Food Science
Bakery Products Science and Technology
Bakery Products Science and Technology
2nd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1119967155
Beginning with an examination of flour types and milling, this text follows the baking process through mixing, proofing and baking to end with a thorough examination of bread and other bakery products. This book takes an in-depth look at all the major baking ingredients including the chemistry and functional use of different products. Also included is an examination on the nutritional aspects of bread products to provide an understanding of how reformulating bakery products can raise the nutritional profile. Focused on the science and technology of industrial baking, this text is aimed at food science professionals, researchers and advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. Annotation ©2014 Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR (
Bean to Bar Chocolate: America's Craft Chocolate Revolution: the Origins, the Makers, and the Mind-blowing Flavors
Bean to Bar Chocolate
America's Craft Chocolate Revolution: the Origins, the Makers, and the Mind-blowing Flavors
Hardcover      ISBN: 1612128211
With humor and colorful visuals, Chocolate Revolution explains where chocolate comes from, how to taste and pair chocolate, common myths about chocolate, and more. A dozen of America’s finest craft chocolate makers are featured, along with 22 recipes showcasing the flavors of craft chocolate.
Bitter Chocolate: Anatomy of an Industry
Bitter Chocolate
Anatomy of an Industry
Paperback      ISBN: 1595589805
Hailed in hardcover as ?compelling
Bitterness: Perception, Chemistry and Food Processing
Perception, Chemistry and Food Processing
Hardcover      ISBN: 1118590295
The increasing demand for healthy foods has resulted in the food industry developing functional foods with health-promoting and/or disease preventing properties. However, many of these products bring new challenges. While drugs are taken for their efficacy, functional foods need to have tastes that are acceptable to consumers. Bitterness associated with the functional foods is one of the major challenges encountered by food industry today and will remain so in years to come. This important book offers a thorough understanding of bitterness, the food ingredients that cause it and its accurate measurement. The authors provide a thorough review of bitterness that includes an understanding of the genetics of bitterness perception and the molecular basis for individual differences in bitterness perception. This is followed by a detailed review of the chemical structure of bitter compounds in foods where bitterness may be considered to be a positive or negative attribute. To better understand bitterness in foods, separation and analytical techniques used to identify and characterize bitter compounds are also covered. Food processing can itself generate compounds that are bitter, such as the Maillard reaction and lipid oxidation related products. Since bitterness is considered a negative attribute in many foods, the methods being used to remove and/mask it are also thoroughly discussed.
The Carnivore's Manifesto: Eating Well, Eating Responsibly, and Eating Meat
The Carnivore's Manifesto
Eating Well, Eating Responsibly, and Eating Meat
Hardcover      ISBN: 0316256242
Describes what meat-eaters can do to make intelligent and informed choices about what they're eating and where it came from and offers steps anyone can take to become part of the sustainable food movement. 35,000 first printing.
The Chef's Companion: A Culinary Dictionary
The Chef's Companion
A Culinary Dictionary
Paperback      ISBN: 047139842x
A comprehensive A-to-Z reference to basic culinary terms covers the range of food terminology, from adobo to zuppa, including more than five thousand English and foreign terms.
Chinese Food
Chinese Food
Paperback      ISBN: 0521186749
This illustrated gastronomic tour traces the development of the unique food and drink culture found in China.
Clean Meat: How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World
Clean Meat
How Growing Meat Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World
Hardcover      ISBN: 1501189085
A Gallery Book. Gallery Books has a great book for every reader.
Community Table: Recipes for an Ecological Food Future
Community Table
Recipes for an Ecological Food Future
Hardcover      ISBN: 1576878821
Knowing we're at a turning point in food, politically, environmentally, and culturally, this project started by looking for solutions. What can we do now to shape our future? We then decided to take action, drawing together the most passionate farmers, chefs, and volunteers we could to literally bring people to the table to have a real conversation about where their food came from and what's happening in the world of it. More than a cookbook, this is a manual for an abundant and thriving ecological food future. Community Table: Recipes for an Ecological Food Future reflects The Ecology Center's commitment to building a culinary community that engages consumers, farmers, chefs, and purveyors equally, and celebrates the beauty of connecting around the table. Community Table celebrates the farmers and chefs who model how to prepare and enjoy delicious food while also respecting our shared ecosystem. Throughout 2016, The Ecology Center invited Community Table Accord chefs and farmers to develop a series of curated dining experiences. Centered around the organization's 10 Principles of a Regenerative Food System, these committed chefs and farmers shared the story of food from farm to plate. Each dinner provided a space for community education as well as inspired dialogue around the challenges and solutions inherent in our food system. This extraordinary series was documented to create a one-of-a-kind cookbook. This book celebrates a year’s worth of incredible dinners through a deep exploration of our food landscape. Chefs, farmers, and purveyors share their role in the food system to build awareness and demonstrate opportunities for all to make a change. This is The Ecology Center's first of what they hope will be many manuals to be written, so that together we can continue to improve our food system and celebrate those who lead the way. From seasonally-inspired recipes to sourcing suggestions to addressing the importance of polyculture farming,Community Table merges diverse recipes and resources with actionable tips and solutions. In doing so, the table is set for an abundant and nourishing future that celebrates delicious food and the inherent interconnectedness of our ecosystems.
Community-Scale Composting Systems: A Comprehensive Practical Guide for Closing the Food System Loop and Solving Our Waste Crisis
Community-Scale Composting Systems
A Comprehensive Practical Guide for Closing the Food System Loop and Solving Our Waste Crisis
Hardcover      ISBN: 1603586547
Composting at scales large enough to capture and recycle the organic wastes of a given community, whether a school, neighborhood, or even a small city, is coming of age, propelled by a growing awareness not only of our food waste crisis, but also the need to restore natural fertility in our soils. In-depth yet accessible, Community-Scale Composting Systems is a technical resource for farmers, designers, service providers, organics recycling entrepreneurs, and advocates of all types, with a focus on developing the next generation of organics recycling infrastructure that can enable communities to close the food-soil loop in their local food systems. The main scope of the book is dedicated to compost system options and design, from basic sizing and layout to advanced techniques such as aerated static pile composting. Management techniques and operational considerations are also covered, including testing, feedstock characteristics, compost recipe development, and system-specific best management practices. Though focused on recycling systems that include food scraps