Mountain Climbing
Alone on the Wall
Alone on the Wall
Paperback      ISBN: 0393356140
On June 3rd, 2017, Alex Honnold became the first person to scale El Capitan without a rope, a partner, or any gear, completing what was described as
Annapurna: A Woman's Place
A Woman's Place
Paperback      ISBN: 1578050227
Chronicles the success--two made it to the top--and the tragedy--two died--of an expedition to the summit of Annapurna I, one of the world's fifteen tallest peaks, by thirteen American women
Classic Krakauer: Essays on Wilderness and Risk
Classic Krakauer
Essays on Wilderness and Risk
Paperback      ISBN: 1984897691
"The gripping articles collected in Classic Krakauer--originally published in magazines such as The New Yorker, Outside, and Smithsonian--show why he is considered a standard-bearer of modern journalism. Spanning an extraordinary range of subjects and locations, these pieces take us from a horrifying avalanche on Mount Everest to a volcano poised to obliterate a big chunk of Seattle; from a wilderness teen-therapy program run by apparent sadists to an otherworldly cave in New Mexico, studied by NASA to better understand Mars; from the notebook of one Fred Beckey, who catalogued the greatest unclimbed mountaineering routes on the planet, to the last days of legendary surfer Mark Foo. Rigorously researched and vividly written, marked by an unerring instinct for storytelling and scoop, these pieces are unified by the author's ambivalent love affair with unruly landscapes and his relentless search for truth"--
The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest
The Climb
Tragic Ambitions on Everest
Paperback      ISBN: 0312206372
A remarkable account of adversity and survival by a renowned climber, killed in an avalanche in 1997, describes how, in 1996, he braved a blinding storm to rescue a climbing expedition that had gone bad. Reprint. $85,000 ad/promo. NYT.
Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season
Dark Summit
The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season
Hardcover      ISBN: 0805083103
Traces the stories behind the numerous tragic deaths and near-misses that occurred on Mount Everest in 2006, investigating the high-risk factors and unscrupulous activities that are believed to have compromised the ascents of such climbers as David Sharp and Lincoln Hall.
Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains
Eiger Dreams
Ventures Among Men and Mountains
Paperback      ISBN: 1599216108
No one writes about mountaineering and its attendant hardships and victories more brilliantly than critically acclaimed author Jon Krakauer. In this collection of his finest work from such magazines as Outside and Smithsonian, he explores the subject from the unique and memorable perspective of one who has battled peaks like K2, Denali, Everest, and, of course, the Eiger. Always with a keen eye, an open heart, and a hunger for the ultimate experience, he gives us unerring portraits of the mountaineering experience. Yet Eiger Dreams is more about people than about rock and ice—people with that odd, sometimes maniacal obsession with mountain summits that sets them apart from other men and women. Here we meet Adrian the Romanian, determined to be the first of his countrymen to solo Denali; John Gill, climber not of great mountains but of house-sized boulders so difficult to surmount that even demanding alpine climbs seem easy; and many more compelling and colorful characters. In the most intimate piece, “The Devils Thumb,” Krakauer recounts his own near-fatal, ultimately triumphant struggle with solo-madness as he scales Alaska’s Devils Thumb. Eiger Dreams is stirring, vivid writing about one of the most compelling and dangerous of all human pursuits.
Everest: Mountain Without Mercy
Mountain Without Mercy
Hardcover      ISBN: 0792270142
More than 125 full-color photographs, including spectacular IMAX images, and firsthand accounts by survivors chronicle the fateful 1996 expedition to climb Everest, a trek that ended up claiming eight lives. 100,000 first printing. BOMC. First serial, National Geographic. Tour.
The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life
The Impossible Climb
Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 1101986646
"One of the most compelling accounts of a climb and the climbing ethos that I've ever read." --Sebastian Junger The Impossible Climb climaxes with Alex Honnold's unprecedented, almost unimaginable feat: a 3,000-foot vertical climb up El Capitan in Yosemite, without a rope. Mark Synnott tells the story in the context of a deeply reported account of his ten-year friendship with Honnold, multiple climbing expeditions, and the climbing ethos they share. The climbing community had long considered a "free solo" ascent of El Capitan an impossible feat so far beyond human limits that it was not worth thinking about. When Alex Honnold topped out at 9:28 am on June 3, 2017, having spent fewer than four hours on his historic ascent, the world gave a collective gasp. His friend Tommy Caldwell, who free climbed (with a rope) the nearby Dawn Wall in 2015, called Alex's ascent "the moon landing of free soloing." The New York Times described it as "one of the great athletic feats of any kind, ever." It was "almost unbearable to watch," writes Synnott. This majestic work of personal history delves into a raggedy culture that emerged decades earlier during Yosemite's Golden Age, when pioneering climbers like Royal Robbins and Warren Harding invented the sport that Honnold would turn on its ear. Synnott paints an authentic, wry portrait of climbing history, profiling Yosemite heroes John Bachar, Peter Croft, Dean Potter, and the harlequin tribe of climbers known as the Stonemasters. A veteran of the North Face climbing team and contributor to National Geographic, Synnott weaves in his own amateur and professional experiences with poignant insight and wit. Tensions burst on the mile-high northwest face of Pakistan's Great Trango Tower; photographer/climber Jimmy Chin miraculously persuades an intransigent official in the Borneo jungle to allow Honnold's first foreign expedition, led by Synnott, to continue; armed bandits accost the same trio at the foot of a tower in the Chad desert . . . The Impossible Climb is an emotional drama driven by people exploring the limits of human potential and seeking a perfect, dialed-in dance with nature. They dare beyond the ordinary, but this story of the sublime is really about all of us. Who doesn't need to face down fear and make the most of the time we have?
Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest
Into the Silence
The Great War, Mallory, and the Conquest of Everest
Hardcover      ISBN: 0375408894
In this magisterial work of history and adventure, Wade Davis vividly re-creates Britain’s epic attempts to scale Mount Everest in the early 1920s. With new access to letters and diaries, Davis recounts the heroic attempts of George Mallory and his fellow climbers to conquer the mountain in the face of treacherous terrain and furious weather. Davis shows how the exploration originated in nineteenth-century imperial ambitions, and he takes us far beyond the Himalayas to the trenches of World War I, where Mallory and his generation found themselves and their world utterly shattered. In the wake of a war that cost millions of lives, the Everest expeditions, led by these scions of Britain’s elite, became a symbol of national redemption. Beautifully written and rich with detail, Into the Silence is a classic account of exploration and mountaineering, and a timeless portrait of a few iconic men.
Limits of the Known
Limits of the Known
Paperback      ISBN: 0393356590