American Contemporary Drama
The Best American Short Plays 2004-2005
The Best American Short Plays 2004-2005
Paperback      ISBN: 1557837120

(Best American Short Plays). The acclaimed series has a new editor. Applause is proud to continue the series that for over 60 years has been the standard of excellence for one-act plays in America. Our new editor, Barbara Parisi, has selected the following 14 plays: Crazy Eights by David Lindsay-Abaire; He Came Home One Day While I Was Washing Dishes by K. Biadaszkiewicz; Fin & Euba by Audrey Cefaly; I'll Do it Tomorrow by Michael Roderick; Arkadelphia by Samuel Brett Williams; Reading List by Susan Miller; Such a Beautiful Voice Is Sayeda's and Karima's City by Yussef El Guindi; Charlie Blake's Boat by Graeme Gillis; The News by Billy Aronson; Heights by Amy Fox; The Devil Is in the Details by Jill Elaine Hughes; Letty on a Bench by Jolene Goldenthal; and Erros-Love Is Deaf by Cherie Vogelstein.

On the Open Road
On the Open Road
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Set in a landscape stripped bare by civil war, two "independents" forge an alliance of convenience in order to buy their way into the land of the free, the one safe haven in an otherwise lawless landscape. Hiding from marauding armies, they travel the country, gathering great art treasures from crumbling museums. But with the border to freedom in sight, they're captured by forces from the new coalition government. They can still buy their freedom - if they agree to do one little job for the new government.

Chekhov's Three Sisters and Woolf's Orlando: Two Renderings for the Stage
Chekhov's Three Sisters and Woolf's Orlando
Two Renderings for the Stage
Paperback      ISBN: 1559364041

" Ruhl's Orlando] captures both the intellectual spirit and the literary brilliance of Woolf's work. . . . Ruhl writes with the imaginative sweep that allows Woolf's poetry to soar."--Variety

"Sarah Ruhl's smart new translation of Three Sisters] feels just right to contemporary American ears--lean, colloquial, and conversational for us and true to Chekhov's original work."--The Cincinnati Enquirer

In her stage adaptation of Virginia Woolf's gender-bending, period-hopping novel, award-winning playwright Sarah Ruhl "is her usual unfailingly elegant, unbeatably witty self, cleverly braiding her own brand-name wit with Woolf's" (New York )magazine. Preserving Woolf's vital ideas and lyrical tone, Ruhl brings to the stage the life of an Elizabethan nobleman who's magically transformed into an immortal woman. In her fresh translation of Three Sisters, the Anton Chekhov classic of ennui and frustration, Ruhl employs her signature lyricism and elegant understanding of intimacy to reveal the discontent felt by fretful Olga, unhappy Masha, and idealistic Irina as they long to leave rural Russia for the ever-alluring Moscow.

Sarah Ruhl's other plays include the Pulitzer Prize finalists In the Next Room (or the vibrator play) and The Clean House, as well as Passion Play, Dean Man's Cell Phone, Demeter in the City, Eurydice, Melancholy Play, and Late: a cowboy song. She is the recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award, a PEN/Laura Pels Award, and a MacArthur Fellowship. Her plays have premiered on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and in many theaters around the world.

Wit: A Play
A Play
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0571198775

Winner of the 1999 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the New York Drama Critics Circle Award, the Drama Desk Award, the Outer Critics Circle Award, the Lucille Lortel Award, and the Oppenheimer Award

Margaret Edson's powerfully imagined Pulitzer Prize-winning play examines what makes life worth living through her exploration of one of existence's unifying experiences--mortality--while she also probes the vital importance of human relationships. What we as her audience take away from this remarkable drama is a keener sense that, while death is real and unavoidable, our lives are ours to cherish or throw away--a lesson that can be both uplifting and redemptive. As the playwright herself puts it, "The play is not about doctors or even about cancer. It's about kindness, but it shows arrogance. It's about compassion, but it shows insensitivity."

In Wit, Edson delves into timeless questions with no final answers: How should we live our lives knowing that we will die? Is the way we live our lives and interact with others more important than what we achieve materially, professionally, or intellectually? How does language figure into our lives? Can science and art help us conquer death, or our fear of it? What will seem most important to each of us about life as that life comes to an end?

The immediacy of the presentation, and the clarity and elegance of Edson's writing, make this sophisticated, multilayered play accessible to almost any interested reader.

As the play begins, Vivian Bearing, a renowned professor of English who has
spent years studying and teaching the intricate, difficult Holy Sonnets of the
seventeenth-century poet John Donne, is diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Confident of her ability to stay in control of events, she brings to her illness the same intensely rational and painstakingly methodical approach that has guided her stellar academic career. But as her disease and its excruciatingly painful treatment inexorably progress, she begins to question the single-minded values and standards that have always directed her, finally coming to understand the aspects of life that make it truly worth living.

Two or Three Things I Know for Sure
Two or Three Things I Know for Sure
Paperback      ISBN: 0452273404
Bastard Out of Carolina, nominated for the 1992 National Book Award for fiction, introduced Dorothy Allison as one of the most passionate and gifted writers of her generation. Now, in Two or Three Things I Know for Sure, she takes a probing look at her family's history to give us a lyrical, complex memoir that explores how the gossip of one generation can become legends for the next.

Illustrated with photographs from the author's personal collection, Two or Three Things I Know for Sure tells the story of the Gibson women -- sisters, cousins, daughters, and aunts -- and the men who loved them, often abused them, and, nonetheless, shared their destinies. With luminous clarity, Allison explores how desire surprises and what power feels like to a young girl as she confronts abuse.

As always, Dorothy Allison is provocative, confrontational, and brutally honest. Two or Three Things I Know for Sure, steeped in the hard-won wisdom of experience, expresses the strength of her unique vision with beauty and eloquence.
Five Lesbian Brothers: Four Plays
Five Lesbian Brothers
Four Plays
Paperback      ISBN: 1559361662

The Five Lesbian Brothers are not only gaspingly hilarious and blithely subversive, they are fully capable of creating characters named Dawn, Patty and Peaches. Their work travels from the Pygo Moon System to the elite Tilue-Pussenheimer Academy to my favorite town in all world literature-Big Bone, Oregon. Reading The Brothers' plays is addictive, although I am told that the group will come to your home and perform them. But be prepared: these women are sexy, silly and homicidal, and they chug-a-lug SlimFast. You need them. -Paul Rudnick

The first collection of plays by The Five Lesbian Brothers includes:

Voyage to Lesbos "The action is in Lesbos, Illinois, and the occasion of Bonnie's wedding day, when five mysteriously intertwined women ostensibly prepare for the golden event, while their every action works to sabotage it."-Lisa Kron

Brave Smiles...another lesbian tragedy "This play is a reflection of love. This one in particular manifests what we love about being Brothers and what we love about being lesbians: the tragedy of it all which can be so bitingly and relentlessly funny sometimes." -Maureen Angelos

The Secretaries "What happens when someone new comes into a tight group? This is how Patty Johnson was born. Susan Curtis was born when Dominique was being interrogated in an improv exercise. Ashley Elizabeth Fratangello was an homage to Elizabeth Ashley. We were obsessed with her SlimFast campaign at the time. Needless to say it permeates the script." -Peg Healey

Brides of the Moon "We had all reached a point where we could forgive our mothers for their fucked-up lives and accept them for themselves and for doing the best they could against insurmountable odds. We created a worldwide corporation to represent those odds and a woman who had at one time been a promising astronaut, but because of her integrity had ruined any chance she might have had to advance her career. The evil corporation has her "consciousness lowered" to get her out of the way." -Babs Davy

The Five Lesbian Brothers are Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey and Lisa Kron. They came together as an acting company in 1989 after performing together in various other com

Jelly's Last Jam
Jelly's Last Jam
Paperback      ISBN: 1559360690

"Ambitions beyond the imagination of most Broadway musicals. Anyone who cares about the future of the American musical will want to see Jelly's Last Jam."--Frank Rich, The New York Times An intensive investigation of the life and work of composer/musician Jelly Roll Morton, Jelly's Last Jam breaks important ground, allowing African-American history to speak from the Broadway stage.

Culture Clash: Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy
Culture Clash
Life, Death and Revolutionary Comedy
Paperback      ISBN: 1559361395

"Culture Clash is a national treasure." - Philip Kan Gotanda

"These guys are funny daredevils of performance, totally fearless as they skewer convention and lazy thinking. Cool." - Eric Bogosian

"Important social satire for these urgent times." - Dolores Huerta, Vice President, United Farm Workers of america, AFL-C10

"Keep kicking them in the cojones." - George Carlin

You are holding Culture Clash - the book After fourteen years of inspired comic genius we have finally managed to squeeze the best of Culture Clash between two covers From its founding in San Francisco's Mission District on Cinco de Mayo in 1984, this three-person troupe of writers/performers - Richard Montoya, Ricardo Salinas and Herbert Siguenza - has surveyed contemporary Latino/Chicano culture in America from its own outrageous and unique perspective. Inspired by the clashing cultures of society in transition, Culture Clash physicalizes comedy and satire, blending the best traditions of Charlie Chaplin, Lenny Bruce, the Marx Brothers and Cantinflas, while transforming vaudeville into a political weapon.

Inside you'll find The Mission, in which three out-of-work performers living in San Francisco's Mission District kidnap Julio Iglesias in a desperate attempt to gain national recognition; A bowl of Beings, which features the tale of the world's first Chicano - Christopher Columbus's illegitimate son - and "The Return of Che," the story of a Berkeley radical who brings back Che Guevara for a hilarious political update; and Radio Mambo, wherein Culture Clash invades Miami, uncovering a stewing pot of ethnicity and creating "a work as shrewd, vibrant and outrageous as Miami itself," according to Time Out New York.
Angels in America: Millennium Approaches
Angels in America
Millennium Approaches
Paperback      ISBN: 1559360615

Pulitzer Prize-winner for Drama, 1993. The first part of Tony Kushner's epic drama of America in the 1980s. "A vast, miraculous play.... provocative, witty and deeply upsetting.... a searching and radical rethinking of American political drama."--Frank Rich, "The New York Times ""Daring and dazzling The most ambitious American play of our time."--Jack Kroll, "Newsweek "

Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes : Perestroika
Angels in America
A Gay Fantasia on National Themes : Perestroika
Paperback      ISBN: 1559360739

The second half of Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize-winning epic Angels in America, Perestroika steers the characters introduced in Millennium Approaches from the opportunistic eighties to a new sense of community in the nineties. "Not only a stunning resolution of the resounding human drama of Millennium Approaches, but also a true millennial work of art."--Frank Rich, The New York Times