Interpersonal Relations
Yours Always X: Letters of Longing
Yours Always X
Letters of Longing
Hardcover      ISBN: 1785781685
"I’ll just go on loving you in my deepest heart as I have done this very long time already." ?Loretta Young Love is the most celebrated of human experiences ? yet it can also be the most devastating. This is a collection of passionate, deeply personal letters revealing the painful underside of love. Through the voices of well-known figures we catch a glimpse of what happens when love goes wrong. Witness Winston Churchill ?growl with anger to be treated with benevolent indifference’, and Edith Piaf reel in the throes of a ?terrible’ passion. Through the beautifully-expressed letters of such literary icons as Charlotte Brontë, Oscar Wilde and Virginia Woolf, Hollywood stars Loretta Young, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, Yours Always offers an unusually intimate insight into the lives of great men and women. Love is revealed here in its many shades of disharmony and confusion: unrequited, uncertain, imbalanced, unconventional, thwarted, failed and forbidden. Love is not always rose-tinted, and Yours Always illuminates the sorrows that can accompany falling in, falling out, and staying in love.
The Zen of You & Me: A Guide to Getting Along With Just About Anyone
The Zen of You & Me
A Guide to Getting Along With Just About Anyone
Paperback      ISBN: 1611803780
"A minicourse in how to deal with interpersonal conflict--from a Zen perspective. With her book, her hugely popular online courses, and her workshops at venues throughout the US and the world, Diane Musho Hamilton is one of the most highly visible of experts on conflict management--with good reason: her methods, which combine Zen wisdom with principles from Ken Wilber's Integral Theory and her own extensive experience in conflict resolution, really work. In this new book, she turns her attention to one of the main places conflict manifests: in intimate relationships. She provides a very practical guide to navigating conflict in love and to coming to satisfying outcomes where both partners feel heard and have their needs honored. The book can be thought of as a kind of relationship "first aid kit," but also as something all couples should read in order to foster a harmonious and respectful loving relationship"--