Church and Social Problems
The Time Is Now: A Call to Uncommon Courage
The Time Is Now
A Call to Uncommon Courage
Hardcover      ISBN: 1984823418
Beloved nun and social activist Joan Chittister, who appeared on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, offers a soul-stirring and inspiring guide that speaks to all who feel disillusioned and dissatisfied with the power-hungry institutions and systems of this world. Joan Chittister has been a passionate voice for women's rights for over 50 years. Called "one of the most well-known and trusted contemporary spiritual authors" by Publishers Weekly, this rabble-rousing force of nature for social justice and fervent proponent of personal faith and spiritual fulfillment draws on the wisdom of prophets--both ancient and modern--to help us confront the societal forces that oppress and silence the sacred voices among us. Pairing scriptural insights with stirring narratives of the truth-tellers that came before us, Sister Joan offers a compelling vision for readers to combat complacency and to propel ourselves toward creating a world of justice, freedom, peace, and empowerment. For the weary, the cranky, and the fearful, Sister Joan's energizing message invites us to participate in a vision for a world greater than the one we find ourselves in today. This is spirituality in action, this is practical and powerful activism for our times.
The Long Loneliness: The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist
The Long Loneliness
The Autobiography of the Legendary Catholic Social Activist
Paperback      ISBN: 0060617519
The founder of the Catholic Worker Movement recounts her experiences as a young journalist, her conversion to Catholicism, and the circumstances that led to her political activism
The Name of God Is Mercy: A Conversation With Andrea Tornielli
The Name of God Is Mercy
A Conversation With Andrea Tornielli
Hardcover      ISBN: 0399588639
Pope Francis offers an exploration of faith, mercy, reconciliation and the closeness of God.
The Big Idea: Focus the Message-multiply the Impact
The Big Idea
Focus the Message-multiply the Impact
Paperback      ISBN: 0310272416
Nothing is more dangerous than a single compelling idea that is lived out and nothing is more harmless than lots of little ideas never applied. By creatively communicating one Big Idea every week your church will transform people into genuine Christ followers who live out the mission of Jesus. Less is more!
Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis
Our Endangered Values
America's Moral Crisis
Hardcover      ISBN: 0743284577
The Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president and author of Sharing Good Times shares his personal views on moral values as they relate to key issues today, evaluating the controversial and increasing intersection between religious and political arenas. 250,000 first printing.
20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid to Touch
20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid to Touch
Paperback      ISBN: 0849935059
AIDS, women preachers, public schools, psychological counseling, homosexuality, and working mothers-these are some of the hot issues that many Christians avoid discussing. With insight and clarity, Tony Campolo confronts today's toughest social and moral questions while raising a few of his own.
The Abuse of Power: A Theological Problem
The Abuse of Power
A Theological Problem
Paperback      ISBN: 0687006848
Pastoral care instruction and observation from a therapist of survivors of sexual abuse. "The Abuse of Power is 'must' reading for clergy and denominational officials.... Weaving case stories with theory, Poling demonstrates that sexual abuse of children is not a private matter, but very much a matter for society and church--a question of structure and ideology, not just of individual character. He is not afraid to tackle the tough question: Does the image of God sacrificing Jesus on the cross contribute to abusive parent-child relationships?...If pastors and church officials read this book the church will change." --Karen Lebacqz, Pacific School of Religion "For the exploitation of women and children to stop, men must be willing to break ranks with all forms of privilege that sanction male dominance. James Poling does so by deconstructing his own sense of male entitlement, by refusing to distance himself from perpetrators, by allowing survivors of sexual and domestic violence to speak with their own voices, by giving us profound words of hope, and by articulating a powerfully healing theology wrought through the depths of his own struggle with one of the worst evils in our society. His courageous and compassionate work reveals the love and hope that is born of solidarity across the boundaries of gender, sexual orientation, race, and economics....The psychological, political, spiritual, and theological power of this book is such that all educators, ministers, therapists, and Christians must read it." --Rita Nakashima Brock, Hamline University Chapter titles are: 1. Hearing the Silenced Voices 2. Power and Abuse of Power 3. "Karen": Survivor of Sexual Violence 4. Stories of Recovering Perpetrators 5. The Schreber Case: Methods of Analysis 6. The Search for Self 7. The Search for Community 8. The Search for God 9. Ministry Practice and Practical Theology
Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People
Accidental Saints
Finding God in All the Wrong People
Hardcover      ISBN: 1601427557
What if that person you've been trying to avoid is your best shot at grace today? And what if that's the point? In Accidental Saints, New York Times best-selling au­thor Nadia Bolz-Weber invites readers into a surprising encounter with what she calls “a religious but not-so-spiritual life.
Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People
Accidental Saints
Finding God in All the Wrong People
Paperback      ISBN: 1601427565
A standup comic-turned-pastor describes her experiences with "accidental saints"--individuals with whom she has found the meaning of grace--including a drag queen, a felonious bishop, and a gun-toting member of the NRA.
Act Justly, Love Mercifully, and Walk Humbly With Your God
Act Justly, Love Mercifully, and Walk Humbly With Your God
Hardcover      ISBN: 1449482031
Act Justly, Love Mercifully, and Walk Humbly with Your God is a series of fifteen essays by people who have been shaped by their formation through the programs of the Center for Social Concerns at the University of Notre Dame, as well as by postgraduate service work with the Congregation of Holy Cross. The Center facilitates engaged learning, research, and service informed by Catholic School Tradition; learning becomes service to justice. The Center for Social Concerns provides community-based learning courses, community-based research, and service opportunities for students and faculty and lies at the heart of the University of Notre Dame. It is a place where faith and action, service and learning, research and resolve intersect. For more than 30 years the Center has offered educational experiences in social concerns inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic social tradition so that students and faculty may better understand and respond to poverty and injustice. Through the Center's programs students, faculty, staff, and alumni are enabled to think critically about today’s complex social realities and about their responsibilities in facing them. The Second Vatican Council articulated the significance of the baptismal call to discipleship for all believers, emphasizing active participation of the laity in the life of the church in the world. Responding to that urging, the Congregation of Holy Cross dedicated themselves to intentional formation of the laity through academic study of theology and through long-term immersion at their aposolates in the United States, Peru, Chile, and Uganda. The Center for Social Concerns, founded at the University of Notre Dame in 1983 by Fr. Don McNeill, C.S.C, deepened these efforts through a combination of pastoral theology, community-based learning, and lay formation for mission. This edited volume consists of fifteen firsthand accounts from those directly formed by the Center for Social Concerns' approach to pastoral theology and through post-graduate collaboration in ministry with the Congregation of the Holy Cross. These fifteen essays will hold great interest for Catholics wishing to explore the implications of Vatican II for the church's mission in the world, for undergraduate and graduate students focusing on pastoral theology and missiology, and for all the people of good drawn to explore the relationships between faith and justice, contemplation and action.