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Wyoming's Outlaw Trail
Wyoming's Outlaw Trail
Paperback      ISBN: 073859606x

A historic and folkloric path that meandered from Canada to Mexico, the Outlaw Trail was used by outlaws such as Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the James brothers. Following existing Western routes such as the Oregon Trail, the highway connected towns and natural hideouts essential for bandits escaping the law. Some in Western communities were sympathetic toward the outlaws. Many, like Cassidy, were seen as Robin Hoods, fighting for common people who were under siege by economic forces, corporate encroachment, and other changes occurring in the Old West. Images of America: Wyoming s Outlaw Trail details the history, folklore, and geography behind some of Wyoming s outlaw towns and hideouts chief among them the Hole in the Wall and Red Desert. Also highlighted are the deeds of the robbers, lawmen, and ordinary folk who rode those dusty trails during the late 1800s and early 1900s."

The Yoga Store Murder: The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletica Killing
The Yoga Store Murder
The Shocking True Account of the Lululemon Athletica Killing
Paperback      ISBN: 0425263649
The full true story of the lululemon murder and what really happened to Jayna Murray and Brittany Norwood--photos included.

It was a crime that shocked the country. On March 12, 2011, two young saleswomen were found brutally attacked inside a lululemon athletica retail store in Bethesda, Maryland, one of the nation's wealthiest suburbs.

Thirty-year-old Jayna Murray was dead--slashed, stabbed, and struck more than three hundred times. Investigators found blood spattered on walls, and size fourteen men's shoe prints leading away from her body.

Twenty-eight-year-old Brittany Norwood was found alive, tied up on the bathroom floor. She had lacerations, a bloody face, and ripped clothing. She told investigators that two masked men had slipped into the Bethesda lululemon store just after closing, presumably planning to rob it. She spoke of the night of terror she and her coworker had experienced. Investigators were sympathetic...but as the case went on, Brittany's story began to unravel. Why rob a business that dealt mostly in credit cards? Why was Jayna murdered but Brittany left alive? Could the petite, polite Brittany have been involved? Most chilling of all: could she have been the killer?
You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life [you Are Raoul Moat]
You Could Do Something Amazing with Your Life [you Are Raoul Moat]
Paperback      ISBN: 1925106551

An award-winning true-crime story about a fugitive on the run, told from his point of view. Winner of the Crime Writers' Association Gold Dagger Award for Nonfiction.

Callous murderer, outlaw hero or victim of the system? The subject of Andrew Hankinson's book defies all such labels.

After killing his ex-girlfriend's new lover, shooting her in the stomach, and blinding a policeman, Raoul Moat disappeared into the woods of Northern England, evading discovery for seven days. Moat captured the public imagination; he soon had an online following. Eventually, cornered by the police, Moat shot himself.

Drawing on extensive research--including many hours of tapes Moat recorded whilst he was at large--Hankinson tells Moat's story using Moat's own words, and those of the welfare agencies which engaged with him. The result is an unprecedented examination of violent breakdown; an electrifying nonfiction narrative in the tradition of Hunter S. Thompson and Norman Mailer.