Developmental Psychology
A Mind at a Time: America's Top Learning Expert Shows How Every Child Can Succeed
A Mind at a Time
America's Top Learning Expert Shows How Every Child Can Succeed
Paperback      ISBN: 0743202236

Different minds learn differently, writes Dr. Mel Levine, one of the best-known learning experts and pediatricians in America today. Some students are strong in certain areas and some are strong in others, but no one is equally capable in all. Yet most schools still cling to a one-size-fits-all education philosophy. As a result, many children struggle because their learning patterns don't fit the way they are being taught.
In his #1 New York Times bestseller A Mind at a Time, Dr. Levine shows parents and those who care for children how to identify these individual learning patterns, explaining how they can strengthen a child's abilities and either bypass or help overcome the child's weaknesses, producing positive results instead of repeated frustration and failure.
Consistent progress can result when we understand that not every child can do equally well in every type of learning and begin to pay more attention to individual learning patterns -- and individual minds -- so that we can maximize children's success and gratification in life. In A Mind at a Time Dr. Levine shows us how

The Politics of Autism
The Politics of Autism
Hardcover      ISBN: 0199360995
The Politics of Autism investigates the truths and fictions of public understanding about autism, questioning apparent realities too sensitive or impolitic to challenge. Is there really more autism? How has the count expanded by diagnosing autism over other conditions? Have scientific methods in autism diagnosis gone hand-in-hand with autism increases? Are mild autism cases really a 'disorder, ' rather than personality variant? Can autism be quiescent in childhood but truly first recognizable in adulthood? Why does popular media often portray people with autism as odd geniuses ignoring the kind of autism most have?

Siegel tackles thorny issues and perennial questions: How do we weigh likely treatment gains with treatment costs? Why does our autism education persist in teaching academic subjects some never master? Why do we fail to plan realistically for autistic adulthood? Which parents get caught up in non-mainstream 'treatments' and fear of vaccines?

Readers will see an insider's view of controversies in autism research. Siegel's views, sometimes iconoclastic, always frank and informed, challenge broad unexamined assumptions about our understanding of autism. Each chapter addresses different issues, data, and social policy recommendations. A chapter-by-chapter bibliography with URLs provides both popular media and scientific references.
The Unwritten Rules of Friendship: Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Make Friends
The Unwritten Rules of Friendship
Simple Strategies to Help Your Child Make Friends
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0316917303
This practical and compassionate handbook helps parents sharpen any child's social skills by identifying the "unwritten rules" that govern all relationships.
Contemporary Play Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice
Contemporary Play Therapy
Theory, Research, and Practice
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1593856334

This highly practical book presents current developments in play therapy, including innovative applications for particular problems and populations. Contributors first discuss the latest ideas and techniques emerging from object relations, experiential, dynamic, and narrative perspectives. Next, research evaluating the effectiveness of play interventions is reviewed in detail. The book's third and largest section demonstrates creative approaches for helping children deal with a variety of adverse circumstances: homelessness, family problems, sexual abuse, social aggression, natural disasters, and more. Throughout, rich case illustrations enhance the book's utility for clinicians.

Abstraction and Aging: A Social Psychological Analysis
Abstraction and Aging
A Social Psychological Analysis
Paperback      ISBN: 0387974334

Abstraction is one facet of intellectual functioning. The study of abstraction allows extremely valuable insights into human intelligence. While this monograph indicates that the ability to think abstractly declines slightly with age, there are a number of variables determining abstract thinking and its relation to intelligence over the life-span. This monograph defines abstraction from all angles of thought, contrasting it with high-order thinking and stereotyped thinking; it discusses and evaluates tests of abstract thinking; and it presents new findings in sociological and psychological research on abstraction.

1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0313343020

Diseases have a history, and understanding that history helps us understand how best to treat and control disease today. Today's students are confronted with a panoply of often-frightening illnesses and afflictions - the Biographies of Disease series provides students with the information that they need to understand the origin of various maladies, how they impact contemporary society, and how doctors and researchers from around the world are fighting to devise treatments to alleviate or cure these diseases. This volume, ADHD, examines Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the controversial affliction with which millions of boys and girls are diagnosed every year.

Adolescents and Risk: Making Sense of Adolescent Psychology
Adolescents and Risk
Making Sense of Adolescent Psychology
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0313336873

Substance abuse, gambling, sexual promiscuity, violence, mental health problems, suicide: all are risky and dangerous consequences of adolescent instability. Through the implementation of psychological research and basic theories, Johnson and Malow-Iroff expertly assess each specific risk behavior as it correlates with demographics, socio-economic statuses, and cultural factors surrounding today's youth. In addition, this book provides resources for handling harmful situations facing adolescents, offering practical and straightforward methods to aid one in negotiating positive paths for those in distress. Parents, educators, and adolescents alike will only benefit from knowing the causes of adolescent risk-taking and the ways of preventing such behavior.

Each chapter is devoted to a specific risk that many adolescents take throughout their teenage years. These include: drug abuse, gambling, sex, violence, and suicide. Johnson and Malow-Iroff discuss the mental health problems that lead to dangerous activities. Each topic explains the causes that lead to these risky behaviors, ways to prevent them, and advice that will be useful to parents and educators in addressing these issues.

The Adult Development of C.G. Jung (Rle: Jung)
The Adult Development of C.G. Jung (Rle
Hardcover      ISBN: 1138790117

Originally published in 1981, this study presents Jung's theory of adult personality development, and analyses and interprets in its biographical and historical context the genesis and development of Jung's theory of the individuation process. Dr Staude argues that an in-depth study of Jung's life offers insights into the patterns and processes of adult development, and he focuses particularly on Jung's writings during and immediately after his mid-life transition. He shows how Jung articulated his hard-won insights into adult development in his books and essays and into his analytic practice, and considers how Jung's developmental theory relates to the changes he experienced in his own life and in his socio-historical environment. Dr Staude concludes that Jung's emphasis on impersonal universals of human psychic development complements and supplements the personal emphasis of ego development theory and provides the foundations for a more holistic understanding of adult developmental psychology.

The Adult Development of Career Army Officers
The Adult Development of Career Army Officers
Hardcover      ISBN: 0275936988

Although adult development recently has begun to receive increased attention from researchers, current studies have been limited mainly to specific aspects of adult development and have not provided a clear view of the meaning of the whole of adult life. Broadening this focus, and at the same time concentrating on a specific occupational group, Jeffrey A. McNally presents the results of his three-year study of successful career Army officers. His inquiry, which draws on Daniel Levinson's theory of adult development, provides an analysis of the sequential patterns that characterize the development of the adult lives of successful career Army officers.

After reviewing Levinson's theory of how lives develop during adulthood, McNally looks at the developmental and transitional periods experienced by the Army officers he studied from pre-adulthood to their early forties. The study examines the impact of living and working within a highly ordered, systematic organizational structure such as the military upon the way in which these adult lives unfold. The author finds that, despite the unique aspects of a career in the military, his subjects experienced similar patterns and sequences to those predicted by Levinson's theory of adult development. Based on frequent, wide-ranging interviews over a three-year period of time--interviews which covered aspects of each subject's life from career to marriage, children, friends, religion, etc.--this work is the first to provide an in-depth picture of the military officer's life. A unique resource for the study of adult development and the profession of the military, this book will be of special interest to military officers and those interested in adult development and developmental psychology.

Adult-Child Interaction and the Promise of Language Acquistion
Adult-Child Interaction and the Promise of Language Acquistion
Hardcover      ISBN: 0275901572

The author, a well-known development psychologist, challenges Piagetian theories of language development. Rondal studies verbal and nonverbal interactions between children and parents from a social-behavioristic perspective.