Cognitive Psychology
The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane
The 7 Laws of Magical Thinking
How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us Happy, Healthy, and Sane
Paperback      ISBN: 0452298903
"Psychologists have documented a litany of cognitive biases--misperceptions of the world--and explained their positive functions. Now, Matthew Hutson shows us that even the most hard-core skeptic indulges in magical thinking all the time--and it's crucial to our survival. Drawing on evolution, cognitive science, and neuroscience, Hutson shows us that magical thinking has been so useful to us that it's hardwired into our brains. It encourages us to think that we actually have free will. It helps make us believe that we have an underlying purpose in the world. It can even protect us from the paralyzing awareness of our own mortality. In other words, magical thinking is a completely irrational way of making our lives make rational sense. With wonderfully entertaining stories, personal reflections, and sharp observations, Hutson reveals our deepest fears and longings"--
Abstraction and Aging: A Social Psychological Analysis
Abstraction and Aging
A Social Psychological Analysis
Paperback      ISBN: 0387974334
Abstraction is one facet of intellectual functioning. The study of abstraction allows extremely valuable insights into human intelligence. While this monograph indicates that the ability to think abstractly declines slightly with age, there are a number of variables determining abstract thinking and its relation to intelligence over the life-span. This monograph defines abstraction from all angles of thought, contrasting it with high-order thinking and stereotyped thinking; it discusses and evaluates tests of abstract thinking; and it presents new findings in sociological and psychological research on abstraction.
The Acquisition and Retention of Knowledge: A Cognitive View
The Acquisition and Retention of Knowledge
A Cognitive View
Hardcover      ISBN: 0792365054
This is a college-level textbook that provides a comprehensive and credible theory of how humans can learn and retain substantial and growing bodies of potentially meaningful, organized subject-matter knowledge on an extended, long-term basis. It identifies explicitly the cognitive conditions under which such learning and retention occurs, and indicates how they are influenced by relevant cognitive structure, frequency, mental `set' and motivational variables, and, most importantly, by the probable underlying functional cognitive processes involved.
The Act in Context: The Canonical Papers of Steven C. Hayes
The Act in Context
The Canonical Papers of Steven C. Hayes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1138818607
The Canonical Papers of Steven C. Hayes is a compilation of his most pivotal articles written from 1982-2012. Through these selected papers, Hayes again revisits the theoretical struggles between behavioral and cognitive-behavior theories, taking us from the 1980s into present day, discussing the breakthroughs and follies. Using this as a focus point, he discusses the tradition of behavior analysis and its difficulties in addressing human language and cognition. Moving forward into the 90s, he chronicles the changes in a behavioral approach that emerge from a contextual perspective on human cognition, and lays out the foundation for a contextual behavioral science approach that he argues is more likely to lead to an understanding of human action and an alleviation of human suffering. Although the articles have previously been published, they have been edited and compiled ensure this branch of research is clear to the modern audience. The compilation was chosen by Dr. Hayes to enhance his vision for a functional contextual approach to complex human behavior.
Adult Information Processing: Limits on Loss
Adult Information Processing
Limits on Loss
Hardcover      ISBN: 0121651800
Addressing a growing imbalance in published reports regarding the decline in information processing abilities with age, 20 contributions identify areas of limited or no decline in cognitive functioning with respect to rate of information processing, attentional capacity, object perception, word perception, language comprehension, learning, memory, and problem-solving. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Advances in Cognition and Educational Practice: Children's  Writing : Toward a Process Theory of the Development of Skilled Writing : 1994
Advances in Cognition and Educational Practice
Children's Writing : Toward a Process Theory of the Development of Skilled Writing : 1994
Hardcover      ISBN: 1559381086
Discusses such topics as working memory in writing, working memory as a source of individual differences in children's writing and modifying Hayes' and Flowers' model of skilled writing.
Advances in Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Research: Automation
Advances in Human Performance and Cognitive Engineering Research
Hardcover      ISBN: 0762308648
We live in an ever complex, dynamic and technological-based world. A world where industries, businesses and agencies rely ever increasingly on automated systems to maintain efficiency, increase productivity, minimize human error or gain a competitive edge. Moreover, automation is now seen by many organizations as the solution to human performance problems. These organizations continue to invest significant resources to implement automated systems wherever possible and there is no doubt that automation has helped such organizations manage their sophisticated, information-rich environments, where humans have limited capabilities. Therefore, automation has helped to improve industrial and commercial progress to the extent that organizations now depend upon it for their own benefit. However, new and unresolved problems have arisen as more individuals, groups and teams interact with automated systems. Hence, the need and motivation of this volume. The chapters contained in this volume explore some of the key human performance issues facing organizations as they implement or manage automated systems. Dealing with a range of topics, from how to design optional use, avoiding misuse, to creating training strategies for automated systems, this volume also explores which theories may help us understand automation better and what research needs to be conducted. This publication attempts to illustrate how human performance research on automation can help organizations design better systems and also hopes to motivate more theoretically-based but practically-relevant research in the technological-based world of the 21st century.
Adventures in Memory: The Science and Secrets of Remembering and Forgetting
Adventures in Memory
The Science and Secrets of Remembering and Forgetting
Hardcover      ISBN: 1771643471
Two sisters--a neuropsychologist and an acclaimed writer--draw on history, research, and personal stories to explore the field of memory science from the Renaissance to the present, examining how memory works, why it sometimes fails, and how to improve it.
Affect, Cognition, and Stereotyping: Interactive Processes in Group Perception
Affect, Cognition, and Stereotyping
Interactive Processes in Group Perception
Hardcover      ISBN: 0124644104
Evolving from the weekly research meetings of the social psychology group at the U. of California, Santa Barbara particularly discussions of how affective and cognitive processes might interact in group perceptions this volume brings together authors who share their theoretical insights and research findings, bring different literature to bear on the issues, and speculate on integrative themes and new directions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.
Affective Performance and Cognitive Science: Body, Brain and Being
Affective Performance and Cognitive Science
Body, Brain and Being
Paperback      ISBN: 1408185776
This book explores new developments in the dialogues between science and theatre and offers an introduction to a fast-expanding area of research and practice.The cognitive revolution in the humanities is creating new insights into the audience experience, performance processes and training. Scientists are collaborating with artists to investigate how our brains and bodies engage with performance to create new understanding of perception, emotion, imagination and empathy. Divided into four parts, each introduced by an expert editorial from leading researchers in the field, this edited volume offers readers an understanding of some of the main areas of collaboration and research: 1. Dances with Science 2. Touching Texts and Embodied Performance 3. The Multimodal Actor 4. Affecting Audiences Throughout its history theatre has provided exciting and accessible stagings of science, while contemporary practitioners are increasingly working with scientific and medical material. As Honour Bayes reported in the Guardian in 2011, the relationships between theatre, science and performance are 'exciting, explosive and unexpected'. Affective Performance and Cognitive Science charts new directions in the relations between disciplines, exploring how science and theatre can impact upon each other with reference to training, drama texts, performance and spectatorship. The book assesses the current state of play in this interdisciplinary field, facilitating cross disciplinary exchange and preparing the way for future studies.