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Naval History - World War Ii
War Beneath the Sea: Submarine Conflict During World War II
War Beneath the Sea
Submarine Conflict During World War II
Hardcover      ISBN: 1630262498

A leading naval and military historian presents the first book to cover the major submarine campaigns in all the WWII theaters. Vividly recreates the experience of submarine and anti-submarine warfare from the decision makers in the war offices to the men in the boats. Describes the disappointing performance of the giant Japanese submarines in the Pacific and the narrow margin by which Britain escaped defeat by German U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic. Reveals new information about the capture of the Enigma cipher machine, harrowing accounts of defenseless warriors shot in the water and much more. Contains 16 pages of photographs, many published for the first time.

War in the Boats: My WW II Submarine Battles
War in the Boats
My WW II Submarine Battles
Paperback      ISBN: 1574887343

Submarine duty in World War II took the lives of more than 20 percent of U.S. submariners. As a young ensign, William J. Ruhe kept a journal on eight action-filled patrols in the South Pacific. His colorful memoir has earned a place with the best naval fiction, among such books as Run Silent, Run Deep and The Hunt for Red October.

Way It Was: Pearl Harbor: The Original Photographs
Way It Was: Pearl Harbor
The Original Photographs
Paperback      ISBN: 1574883593

"At long last, the familiar and overused photographs of the "Day of Infamy" can be retired. The 430 prints in this new and welcome collection were gathered from various Japanese and U.S. sources, and most have never been seen by the general public. The majority were taken during the height of the air raid itself, many from Japanese cockpits. Along with numerous maps and sketches, they are arranged according to the various phases of the battle and are supplemented with commentary by two of Gordon Prange's coauthors (Goldstein and Katherine V. Dillon). The overall effect is to give the reader an uncanny sense of being present at the battle."--Library Journal

Wildcats Over Casablanca: U.S. Navy Fighters in Operation Torch
Wildcats Over Casablanca
U.S. Navy Fighters in Operation Torch
Paperback      ISBN: 157488722x

This sixtieth-anniversary edition of the 1943 classic returns to print the exciting story of a U.S. Navy fighter squadron during the invasion of French North Africa in World War II. Lieutenants Wordell and Seiler, with the help of journalist Keith Ayling, vividly recount the exploits of their fellow aviators, who flew the sturdy Grumman F4F "Wildcat" from the deck of the USS Ranger (censors would not allow the authors to use the ship's name in the original edition), as well as the carrier's bomber and scouting squadrons. They cover not only the aerial operations but also the myriad problems that confronted the Navy during its first wartime use of carriers to support an amphibious landing. Among these was the need to protect civilians and cultural sites, particularly mosques. "Mac" Wordell, who commanded the squadron-the "Red Rippers"- was shot down and taken prisoner by the Vichy French. His explanation of what went on in the minds of the amiable French officers and men who held him captive is still intriguing and at the time was revealing to Americans confused by the political-military events in North Africa after the surrender of France to Germany in 1940. Ed Seiler, one of Wordell's top fliers, narrates the story from the attackers' side. Together they provide a spectacular account of cooperation and aerial daring. Brassey's reprint edition includes photographs of the main characters, their aircraft, their enemies, the American and French ships involved, and scenes from the North African theater of war.

Wine-Dark, Blood Red Sea: Naval Warfare in the Aegean, 1941-1946
Wine-Dark, Blood Red Sea
Naval Warfare in the Aegean, 1941-1946
Hardcover      ISBN: 0275965716

After Italy's surrender to the Allies in September 1943, German naval forces took control of the entire Aegean, and the resulting guerrilla war in the narrow seas and littoral waters would continue to rage until the general peace. Naval warfare in the narrow seas is different from naval actions on the high seas, requiring different types of ships and craft and different mindsets. In the cramped and narrow inshore waters, which can easily be dominated from the shore, sea mines, shore-based air support, and small submarines play a major role. An analysis of the battle for the Aegean provides a good example of the types of fighting the U.S. Navy might face in a future conflict, now that grande guerre on the high seas has become more and more unlikely.

In attempt to assist an embattled Greece, the British Mediterranean Fleet fought the Italians and the Germans in a valiant effort to hold the Aegean. By the time Italy left the war in 1943, the Allies' big battalions and mighty fleets were being transferred to other more pressing campaigns, leaving behind the remaining small craft to take up the fight. Adopting a policy of pinning down those Germans garrisoning the Aegean, the British resorted to the use of raiding and coastal forces, a tactic which would eventually force the Germans from all but their most key positions.