Permanent Collection Catalogs
100 Masterpieces: National Galleries of Scotland
100 Masterpieces
National Galleries of Scotland
Paperback      ISBN: 1906270015
The National Galleries of Scotland is widely regarded as one of the finest small galleries in the world. This illustrated book contains more than two hundred of the National Galleries of Scotland's greatest and best-loved treasures, each accompanied by an informative text written by the Galleries' curators.
Walker Evans: Cuba
Walker Evans
Hardcover      ISBN: 0892366176
In 1933, Walker Evans traveled to Cuba to take photographs for The Crime of Cuba, a book by the American journalist Carleton Beals. Beals's explicit goal was to expose the corruption of Cuban dictator Gerardo Machado and the long, torturous relationship between the United States and its island neighbor. The photographs Evans made during his visit to Cuba are fascinating for both their subject matter and the evidence they provide of the young photographer's artistic development. Walker Evans: Cuba brings together more than sixty of these images-all from the Getty Museum's extensive holdings of the photographer's work-along with an essay by the noted writer and commentator Andrei Codrescu. Codrescu's spirited text helps to provide a sense of the aesthetic and political forces that were shaping Evans's art in the early 1930s. He argues that Evans's photographs are the work of a young artist whose temperament was distinctly at odds with Beals's impassioned rhetoric. Looking closely at individual photographs, Codrescu shows that Evans was just beginning to combine his early, formalist aesthetic with the social concerns that would figure so prominently in his later work. Evans's images and Codrescu's lively, insightful essay provide a compelling study of a major artist at an important juncture in his career.
Black Refractions: Highlights from the Studio Museum in Harlem
Black Refractions
Highlights from the Studio Museum in Harlem
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847866386
An authoritative guide to one of the world's most important collections of African-American art, with works by artists from Romare Bearden to Kehinde Wiley. The artists featured in Black Refractions, including Kerry James Marshall, Faith Ringgold, Nari Ward, Norman Lewis, Wangechi Mutu, and Lorna Simpson, are drawn from the renowned collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem. Through exhibitions, public programs, artist residencies, and bold acquisitions, this pioneering institution has served as a nexus for artists of African descent locally, nationally, and internationally since its founding in 1968. Rather than aim to construct a single history of "black art," Black Refractions emphasizes a plurality of narratives and approaches, traced through 125 works in all media from the 1930s to the present. An essay by Connie Choi and entries by Eliza A. Butler, Akili Tommasino, Taylor Aldridge, Larry Ossei Mensah, Daniela Fifi , and other luminaries contextualize the works and provide detailed commentary. A dialogue between Thelma Golden, Connie Choi, and Kellie Jones draws out themes and challenges in collecting and exhibiting modern and contemporary art by artists of African descent. More than a document of a particular institution's trailblazing path, or catalytic role in the development of American appreciation for art of the African diaspora, this volume is a compendium of a vital art tradition.
Cranford Collection: Out of the House
Cranford Collection
Out of the House
Hardcover      ISBN: 8415253648
This catalogue accompanies the first exhibition of the Cranford Collection in Spain in the Hall of Fundacíon Santander next February 2013, curated by Anne Pontégnie.
In Focus: Man Ray : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
In Focus
Man Ray : Photographs from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Man Ray
Paperback      ISBN: 0892365110
During a career that spanned more than fifty years, two continents, and work in many media, Man Ray (1890-1976) produced a large body of photographic images that continue to command our attention. This volume presents his early work in New York in the 1910s, selections from his sizeable Paris oeuvre in the 20s, 30s, and 50s, and photographs taken during his time in Hollywood in the 40s. Though in later years he expressed a desire to be remembered as a painter, Man Ray continued to work with photography throughout his life, pushing the boundaries of the medium with cameraless images, solarized portraits, and other innovations. The Getty Museum's collection of three hundred works by Man Ray includes vintage prints from the 1910s through the 1960s. This volume presents more than fifty photographs, with commentary on each image by Katherine Ware, assistant curator of photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum. The volume also includes an overview of his life and the edited transcript of a symposium on his career.
Japanese Art : The Great European Collections: British Museum
Japanese Art : The Great European Collections
British Museum
Hardcover      ISBN: 4062532034
Magicians of Light: Photographs from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada
Magicians of Light
Photographs from the Collection of the National Gallery of Canada
Paperback      ISBN: 0888846274
The Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum
The Marshall Collection of Worcester Porcelain in the Ashmolean Museum
Hardcover      ISBN: 1910807052
National Gallery Singapore: Art Spaces
National Gallery Singapore
Art Spaces
Paperback      ISBN: 185759987x
Right in the heart of the Civic district, National Gallery Singapore occupies the neoclassical City Hall and former Supreme Court, two buildings that have been focal points for many important events in the history of Singapore. In collaboration with Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers, this little book brings the reader on an architectural journey tracing the origins of the two national monuments through time, to where they stand today, as National Gallery Singapore, telling a story of competition, preservation and innovation.
New York Cool: Painting and Sculpture from the NYU Art Collection
New York Cool
Painting and Sculpture from the NYU Art Collection
Paperback      ISBN: 0615181058
Edited by Pepe Karmel. Text by Lynn Gumpert, Pepe Karmel, Alexandra Lange, Lytle Shaw.