Cabala Para el Mundo Moderno
Cabala Para el Mundo Moderno
Spanish    Paperback      ISBN: 1567182917

C mo se origin el universo? Cu l es el prop sito del hombre sobre la tierra?
Si alguna vez se ha hecho estas preguntas, usted tiene que leer esta obra.

La c bala es un sistema esot rico dise ado para responder las preguntas eternas del hombre acerca de la naturaleza de Dios y del universo. Es una pr ctica fundamental en la evoluci n espiritual de cada ser humano.

En C bala para el mundo moderno, se presentan los or genes y el prop sito de esta pr ctica espiritual desde un punto de vista contempor neo. Reune los antiguos conceptos de la c bala y revela su relaci n con la ciencia y con la Teor a Cu ntica, la Relatividad y el Big Bang.

Adem s explora la teor a del caos, la materia oscura, los agujeros negros, y c mo prepararse para el momento cuando, de acuerdo a la c bala, Dios finalmente mostrar su cara al mundo.


How did the universe originate? What is the purpose of man on earth?
If you have ever asked these questions, you have to read this book.

The Kabbalah is an esoteric system designed to answer the eternal questions of man about the nature of God and the universe. It is a fundamental practice in the spiritual evolution of every human being.

In Kabbalah for the Modern World, the origins and purpose of this spiritual practice are presented from a contemporary point of view, exploring the concepts of Kabbalah and revealing its relationship with science and quantum theory, relativity and the Big Bang.

Also explores chaos theory, dark matter, black holes, and how to prepare for the time when, according to the Kabbalah, God will finally show its face to the world.

Jewish Writings
Jewish Writings
Paperback      ISBN: 0805211942

Although Hannah Arendt is not primarily known as a Jewish thinker, she probably wrote more about Jewish issues than any other topic. As a young adult in Germany, she wrote about German Jewish history. After moving to France in 1933, she helped Jewish youth immigrate to Palestine. During her years in Paris, her principle concern was the transformation of antinomianism from prejudice to policy, which would culminate in the Nazi "final solution." After France fell, Arendt escaped from an internment camp and made her way to America. There she wrote articles calling for a Jewish army to fight the Nazis. After the war, she supported the creation of a Jewish homeland in a binational (Arab-Jewish) state of Israel.

Arendt's original conception of political freedom cannot be fully grasped apart from her experience as a Jew. In 1961 she attended Adolf Eichmann's trial in Jerusalem. Her report, Eichmann in Jerusalem, provoked an immense controversy, which culminated in her virtual excommunication from the worldwide Jewish community. Today that controversy is the subject of serious re-evaluation, especially among younger people in the United States, Europe, and Israel.

The publication of The Jewish Writings-much of which has never appeared before-traces Arendt's life and thought as a Jew. It will put an end to any doubts about the centrality, from beginning to end, of Arendt's Jewish experience.
The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant: The Discovery of the Treasure of Solomon
The Templars and the Ark of the Covenant
The Discovery of the Treasure of Solomon
Paperback      ISBN: 1591430399

Offers compelling evidence that the Knights Templar may have taken the Ark of the Covenant to the British Isles

- Presents scientific evidence affirming the powers attributed to the Ark

- Traces the Ark and the Stones of Fire from Jerusalem to Jordan and finally to central England, where the Knights Templar hid them in the 14th century

According to legend the Ark of the Covenant was an ornate golden chest that was both a means of communicating with God and a terrible weapon used against the enemies of the ancient Israelites. In order to use it the high priest had to wear a breastplate containing twelve sacred gemstones called the Stones of Fire. These objects were kept in the Great Temple of Jerusalem until they vanished following the Babylonian invasion in 597 B.C.E.

At the ancient ruins of Petra in southern Jordan, Graham Phillips uncovered evidence that 13th-century Templars found the Ark and the Stones of Fire, and that they brought these treasures back to central England when they fled the persecution of French king Philip the Fair a century later. The author followed ciphered messages left by the Templars in church paintings, inscriptions, and stained glass windows to what may well be three of the Stones of Fire. When examined by Oxford University scientists these stones were found to possess odd physical properties that interfered with electronic equipment and produced a sphere of floating light similar to ball lightning.

The Bible asserts that the Ark had the power to destroy armies and bring down the walls of cities. Now Graham Phillips provides scientific evidence that these claims may be true and offers compelling documentation that the Ark may be located in the English countryside, not far from the birthplace of William Shakespeare at Stratford-upon-Avon.
The Penguin Dictionary of Judaism
The Penguin Dictionary of Judaism
Paperback      ISBN: 014101847x
The definitive resource on Judaism

This is a remarkable feat of reference scholarship by renowned Cambridge professor and translator, Nicholas de Lange. With an approachable A to Z format, the book covers everything from Jewish traditions and biographical entries on key historical figures to theology, religious law and practice, and the history of Jewish thought. Each entry is presented with clarity, precision, and authority. With extensive cross-referencing and invaluable additional material such as a chronology of Judaism and the Jewish calendar, this is an essential companion for students of Jewish studies, Hebrew, religion, and theology, or anyone with a general interest in this rich religion.
The Genius of Judaism
The Genius of Judaism
Hardcover      ISBN: 0812992725
From world-renowned public intellectual Bernard-Henri L vy comes an incisive and provocative look at the heart of Judaism.

"A smart, revealing, and essential book for our times."--The Washington Post

For more than four decades, Bernard-Henri L vy has been a singular figure on the world stage--one of the great moral voices of our time. Now Europe's foremost philosopher and activist confronts his spiritual roots and the religion that has always inspired and shaped him--but that he has never fully reckoned with.

The Genius of Judaism is a breathtaking new vision and understanding of what it means to be a Jew, a vision quite different from the one we're used to. It is rooted in the Talmudic traditions of argument and conflict, rather than biblical commandments, borne out in struggle and study, not in blind observance. At the very heart of the matter is an obligation to the other, to the dispossessed, and to the forgotten, an obligation that, as L vy vividly recounts, he has sought to embody over decades of championing "lost causes," from Bosnia to Africa's forgotten wars, from Libya to the Kurdish Peshmerga's desperate fight against the Islamic State, a battle raging as we speak. L vy offers a fresh, surprising critique of a new and stealthy form of anti-Semitism on the rise as well as a provocative defense of Israel from the left. He reveals the overlooked Jewish roots of Western democratic ideals and confronts the current Islamist threat while intellectually dismantling it. Jews are not a "chosen people," L vy explains, but a "treasure" whose spirit must continue to inform moral thinking and courage today.

L vy's most passionate book, and in many ways his most personal, The Genius of Judaism is a great, profound, and hypnotic intellectual reckoning--indeed a call to arms--by one of the keenest and most insightful writers in the world.

Praise for The Genius of Judaism

"In The Genius of Judaism, L vy elaborates on his credo by rebutting the pernicious and false logic behind current anti-Semitism and defends Israel as the world's most successful multi-ethnic democracy created from scratch. L vy also makes the case for France's Jews being integral to the establishment of the French nation, the French language, and French literature. And last, but certainly not least, he presents a striking interpretation of the Book of Jonah. . . . A tour de force."--Forbes

"Ardent . . . L vy's message is essentially uplifting: that the brilliant scholars of Judaism, the authors of the Talmud, provide elucidation into 'the great questions that have stirred humanity since the dawn of time.' . . . A philosophical celebration of Judaism."--Kirkus Reviews

"L vy (Left in Dark Times), a prominent French journalist and politically engaged philosopher, turns his observations inward here, pondering the teachings of Judaism and the role they have played in contemporary European history as well as in his own life and intellectual inquiry. . . . L vy's] musings on the meaning of the story of Jonah and the relevance of symbolic Ninevahs in our time are both original and poetic. . . . A welcome addition to his oeuvre."--Publishers Weekly
Gonzo Judaism: A Bold Path for Renewing an Ancient Faith
Gonzo Judaism
A Bold Path for Renewing an Ancient Faith
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1590307682

Here is a book that is both clarion call for a new Jewish agenda and a blueprint for an adventurous but genuine path toward spiritual growth and religious wisdom. Rabbi Niles Elliot Goldstein, founder and Rabbi Emeritus of The New Shul in New York City, says that most conventional Jewish institutions are out-of-touch and have relied too much on nostalgia, guilt, and fear--none of which resonate with modern Jews. He challenges Jews to adopt the "gonzo" spirit--the rebellious, risk-taking attitude associated with the gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson--and to take creative, innovative steps to reshape and revitalize contemporary Judaism.

Goldstein urges readers to take a fresh look at Judaism, to become educated about its history and tradition, to discover what is authentic, yet what also feels spiritually relevant and meaningful, and to create a Jewish culture and community rooted in affirmation, joy, and celebration. He provides a wealth of information on numerous organizations, institutions, synagogues, grassroots groups, and networks that can help get you started on the gonzo path.
Here I Am: Using Jewish Spiritual Wisdom to Become More Present, Centered, and Available for Life
Here I Am
Using Jewish Spiritual Wisdom to Become More Present, Centered, and Available for Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1590308441

During stressful times, it's easy to get caught up in feeling anxious, tense, foggy, and overloaded. Here, a popular psychologist shares easy-to-use techniques for managing and rebalancing these emotions and helps you to find your calm, strong center. Dr. Leonard Felder draws from his work with clients over the last thirty years, and incorporates traditional Jewish prayers and blessings that have been used for centuries to refocus the mind. The author has a long history of multi-faith counseling and dialogue and has made these stress-management practices resonant with people of all religious backgrounds who are looking for more awareness, clarity, and calmness when faced with stress-related emotions.

In this book you'll learn how to:

- Regain your equilibrium when you feel pulled in too many directions
- Outsmart your moody, anxious brain
- Know when to intervene and when to let go in a situation
- Respond with wisdom when someone treats you harshly
- Find inner quiet and peace when you feel agitated
- And much more

In each chapter, Felder includes examples drawn from his client's experiences and explanations from mind-body psychology and neuroscience to support the effectiveness of this kind of mindfulness practice.

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On Jewish Folklore
On Jewish Folklore
Paperback      ISBN: 0814324371
To Life: A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking
To Life
A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking
Paperback      ISBN: 0446670022

An exhilarating guide to Judaism examines the Sabbath and Jewish holidays, how Judaism offers what people need, how love of Israel makes people better Americans, and how to feel the extension of God by taking the ordinary and making it holy. Reissue.

What Do Jews Believe?: The Spiritual Foundations of Judaism
What Do Jews Believe?
The Spiritual Foundations of Judaism
Paperback      ISBN: 0805210598

In this fresh and lucid study, Ariel presents the fundamentals of Jewish thought on the profound issues of God, human destiny, good and evil, Torah, and messianism, guiding the reader toward a definition of the beliefs that shape Jewish identity. This lively exploration of Jewish ideas and beliefs provides a rationale and stimulus for anyone seeking to understand or reconnect to the rich and diverse spiritual tradition of Judaism.