C Programming Language
Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
Objective-C Programming
The Big Nerd Ranch Guide
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 032194206x
Before programmers can master Cocoa and write state-of-the-art software for Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, they must first understand the essentials of Objective-C. In this book, the world's leading Mac development trainers bring together all the knowledge programmers will need to program effectively with the latest version of this powerful language. The authors first review the basics of C, the language Objective-C is based on. Next, they systematically introduce today's best practices for object-oriented programming with Objective-C. This edition covers new features of the Objective-C language including number/array/dictionary literal syntax, boxing, and subscripting and the most recent best practices and style guidelines. It also includes more information on advanced Objective-C and the Objective-C runtime and is updated for the latest version of Xcode. . This title is part of the brand-new Big Nerd Ranch Press series: the world's best books on Mac and iPhone development, straight from the world's #1 Mac programming trainers - Aaron Hillegass and Big Nerd Ranch!
More Effective C++: 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
More Effective C++
35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
Paperback      ISBN: 020163371x
For programmers at the intermediate level and above. This sequel to the author's Effective C++ provides methods for improving program efficiency. Coverage includes examinations of the time/space costs of C++ language features; descriptions of advanced techniques (placement new, virtual constructors, smart pointers, reference county proxy classes, and double-dispatching); examples of the impact of exception handling; and treatment of new language features (e.g. bool, mutable, explicit, namespaces, member templates). Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.
C Programming in Easy Steps
C Programming in Easy Steps
Paperback      ISBN: 1840788402
C Programming in easy steps, 5th edition is updated for the GNU Compiler version 6.3.0 and Windows 10, and has an easy-to-follow style that will appeal to anyone who wants to begin programming in C.
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Fundamentals of Computing With  C++
Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Fundamentals of Computing With C++
Paperback      ISBN: 0070308683
This powerful study tool is the best tutor you can have if you want top grades and thorough understanding of the fundamentals of computing with C++, the computing language taught at 83% of all colleges. This student-friendly study guide leads you step-by-step through the entire computer science course, giving you 420 problems with fully worked solutions and easy-to-follow examples for every new topic. You get complete explanations of data abstraction, recursion, Standard C++ container classes, searching, sorting algorithms, and other complex concepts, simplified and illustrated so they're easy to grasp. You also get additional practice problems to solve on your own, working at your own speed. This superb study guide covers the entire course, from logic to libraries. If you're taking introduction to computer science, this book will be your best friend. It's perfect for independent study, too!
Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example
Accelerated C++
Practical Programming by Example
Paperback      ISBN: 020170353x
The unconventional approach of this textbook starts with the most useful parts of C++ rather than the most primitive ones, introducing the language and standard library together from the very beginning. The authors concentrate more on solving problems than on exploring language and library features. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns, and Practices
Agile Software Development
Principles, Patterns, and Practices
Hardcover      ISBN: 0135974445
Written by a software developer for software developers, this book is a unique collection of the latest software development methods. The author includes OOD, UML, Design Patterns, Agile and XP methods with a detailed description of a complete software design for reusable programs in C++ and Java. Using a practical, problem-solving approach, it shows how to develop an object-oriented application—from the early stages of analysis, through the low-level design and into the implementation. Walks readers through the designer's thoughts — showing the errors, blind alleys, and creative insights that occur throughout the software design process. The book covers: Statics and Dynamics; Principles of Class Design; Complexity Management; Principles of Package Design; Analysis and Design; Patterns and Paradigm Crossings. Explains the principles of OOD, one by one, and then demonstrates them with numerous examples, completely worked-through designs, and case studies. Covers traps, pitfalls, and work arounds in the application of C++ and OOD and then shows how Agile methods can be used. Discusses the methods for designing and developing big software in detail. Features a three-chapter, in-depth, single case study of a building security system. For Software Engineers, Programmers, and Analysts who want to understand how to design object oriented software with state of the art methods.

Beginning Programming with C for Dummies
Beginning Programming with C for Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 1118737636
Learn the basics of programming with C with this fun and friendly guide! As the basis of all programming languages, C offers a reliable, strong foundation for programming and serves as a steppingstone upon which to expand your knowledge and learn additional programming languages. Written by veteran For Dummies author Dan Gookin, this straightforward-but-fun beginner's guide covers the fundamentals of using C and gradually walks you through more advanced topics including pointers, linked lists, file I/O, and debugging. With a special focus on the subject of an Integrated Development Environment, it gives you a solid understanding of computer programming in general as you learn to program with C. - Encourages you to gradually increase your knowledge and understanding of C, with each chapter building off the previous one - Provides you with a solid foundation of understanding the C language so you can take on larger programming projects, learn new popular programming languages, and tackle new topics with confidence - Includes more than 100 sample programs with code that are adaptable to your own projects Beginning Programming with C For Dummies assumes no previous programming language experience and helps you become competent and comfortable with the fundamentals of C in no time.
C: A Reference Manual
A Reference Manual
Paperback      ISBN: 013089592x
Documents the proper syntax and usage of the C programming languages' constructs and run-time libraries. Differences among standard C, C89, C99, and C++ are noted. Chapter topics include declarations, types, expressions, statements, string processing, I/O facilities, and mathematical functions. A useful reference for experienced programmers. The fifth edition incorporates the latest international C standard, ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
C All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies
C All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies
Paperback      ISBN: 0764570692
A guide to the C programming language covers such topics as writing source code, debugging, compiling code, creating an executable program, and deployment.
C in a Nutshell
C in a Nutshell
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1491904755
With the new edition of this classic book, you'll learn the 2011 standard C language in easy, exact terms. Every C programmer who needs to know the effects of an unfamiliar function, or to understand how the standard requires it to behave, can find it here. The book is also a convenient way to explore the concepts of the language, including recently added features. - Covers the current version of one of the most important programming languages - Comprehensive yet easy to search through and read - New edition includes multithreading and an introduction to IDEs - Covers building and debugging