Renegade Monk
Renegade Monk
Hardcover      ISBN: 0520211790

The Pure Land sect of Japanese Buddhism is one of the strongest Buddhist sects in Japan, with three and a half million followers. In this book, Soho Machida provides the first detailed, objective account in English of the life and thought of its founder, Honenbo Genku (1133-1212), known as Honen.

Opening with the destruction and chaos that beleaguered Kyoto during Honen's lifetime, Soho Machida explores Honen's social context to discover the roots of his thought and the source of his popularity. The Old Buddhist regime had a stranglehold on peasants, he shows, by concocting images of vindictive spirits, hell, and an apocalyptic collapse of the law in these chaotic times. Machida asserts that when Honen countered such negative, menacing images by focusing his imagination on the Pure Land and actually affirming death, he became not only a radical thinker but also the leader of a revolutionary social movement-a medieval Japanese "liberation theology." Clearly argued and informed by contemporary Western theory, this book will become the definitive source on Honen's life and thought for decades to come.

Retheorizing Religion in Nepal
Retheorizing Religion in Nepal
Hardcover      ISBN: 1403974349

Retheorizing Religion in Nepal is an engaging and thought-provoking study of religion in South Asia, with important insights for the study of religion and culture more broadly conceived. Grieve uses ethnographic material as well as postsctructuralist and postcolonialist approaches to critique and expand religious studies as a discipline.

The Return of the Buddha: Ancient Symbols for a New Nation
The Return of the Buddha
Ancient Symbols for a New Nation
Paperback      ISBN: 1138663948

The Return of the Buddha traces the development of Buddhist archaeology in colonial India, examines its impact on the reconstruction of India's Buddhist past, and the making of a public and academic discourse around these archaeological discoveries.

The book discusses the role of the state and modern Buddhist institutions in the reconstitution of national heritage through promulgation of laws for the protection of Buddhist monuments, acquiring of land around the sites, restoration of edifices, and organization of the display and dissemination of relics. It also highlights the engagement of prominent Indian figures, such as Nehru, Gandhi, Ambedkar, and Tagore, with Buddhist themes in their writings.

Stressing upon the lasting legacy of Buddhism in independent India, the author explores the use of Buddhist symbols and imagery in nation-building and the making of the constitution, as also the recent efforts to resurrect Buddhist centers of learning such as Nalanda. With rich archival sources, the book will immensely interest scholars, researchers and students of modern Indian history, culture, archaeology, Buddhist studies, and heritage management.

Revealing the Truth
Revealing the Truth
Paperback      ISBN: 0915556499

The narrations in this book are all true stories that the author, Zheng Hui Shi, saw, heard, experienced, and actually participated in during the twelve years spanning 2001 to 2013. Living inside the home base she was able to observe from a close distance, the Buddha and the True Buddha-dharma. At the same time, she encountered many people with the titles of venerable one, dharma king, rinpoche, and dharma master; to Zheng Hui, many of these people seemed unworthy of their titles. Reflecting deeply on her own doubts and falseness she was eventually able to discover her hidden obstructions. In 2013, she received an initiation of state practice and was transmitted the dharma of Xianliang Great Perfection.

This edition is a translation from the original Chinese book published in Taipei, Taiwan October 2013

Riding the Tiger: Twenty Years on the Road: The Risks and Joys of Bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West
Riding the Tiger: Twenty Years on the Road
The Risks and Joys of Bringing Tibetan Buddhism to the West
Paperback      ISBN: 0931892678

"My recipe is simple: tell people the necessity of finding something which can carry them through sickness, aging, and death, and don't be afraid to give them a glimpse of your joy of life. Tell people that the mind is like space: open, clear and limitless, and talk about both the way and the goal." In 1969 Ole and Hannah Nydahl became the first Western students of H.H. the Karmapa, the head of the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. After years of practice in the Himalayas, he authorized them to teach and start centers in his name. An audience with the Queen of Denmark started their work in the West. A basement in historical Copenhagen became the first Tibetan Buddhist center on the European continent, and a rusted-through VW-bus with race-car qualities got them everywhere. Riding the Tiger is the inside story of the development of Tibetan Buddhism in the West. In his refreshingly unsentimental style, Lama Ole shows all aspects of the work. With breathtaking intensity, he highlights both healthy and unhealthy tendencies in the light of the Buddha's ultimate aim: to bring about the fully developed beings whose every activity blesses the world. Amazon Review: Jason Anderson from Monterey, CA: "Lama Ole Nydahl is a unique figure in modern Buddhist history--first Western student of the Black Hat lama, H.H. the XVIth Gyalwa Karmapa, married lama 'without robes, ' and spiritual figure personally chosen by the Karmapa to teach and make foundations in his name--and Riding the Tiger is filled to overflowing with his particular energies and gifts. It is a galloping book that takes the reader around the world, inviting him in for a close-up look at the making of a Buddhist center for meditation and study, and Lama Ole has successfully started over one hundred such centers. And a deep look, as well, at the nature of Buddhism in the West, how it has been transplanted, how it has flourished. ... This is a magical book and a magical ride "

Rituals of Care: Karmic Politics in an Aging Thailand
Rituals of Care
Karmic Politics in an Aging Thailand
Paperback      ISBN: 1501739735

End-of-life issues are increasingly central to discussions within medical anthropology, the anthropology of political action, and the study of Buddhist philosophy and practice. Felicity Aulino's Rituals of Care speaks directly to these important anthropological and existential conversations. Against the backdrop of global population aging and increased attention to care for the elderly, both personal and professional, Aulino challenges common presumptions about the universal nature of caring. The way she examines particular sets of emotional and practical ways of being with people, and their specific historical lineages, allows Aulino to show an inseparable link between forms of social organization and forms of care.

Unlike most accounts of the quotidian concerns of providing care in a rapidly aging society, Rituals of Care brings attention to corporeal processes. Moving from vivid descriptions of the embodied routines at the heart of home caregiving to depictions of care practices in more general ways--care for one's group, care of the polity--it develops the argument that religious, social, and political structures are embodied, through habituated action, in practices of providing for others. Under the watchful treatment of Aulino, care becomes a powerful foil for understanding recent political turmoil and structural change in Thailand, proving embodied practice to be a vital vantage point for phenomenological and political analyses alike.

--Tanya Marie Luhrmann, Howard H. and Jessie T. Watkins University Professor of Anthropology and Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Roar: Sulak Sivaraksa and the Path of Socially Engaged Buddhism
Sulak Sivaraksa and the Path of Socially Engaged Buddhism
Paperback      ISBN: 1623173329
The captivating life story of renowned Buddhist activist Sulak Sivaraksa. His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama: "I believe Sulak] and I share a conviction that if we are to solve human problems, economic and technological development must be accompanied by an inner spiritual growth. And if we succeed in fulfilling both these goals, we will surely create a happier and more peaceful world."

Matteo Pistono's deft prose weaves together the story of Sulak Sivaraksa's years of social-justice work and his tireless campaigns to effect change. As a seminal figure in the world of socially engaged spirituality, Sulak has given us a blueprint for peaceful, nonviolent activism in the twenty-first century. More than forty vintage photos illustrate both his life and a turbulent period in Thailand's history.
The Royal Seal of Mahamudra, Volume One: A Guidebook for the Realization of Coemergence
The Royal Seal of Mahamudra, Volume One
A Guidebook for the Realization of Coemergence
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559394374
An unusually detailed, clear, and complete instruction manual for the meditation practice of Mahamudra, by a renowned eighteenth-century Tibetan master in the Drukpa Kagyu lineage.

This guidebook for cultivating the meditative practices of stability and insight--the first major work from the Drukpa Kagyu lineage to become available in English--stands out among works of its kind as one of the clearest and most comprehensive presentations of coemergence, or mahamudra. In it, the eighteenth-century Tibetan master Ngawang Kunga Tenzin, the Third Khamtrul Rinpoche, details a step-by-step program of spiritual exercises that bring the meditator directly to clear realization of the fully perfect, ever-present, nondual nature of mind.

Beginning with the close relationship between phenomena and mind and the immense benefits of meditating on the nature of mind, the Third Khamtrul Rinpoche offers careful instructions on the four yogas of mahamudra together with advice on how to recognize genuine progress and how to remove obstacles that arise during meditation. Characteristic of the Drukpa Kagyu approach is that he presents explanations--even to those in the earliest stages of training--that are grounded in insight into the nature of mind, demonstrating how all experience, thoughts, and perceptions may be used as the path to enlightenment.
Samadhi: The Highest State of Wisdom: Yoga the Sacred Science
Samadhi: The Highest State of Wisdom
Yoga the Sacred Science
Paperback      ISBN: 8188157015

The contents of this book have been taken from Swami Rama's lecture courses on Yoga Sutras. Swamiji's description of the totality of the mind, the functions of the mind, and the emotions, goes far beyond the concepts of modern psychology, and provides insight into the intricacies of yoga psychology, making this an invaluable edition from the therapeutic viewpoint as well as its practicality as a guide for living a healthy, balanced life.

Samatha, Jhana, and Vipassana: Practice at the Pa-Auk Monastery: A Meditator's Experience
Samatha, Jhana, and Vipassana: Practice at the Pa-Auk Monastery
A Meditator's Experience
Paperback      ISBN: 1614293570
A clear and comprehensive handbook to a revered path of meditation.

This step-by-step meditator's guide walks the reader through practices that can hold the key to unlocking new levels of concentration and insight. A student of the famed Pa-Auk Monastery and a practicing psychiatrist, Jeon Hyun-soo, MD, PhD, uses these two paths to guide the reader to a new understanding of themselves and the world around them. Drawing both from Jeon's own experience with Pa-Auk Sayadaw and from the words of the Buddha, this is an authentic and practical guide to samatha, materiality, mentality, dependent origination, and vipassana.