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Offenses and Offenders
Dangerous Ground: The World of Hazardous Waste Crime
Dangerous Ground
The World of Hazardous Waste Crime
Paperback      ISBN: 1412856019

For many years, if businesses were caught dumping waste, it was treated more as a nuisance than as a crime; the common images of the criminal and the dumper were worlds apart. In Dangerous Ground, originally published in 1992, Donald J. Rebovich closes this perceptual gap, providing essential information about and analysis of hazardous waste crime and the hazardous waste criminal. This paperback edition includes new material, noting important changes since the book's original publication.

Rebovich finds that the criminal dumper is usually an ordinary businessman. The author's research discovers that hazardous waste disposal crimes are more likely driven by the cost of legitimate disposal options, rather than by organized crime figures. It is also a world where one's criminal position is often determined by industry connections and personal relationships.

Dangerous Ground places the criminal dumping culture in perspective by detailing the basics of hazardous waste generation, its legitimate disposal, government responses, and efforts to control illegal disposal. An epilogue concludes with an analysis of new threats to our environment posed by gas and oil drilling, declining federal prosecutions, progressive sentencing for offenders, and recommendations on how the global community can effectively address international environmental crime.

Deadly Innocence?
Deadly Innocence?
Paperback      ISBN: 0687006155

Beginning with the story of Joe Arridy, certified as a feeble-minded imbecile who was executed in Colorado in 1939, Deadly Innocence? traces political and judicial handling of incidents involving persons with retardation; describes similar current cases; and offers suggestions for action on the part of the police, the courts, professionals who work in the field of developmental disabilities, and concerned citizens.

Death and Violence on the Reservation: Homicide, Family Violence, and Suicide in American Indian Populations
Death and Violence on the Reservation
Homicide, Family Violence, and Suicide in American Indian Populations
Hardcover      ISBN: 0865690154

This volume is the first major attempt to systematically examine the etiology of violence in American Indian communities. Using fieldwork as well as quantitative and qualitative research, Bachman first presents an overview of American Indians from historical and contemporary perspectives, before she focuses specifically on violence and its causes. Homicide, suicide, and family violence are analyzed in depth, and the destructive impacts of alcohol and other addictive substances are documented.

Dr. Bachman effectively uses personal stories and narratives given by American Indians to illustrate the living reality behind the statistics she presents. She concludes with a variety of policy recommendations that will be of interest not only to policymakers, but also to academic researchers and students in criminology, ethnic relations, sociology, and anthropology.

Drugs in South Asia: From the Opium Trade to the Present Day
Drugs in South Asia
From the Opium Trade to the Present Day
by Na, Na
Hardcover      ISBN: 031222379x

The drug problem in South Asia is mounting. This work provides a hard-hitting view of the pro-revenue drug policies pursued by the British colonial authorities in South Asia. Dr. Haque tells the story of the US-led inaugural for controlling colonial opium trade during the early twentieth century. Drugs in South Asia explains why the ensuing governments in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh barely changed the remains of the British drug laws until the mid-1980s and examines the Indian resurgence in recent years in international drug trafficking. It offers a comprehensive overview of the Afghan crisis and the equivocation of the US, the biggest crusader against drug trade, that ignored the deflection of drug money to support the war in Afghanistan. The US-Pakistan Cold War compatibility has created a relentless environment on drugs from which no country in the region is immune. The dangers of drug trade in South Asia have now become global.

Drugs in South Asia: From the Opium Trade to the Present Day
Drugs in South Asia
From the Opium Trade to the Present Day
by Haq, M.
Hardcover      ISBN: 0333754654

The drug problem in South Asia is mounting. This work provides an inside story of the pro-revenue drug policies pursued both by the British colonial authorities and post-independent governments in South Asia. The dangers of the drug trade in South Asia have now become global, the author assesses international efforts against drug trafficking.

Elmer McCurdy: The Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw
Elmer McCurdy
The Life and Afterlife of an American Outlaw
Paperback      ISBN: 0465083498

From Elmer McCurdy: The body was listed as the Decedent, in official coroner's parlance Dead Body Case #7614812. Word soon got out about the fun-house mummy, about whom so little was known that the autopsy took on the character of an archaeological dig. The body looked like something pulled out of a peat bog, or an ice cave high in the Andes. The brain was mummified and like a rock, as were all the other organs.Late in the autopsy came the biggest surprise of all. Removing the jaw, the coroner pulled from the back of the mouth a single green corroded copper penny, dated 1924, and several ticket stubs, one that read Louis Sonney's Museum of Crime, 524 South Main Street, Los Angeles. After all the careful speculation and surmise, after the body had been completely dismantled, the biggest clue to its identity came straight from the corpse's mouth. Praise for Mark Svenvold: Mark Svenvold writes with the top down, and his sleek late-model imagination in fifth gear. Honk if you love first books that can cruise or race with full-throated elegance. Here's one! -- J. D. McClatch

Environmental Crime and Criminality: Theoretical and Practical Issues
Environmental Crime and Criminality
Theoretical and Practical Issues
Hardcover      ISBN: 0815317565

First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Fire-Raising: Its Motivation and Management
Its Motivation and Management
Paperback      ISBN: 0415059852

In recent years, fire-raising has become an increasing problem in Britain and elsewhere, and now involves many professionals in the investigation and management of those who set fires. The motives of fire-raisers are complex and their behaviour is hard to change. Herschel Prins sets the problem in an historical and anthropological context, examines the size of the problem, its investigation and motivation, in a way which will enable more effective management.

Gangs in Garden City: How Immigration, Segregation, and Youth Violence Are Changing America's Suburbs
Gangs in Garden City
How Immigration, Segregation, and Youth Violence Are Changing America's Suburbs
Paperback      ISBN: 1568586159

For the past five years, journalist Sarah Garland has followed the lives of current and former gang members living in Hempstead on the border of Garden City, Long Island. Affiliated with Mara Salvatrucha and 18th Street, their troubling personal stories expose the cruel realities of segregation, racial income gaps, and poverty that lie hidden behind suburban white picket fences.

As Garland travels from Los Angeles to El Salvador and back to the East Coast, she reveals a disturbing cycle of poverty in which families, fleeing from troubled Central American cities, move into America's suburban backyards, only to find the pattern of violence repeating itself. Brilliantly reported and sensitively told, Gangs in Garden City draws back the veil on a hidden, troubling world.
A Gathering of Saints
A Gathering of Saints
Paperback      ISBN: 1501153110
From the author of The Falcon and The Snowman comes the true story of the 1985 Salt Lake City bombings and one man's master plan to take down the powerful Mormon empire in this thrilling and fast-paced true crime tale of murder and mayhem depicted in the Netflix documentary Murder Among the Mormons.

When a brilliant forger produced documents that threatened the foundations of the Mormon Church, the religions elders, unaware of the falsities, were willing to pay a fortune to suppress the information they exposed.

In order to prevent the truth of his forgery from coming out, the man behind them put into motion two bomb explosions and left two people dead in his path.

A Gathering of Saints gives readers a look at the bombing that revealed corporate fraud, death squads, religious wars, and numerous other shocking revelations that jeopardized the future of the Mormon Church.