi, as well as the periodic highlighting of language from contemporary song lyrics. These "borrowings" set forth a conversation between the poet and other artists that evoke the original source while transforming it into something new, proving that words, although artifice, live within our bodies, changing our relationship to place.

Ragged Anthem makes a powerful and important contribution to contemporary poetry. Fans of Dombrowski's past works and newcomers alike will bask in the poet's firm yet relaxed approach to the shaping of language.

Rain Scald: Poems
Rain Scald
Paperback      ISBN: 0826358675

In this innovative debut collection, Tacey M. Atsitty employs traditional, lyric, and experimental verse to create an intricate landscape she invites readers to explore. Presented in three sections, Ts yi', Gorge Dweller, and T hee', the poems negotiate between belief and doubt, self and family, and interior and exterior landscapes.

Rapture & the Big Bam
Rapture & the Big Bam
Paperback      ISBN: 1936797941

Winner of the Snowbound Chapbook Award, selected by Lia Purpura

With funky tempos and stretched, staggering lines, Matt Donovan's new sequence interrogates the ways our daily lives teem with beauty and loss. Using figures engrained in American culture to portray collisions of pleasure with tragedy, he summons singers Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday, athlete Babe Ruth, painters Paul Cezanne and John Singer Sargent, and musicians John Coltrane and Lou Reed to offer evidence for what creation can cost. A beloved music teacher who died prematurely is extolled by re-enacting his passion for both Bach and Scott Joplin, and the promise of a first pregnancy is juxtaposed with a surge of family funerals. As "each day lurches us toward ... / things dying, things newborn," the poet of Rapture & the Big Bam can be either a companion in mourning or a celebrant of unbeaten anticipation.

Paperback      ISBN: 0143117726
New from a poet whose "intensity makes the world visible" (Linda Gregg)

"Everywhere, a forceful, scrupulous intelligence is active- a luminous diction, a range of cadences." So has Mark Strand written of the work of Joanna Klink, who has won acclaim for elegant, sensual, and musical poems that "remain alert to the reparations of beauty and song" (Dean Young). The linked poems in Klink's third collection, Raptus, search through a failed relationship, struggling with the stakes of compassion, the violence of the outside world, and the wish to anchor both in something true.