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Sophia-Maria: A Holistic Vision of Creation
A Holistic Vision of Creation
Paperback      ISBN: 1578630223

An indispensable source of reference for anyone wanting to learn more about the Sophianic movement. Schipflinger collected the material for this book over two decades. He traces Her throughout history: in scripture, art and literature, in the writing of Sophia scholars, in Russian iconography and architecture/ and in the images and incarnations of Sophia in Eastern traditions.

Looking for Mary Or, the Blessed Mother and Me
Looking for Mary Or, the Blessed Mother and Me
Hardcover      ISBN: 0670884596

Entering her fortieth year, Beverly Donofrio, a "lapsed Catholic", inexplicably begins collecting Virgin Mary memorabilia at yard sales. Her search for kitsch, however, soon becomes a spiritual quest, leading her to make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Medjugorje. There, she learns that Mary comes into your life only when pride steps out and receives a bonus: hope. In Looking for Mary, Donofrio offers the universal story about a woman who-in a quest for the Blessed Mother-finds herself.

The Hail Mary: A Verbal Icon of Mary
The Hail Mary
A Verbal Icon of Mary
Paperback      ISBN: 0268011028

Next to the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary may well be the most recited prayer in Catholic Christendom. In this volume, which comprises the most thorough and comprehensive book-length study of the Hail Mary available, Nicholas Ayo, C.S.C., presents a compendium study of this ancient prayer, one that is at once historical and exegetical as well as critical and meditative. Here he thoughtfully examines the quintessential Marian prayer word by word and line by line, analyzing each phrase in itself and in relation to the other phrases, a method that will enable readers to study the prayer for maximum understanding, appreciation, and spiritual gain. With a balance of clarity and insight, Ayo considers the Hail Mary from every angle, taking into consideration its history, language, literary quality, theology, and spirituality. His reflections reveal a deeper spiritual appreciation for the particular genius of the Ave Maria, which, when combined with an enhanced knowledge of it, will help readers gain a more meaningful understanding of this treasured prayer. In addition to an in-depth study of the pray itself, The Hail Mary includes an overview of the larger issues of Marian theology and devotion, a review of Mary in the biblical scriptures and in the apocrypha, and a summary review of the place of the Virgin Mary in the hearts and prayers of Christian men and women. Although Ayo treats the Hail Mary as it is known today, he also provides an anthology of commentary on the prayer from over the centuries, including the reflections of such writers as Thomas Aquinas, Matilda of Helfta, and Caryll Houselander, and others. This insightful study will be useful for clergy, religious, and all Christians who seek a greater understanding of the fundamentals of their faith and devotion.

Mary, Mother and Disciple: From the Scriptures to the Council of Ephesus
Mary, Mother and Disciple
From the Scriptures to the Council of Ephesus
Paperback      ISBN: 0894536400
Mary: Images Of The Mother Of Jesus In Jewish And Christian Perspective
Images Of The Mother Of Jesus In Jewish And Christian Perspective
Paperback      ISBN: 0800637062

Three preeminent historians provide an ecumenical portrait of Mary by exploring the varied ways in which the mother of Jesus is perceived. For Pelikan, Mary is the focal point for spirited theological discussion and dogma. For Flusser, Mary is a symbol for myriad Jewish mothers, who suffer and endure - the mater dolorosa in a world of total inhumanity. For Lang, Mary is the wife and mother through whom flows the love and devotion of centuries of faithful Roman Catholics. Their engaging text, for the first time available in paperback and with a new Preface, is enhanced by forty-eight pages of full-colour illustrations, accompanied by excerpts from early Christian sources and from the Mary legend traditions. Illustrations include photographs of actual sites, as well as magnificent reproductions of art inspired by Mary.

365 Meditaciones Con La Virgen María
365 Meditaciones Con La Virgen María
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 0060845414

Una gu a de sabidur a inspiracional que nos ayudar a acercarnos a la gracia y el amor de la Virgen Mar a Conocida en todo el mundo bajo diferentes nombres, la Virgen Mar a siempre ha sido la traedora de consuelo, esperanza y fe a la Tierra. Esta obra nos presenta a la Mar a de la Biblia y de las escrituras de los santos, a la Mar a de las leyendas y los estudios acad micos, la Mar a de los ngeles y Apariciones, la Santa Virgen, la Madre de Dios, la Reina de los Cielos, la Madre de Ayuda Perpetua, la Reina de la Paz y la Madre de la Misericordia. 365 Meditaciones con la Virgen Mar a nos brinda meditaciones basadas en los milagros, las bendiciones y las curaciones de la Virgen Mar a. Este libro es una poderosa invitaci n a la oraci n, el perd n, la esperanza y el amor.

Behold Your Mother: Priests Speak about Mary
Behold Your Mother
Priests Speak about Mary
Paperback      ISBN: 1594710287
The Blessed Virgin Mary
The Blessed Virgin Mary
Paperback      ISBN: 0802827330

This volume provides a concise, nontechnical historical introduction to the church's thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus. The first part of the book sketches the development of Marian thought from the second century to the twentieth century. The second part contains an annotated bibliography of the most important and accessible English-language works on Mary.

Tim Perry, an evangelical Anglican priest, and Daniel Kendall, a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, have joined across the Reformation divide to provide an irenic, balanced volume for students and general readers interested in this most remarkable woman and the ways in which she has shaped Christian thought.
Born of a Woman
Born of a Woman
Paperback      ISBN: 0060675233

John Shelby Spong, bestselling author and Episcopal bishop of Newark, NJ, challenges the doctrine of the virgin birth, tracing its development in the early Christian church and revealing its legacy in our contemporary attitudes toward women and female sexuality.

Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Volume 2: Volume II: Lectionary
Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Volume 2: Volume II
by Various
Hardcover      ISBN: 0814620523

The Collection of Masses of the Blessed Virgin Mary includes the Missal, revised to conform to The Roman Missal, Third Edition, and its companion Lectionary. Printed in easy-to-read, two-color type, these well-crafted ritual books feature a blue hardcover stamped with the distinct and beautiful art of Martin Erspamer, OSB; silver-gilded pages; and ribbons. They provide the formularies required for celebration of the forty-six Masses in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which are distributed across the seasons of the liturgical year (three in Advent, six for the Christmas season, five in Lent, four for the Easter season, and twenty eight for Ordinary Time).

The Lectionary contains the biblical readings for each Marian Mass, together with the Responsorial Psalms and the alleluia verse or Verse before the Gospel reading.