Vegetable Cookery
Raw Food for Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes
Raw Food for Everyone
Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes
Paperback      ISBN: 1583334378
Just as Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone took meatless cooking mainstream, here's the complete guide to raw cuisine. Connoisseurs of raw cuisine know how hearty and flavorful it can be; what began as an underground movement for health enthusiasts has moved to the culinary forefront. Now Alissa Cohen, one of the nation's top raw experts, presents a lavish array of recipes, a primer of preparation methods, and a comprehensive ingredient guide in Raw Food for Everyone. This all-inclusive book, with 300 unique recipes for meals and snacks-from nutritious smoothies and juices to you-won't-believe- they're-raw cheeses and ice creams to crackers and even pizza-proves that raw food is not just healthy and energizing, but also approachable, nourishing, and delicious. Writing for the beginner and the more seasoned raw food lover, Cohen takes raw food to the next level with her simple preparation techniques and inventive flavors. Raw Food for Everyone is the ultimate raw food resource and is destined to become a culinary classic.
Thug Kitchen Party Grub
Thug Kitchen Party Grub
Hardcover      ISBN: 1623366321
From the duo behind New York Times bestseller, Thug Kitchen, comes the next installment of kick-ass recipes with a side of attitude.Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide answers the question that Matt and Michelle have heard most from their fans: How the hell are you supposed to eat healthy when you hang around with a bunch of a**holes who don't care what they put in their pie holes? The answer: You make a bomb-ass plant-based dish from Thug Kitchen. Featuring over 100 recipes to attend or host parties of any kind,Party Grub Guide combines exciting, healthy, vegan food with easy-to-follow directions and damn entertaining commentary. From passed appetizers like Deviled Chickpea Bites to main events like Mexican Lasagna,Thug Kitchen Party Grub Guide is here to make sure you are equipped with dishes to bring the flavor without the side of fat, calories, and guilt. Also included are cocktail recipes, because sometimes these parties need a pick-me-up of the liquid variety.
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0738218995
Who knew vegetables could taste so good? Vegan powerhouses Isa Moskowitz and Terry Romero bring a brand new edition of this beloved vegan cookbook to celebrate its 10th anniversary. You'll find 25 new dishes and updates throughout for more than 250 recipes (everything from basics to desserts), stunning color photos, and tips for making your kitchen a vegan paradise. All the recipes in Veganomicon have been thoroughly kitchen-tested to ensure user-friendliness and amazing results. Veganomicon also includes meals for all occasions and soy-free, gluten-free, and low-fat options, plus quick recipes that make dinner a snap.
Vegetables Unleashed: A Cookbook
Vegetables Unleashed
A Cookbook
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062668382
A world-renowned Spanish chef and an award-winning food author present a collection of tricks and tips that focus on the vibrancy and diversity of vegetable-based dishes such as lentil stew, vegetable paella and the classic Spanish gazpacho. 150,000 first printing.
Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!: Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables With Guts
Lucky Peach Presents Power Vegetables!
Turbocharged Recipes for Vegetables With Guts
Hardcover      ISBN: 055344798x
Make Vegetables Great Again Lucky Peach Presents POWER VEGETABLES! features: · tested strategies for adding power to produce · meat-free cooking that even carnivores can get behind · more than 100 recipes that will change your weeknight routines and/or the course of human history
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0767900146
The founding chef of San Francisco's Greens restaurant and award-winning author of The Greens Cookbook presents a lavishly illustrated cookbook of more than eight hundred innovative vegetarian recipes and comprehensive information on a myriad of vegetables dishes. $150,000 ad/promo. Tour.

A Girl and Her Greens: Hearty Meals from the Garden
A Girl and Her Greens
Hearty Meals from the Garden
Hardcover      ISBN: 006222588x
The chef, restaurant owner and author of A Girl and Her Pig presents a sumptuously photographed collection of seasonal vegetable recipes that offers such options as Pot-Roasted Romanesco Broccoli and Onions With Sage Pesto. 30,000 first printing.
An Anarchy of Chilies
An Anarchy of Chilies
Hardcover      ISBN: 050002183x
With more than 2,000 varieties, and a dizzying array of flavors, shapes, sizes, and colors, the riotous world of chili peppers has no laws and no limits, and a revolutionary power to transform our food and gardens. This essential kitchen companion profiles 100 versatile chili varieties, chosen to showcase their impressive range of shape, color, flavor, and heat, ranging from milder everyday favorites such as the jalapen~o, ancho, and bell pepper to exotic new superhots like the Dorset Naga and Carolina Reaper.Organized by heat level on the infamous Scoville scale, An Anarchy of Chilies tells the story of each variety and offers advice on how to identify, grow, and prepare them. The striking illustrations, in a vivid graphic style inspired by the CMYK process and Mexican oilcloth prints, make this not only a go-to reference but also a beautiful art piece.
The Blossom Cookbook: Classic Favorites from the Restaurant That Pioneered a New Vegan Cuisine
The Blossom Cookbook
Classic Favorites from the Restaurant That Pioneered a New Vegan Cuisine
Hardcover      ISBN: 0399184880
The co-founders of the popular vegan restaurant franchise offer 80 delicious, inventive recipes including Lobster-Mushroom Crusted Tofu, Seitan Piccata with Sauteed Kale, Cashew Cream and Curried Un-Chicken Salad as well as tips for living a vegan lifestyle.
The Book of Veganish: The Ultimate Guide to Easing into a Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free, Awesomely Delicious Way to Eat, With 70 Easy Recipes Anyone Can Make
The Book of Veganish
The Ultimate Guide to Easing into a Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free, Awesomely Delicious Way to Eat, With 70 Easy Recipes Anyone Can Make
Paperback      ISBN: 0553448021
Provides information and recipes for existing and aspiring young adult vegans to help them with the vegan lifestyle, including insights on the benefits of a plant-based diet and how to best deal with parents and the rest of the non-vegan world.