Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977
Selected Poems: Expanded Edition: Including Selections from Day by Day
Selected Poems: Expanded Edition
Including Selections from Day by Day
Paperback      ISBN: 0374530068

Selected Poems includes over 200 works culled from Robert Lowell's books of verse--Lord Weary's Castle, The Mills of the Kavanaughs, Life Studies, For the Union Dead, Near the Ocean, History, For Lizzie and Harriet, and The Dolphin. Edited and with a foreword by the poet Frank Bidart, who also edited Collected Poems of Robert Lowell, this volume is a perfectly chosen representation of "the greatest American poet of the mid-century" (Richard Poirier, Book Week).

Selected Poems
Selected Poems
Paperback      ISBN: 0374514003

"Selected Poems" includes over 200 poems, culled from each of Robert Lowell's books of verse--"Lord Weary's Castle," "The Mills of the Kavanaughs," "Life Studies," "For the Union Dead," "Near the Ocean," "History," "For Lizzie and Harriet," and "The Dolphin." This edition, which first appeared in 1977, was revised by the author: there are additions, deletions, and a change in sequence in the "Dolphin" section; the five poems in the title sequence from "Near the Ocean" are now uncut; and a new poem is added to the "Nineteen Thirties."

The Critical Response to Robert Lowell
The Critical Response to Robert Lowell
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313290377

From the publication of his first major volume in 1946, Lord Weary's Castle, to a few years before his death in 1977, Robert Lowell held sway as the premier English-language poet of his time. Lord Weary's Castle seemed to push poetic language and cultural critique in exciting new directions, yet they were directions sanctioned by the New Criticism of his time. In 1959, Lowell's Life Studies dramatically broke the very traditions he had previously revitalized. During the 1960s, his works elaborated his new poetic mode and engaged with personal, political, and historical issues. But with the 1973 publication of his poetic trilogy, History, For Lizzie and Harriet, and The Dolphin, his reputation suffered. Though his final work, the autobiographical Day by Day--published shortly before his death in 1977--was favorably received, critics continued to attack him in the decades that followed.

Thus Lowell's reputation, as this volume makes clear, has fluctuated, and at the close of the twentieth century, there is still no critical consensus about any aspect of his work. This book provides a representative sample of the critical discourse concerning Lowell's poetry, drama, and prose, and shows that discourse at its most varied and vital. An introductory essay surveys the response to Lowell's writings. The first three sections then track Lowell's volumes chronologically. Most of his books receive one or two reviews followed by several scholarly essays, arranged in the order of their publication. Along with the reprinted articles are two essays written specifically for this volume. The fourth section presents several broad overviews of Lowell and his works, and an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources concludes the book. The volume also contains an essay by Lowell himself, in which he reflects on his career.

The Dolphin: Two Versions, 1972-1973
The Dolphin
Two Versions, 1972-1973
Paperback      ISBN: 0374538271

The Dolphin: Two Versions, 1972-1973 is an expanded edition of the Pulitzer Prize-winning provocative poetry collection that crossed the line between art and life.

I have sat and listened to too many

words of the collaborating muse,
and plotted perhaps too freely with my life,
not avoiding injury to others,
not avoiding injury to myself--
to ask compassion . . . this book, half fiction,
an eelnet made by man for the eel fighting
my eyes have seen what my hand did.

Winner of the 1973 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, Robert Lowell's The Dolphin was controversial from the beginning: many of the poems include letters from Robert Lowell's wife, the celebrated writer and critic Elizabeth Hardwick, wrote to him after he left her for the English socialite and writer Caroline Blackwood. He was warned by many, among them Elizabeth Bishop, that "art just isn't worth that much."

Nevertheless, these poems are a powerful document of an impulsive love, and a moving record of Lowell's change from one life and marriage in America to a new life on new terms with a new family in England, rendered with the stunning technical power and control for which he was so celebrated.

This new edition, which follows the 1973 edition, includes scans of the pages of Lowell's original manuscript, giving us a look into the brilliant and complicated mind of one of our most beloved and distinguished poets.
Lost Puritan: A Life of Robert Lowell
Lost Puritan
A Life of Robert Lowell
Paperback      ISBN: 0393313743

Robert Lowell's poetry radically altered the American literary landscape, combining as it did family drama and an apocalyptic view of the history of our times. He won three Pulitzer Prizes and two National Book Awards for poetry. Married three times, always to writers, he had his dark side, suffering from crippling bouts of manic depression and alcoholism.

Using hundreds of Lowell's unpublished manuscripts and letters, and dozens of interviews, Paul Mariani has given us a balanced, passionate, and readable life, capturing the man, his age, and his place in literary history.

Notebook 1967-68: Poems
Notebook 1967-68
Paperback      ISBN: 0374509476

A pivotal book in Robert Lowell's groundbreaking career, Notebook is, as Seamus Heaney has written, a massive accumulation of unrhymed sonnets, poems of immeditae, unprepossessing, blunt-edged force, which record not so much the public events of the late 1960s] as the reactions which the events provoked in Lowell's consciousness.

The Old Glory: Endecott and the Red Cross; My Kinsman, Major Molineux; And Benito Cereno
The Old Glory
Endecott and the Red Cross; My Kinsman, Major Molineux; And Benito Cereno
Paperback      ISBN: 0374527040

Winner of Five Obies, now back in print after fifteen years, a stage adaptation of classic stories by Hawthorne and Melville

In the three plays in The Old Glory--Endecott and the Red Cross; My Kinsman, Major Molineux; and Benito Cereno--the most powerful figure in postwar American poetry confronts the most haunting American fiction writers of the nineteenth century. The result is a mythical, nightmare history of three centuries in America. In Endecott and the Red Cross, Hawthorne's Puritan governor, horrified by his colony's high living, declares, "Everything in America will be Bible, blood and iron. / England will no longer exist." The other two plays, based on Hawthorne's My Kinsman, Major Molineux and Melville's Benito Cereno, take up the themes of parricide and independence: one in Boston on the eve of the Revolutionary War, the other on a merchant ship in the Caribbean in the early nineteenth century.

The plays were first performed in 1964, when the poet Randall Jarrell wrote: "I have never seen a better American play than Benito Cereno, the major play in Robert Lowell's The Old Glory . . . The play is a masterpiece of imaginative knowledge."

Robert Lowell and the Sublime
Robert Lowell and the Sublime
Paperback      ISBN: 0815626584

This text attempts to establish the connection between Robert Lowell and the sublime. His interest in the sublime dominated his poetry from the beginning. This work examines the poetics of sublimity which traces journeys beyond English language and behaviour into exalted states.

Robert Lowell and the Sublime
Robert Lowell and the Sublime
Hardcover      ISBN: 081562610x

This text attempts to establish the connection between Robert Lowell and the sublime. His interest in the sublime dominated his poetry from the beginning. This work examines the poetics of sublimity which traces journeys beyond English language and behaviour into exalted states.

Robert Lowell Collected Poems
Robert Lowell Collected Poems
Paperback      ISBN: 0374530327

Frank Bidart and David Gewanter have compiled the definitive edition of Robert Lowell's work, from his first, impossible-to-find collection, Land of Unlikeness; to the early triumph of Lord Weary's Castle, winner of the 1946 Pulitzer Prize; to the brilliant willfulness of his versions of poems by Sappho, Baudelaire, Rilke, Montale, and other masters in Imitations; to the late spontaneity of The Dolphin, winner of another Pulitzer Prize; to his last, most searching book, Day by Day. This volume also includes poems and translations never previously collected, and a selection of drafts that demonstrate the poet's constant drive to reimagine his work. Collected Poems at last offers readers the opportunity to take in, in its entirety, one of the great careers in twentieth-century poetry.