Beowulf's Ecstatic Trance Magic: Accessing the Archaic Powers of the Universal Mind
Beowulf's Ecstatic Trance Magic
Accessing the Archaic Powers of the Universal Mind
Paperback      ISBN: 1591432170
"Use ecstatic trance to journey to the time of Beowulf and learn first hand the ancient magic of the early Nordic people"--
Paperback      ISBN: 0451530969
The epic poem Beowulf is the earliest extant poem in a modern European language— reflecting a feudal, newly Christian world of heroes and monsters, blood and victory, life and death. Its beauty, power, and artistry have kept it alive for more than thirteen centuries.
Beowulf: A Verse Translation
A Verse Translation
Paperback      ISBN: 0393975800
This text presents a faithful translation, discussion, essays and detailed annotations on "Beowulf" - a poem written in Old English sometime before the tenth century A.D. describing the adventures of a great Scandinavian warrior of the sixth century.
Anglo-Saxon England: 8
Anglo-Saxon England
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0521038650
The authors of this volume tackle a wide range of questions in Anglo-Saxon history and culture.
Be Brave: An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak
Be Brave
An Unlikely Manual for Erasing Heartbreak
Paperback      ISBN: 1449489761
Be Brave is the first in a series of erasures in which author JM Farkas puts a feminist, revisionist spin on classic literature. Permanent marker, meet Beowulf. A former high school English teacher, Farkas transforms Beowulf into an unlikely guide for the brokenhearted that is both irreverent and moving. Anyone who has been devastated by love will appreciate the blackened pages of this bold, youthful, and empowering twist on the ancient epic.
Beowolf: A Verse Translation
A Verse Translation
Paperback      ISBN: 0140449310
Beowulf's adventures stand in front of the wide historical canvas of 5th and 6th century Scandinavia. Against this background of feuding and feasting, Beowulf kills the monster Grendel and her mother, and defends his people against a dragon in a battle that leaves them both mortally wounded.
Paperback      ISBN: 0140433775
Provides the Old English text of the epic poem faced with a page in which almost every word is glossed.
Beowulf: An Edition With Relevant Shorter Texts
An Edition With Relevant Shorter Texts
Paperback      ISBN: 0631172262
This magnificent new edition, which includes relevant shorter texts and key illustrations, is designed specifically to help those who, while already enjoying some acquaintance with Old English, come to Beowulf for the first time.
Beowulf: The Critical Heritage
The Critical Heritage
Hardcover      ISBN: 0415029708
Beowulf is the oldest and most complete epic poem in any non-Classical European language. Our only manuscript, written in Old English, dates from close to the year 1000. However, the poem remained effectively unknown even to scholars until the year 1815, when it was first published in Copenhagen. This impressive volume selects over one hundred works of critical commentary from the vast body of scholarship on Beowulf - including English translations from German, Danish, Latin and Spanish - from the poem's first mention in 1705 to the Anglophone scholarship of the early twentieth century. Tom Shippey provides both a contextual introduction and a guide to the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century scholarship which generated these Beowulf commentaries. The book is a vital document for the study of one of the major texts of 'the Northern renaissance', in which completely unknown poems and even languages were brought to the attention first of the learned world and then of popular culture. It also acts as a valuable guide to the development of nationalist and racist sentiment, beginning romantically and ending with World War and attempted genocide.
Beowulf: A New Verse Translation
A New Verse Translation
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0374111197
The Nobel Prizewinning Irish poet presents a faithful, new translation of the AngloSaxon epic chronicling the heroic adventures of Beowulf, the Scandinavian warrior who saves his people from the ravages of the monster Grendel and Grendel's mother. 15,000 first printing.