Developmental Psychology
Virgin Territory: Stories from the Road to Womanhood
Virgin Territory
Stories from the Road to Womanhood
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1400047811
Provides a collection of first-person accounts from women of all ages, backgrounds, and geographic locations of the odyssey from girl to woman that describe a number of life-altering experiences--both wonderful and horrible--including such milestones as first bra, first period, first hot flash, first divorce, first bout with depression, and more. Original. 25,000 first printing.
Welcome To Your Child's Brain: How the Mind Grows from Conception to College
Welcome To Your Child's Brain
How the Mind Grows from Conception to College
Paperback      ISBN: 1608199339
"How children think is one of the most enduring mysteries--and difficulties--of parenthood. The marketplace is full of gadgets and tools that claim to make your child smarter, happier, or learn languages faster, all built on the premise that manufacturers know something about your child's brain that you don't. These products are easy to sell, because good information about how children's minds really work is hard to come by. In their new book, neuroscientists Sandra Aamodt and Sam Wang separate fact fromfiction about the inner workings of young minds. Martialing results from new studies and classic research, Aamodt and Wang provide the most complete answers out there on this subject. It liberates readers from superstitions and speculation, such as Freud's idea that all relationships are modeled on one's mother, or that it's not safe to eat sushi while pregnant. And it will reveal new truths about everything from how to make your baby sleep, to why we love to snuggle, to how children learn, forget, play,talk, walk, and feel. Welcome to Your Child's Brain is eye-opening and necessary, soon to become a staple for parents and children alike"--

Who Stole My Child?: Parenting Through the Four Stages of Adolescence
Who Stole My Child?
Parenting Through the Four Stages of Adolescence
Paperback      ISBN: 1942094833
Psychologist Carl Pickhardt offers insight from his thirty years of experience counseling caregivers on how to navigate the adolescent development process
The Wiley Handbook of Memory, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the Law
The Wiley Handbook of Memory, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the Law
Hardcover      ISBN: 1119158265
An Important Contribution to Understanding Autobiographical and Eyewitness Memory in Those with ASP and the Unique Legal Challenges They Present This book offers an in-depth discussion of how autobiographical and eyewitness memory operate in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and provides unique insights into current challenges faced by legal professionals, forensic psychologists, clinicians and others who extend services to those with ASD. Throughout the book, authors demonstrate why a nuanced understanding of autobiographical and eyewitness memory is required when assessing individuals with ASD, given the developmental, social, and cognitive deficits at play. Authors review current legal services and structures, and explore ideas on whether and how modifications can be made to meet the needs of all individuals who seek and deserve justice, including individuals with ASD The Wiley Handbook of Memory, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the Law is sure to spark debate within the mental health and legal communities, while advancing knowledge on the role of key clinical features of ASD in autobiographical and eyewitness memory. The book is distinct in its exploration of ways in which the legal system, with its formal yet inherently social infrastructure and regulated due process demands, should offer services to those with ASD. Of note, authors question if current policies and practices, such as reliance on interviewing protocols standardized for typically developing individuals, are adequate. The book is divided into three sections with the first providing a discussion of theoretical viewpoints on how memory functions in those with and without ASD, and providing a specialized consideration of developmental issues. A second section reviews empirical evidence, followed by a third and final section addressing legal and clinical considerations, including techniques for interviewing individuals with ASD A book that does much to Advance the research frontier in the study of memory in ASD and application to the legal system, The Wiley Handbook of Memory, Auiism Spectrum Disorder, and the Law is important reading for academic researchers, clinicians, judges, jurors, law enforcement officials, and public policy makers alike