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Chess Thinking: The Visual Dictionary of Chess Moves, Rules, Strategies and Concepts
Chess Thinking
The Visual Dictionary of Chess Moves, Rules, Strategies and Concepts
Paperback      ISBN: 0671795023
From America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit comes the ultimate chess reference--a visual dictionary of over 1,000 moves, rules, strategies, and concepts.

For new players needing clarification on a certain position to an expert brushing up on more obscure strategies, Chess Thinking covers the ABC's of chess as never before--from algebraic notation to zugzwang.

Comprehensive, illustrated with 140 detailed drawings, and written with exceptional clarity, this is an indispensable guide to any player ready to make a move and belongs on the shelf of every chess player's library.
Weapons of Chess: An Omnibus of Chess Strategies
Weapons of Chess
An Omnibus of Chess Strategies
Paperback      ISBN: 0671659723
From America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit, Bruce Pandolfini brings us the most accessible and easy-to-use chess strategy book ever.

Written for beginning and intermediate players, Weapons of Chess is the first encyclopedia of chess strategies that doesn't rely on the usual baffling chess notation. There are no symbolic chess moves, no charts or sequences in chess notation: every move is explained in words.

Arranged alphabetically for easy use and based mainly on pawn formation, the incredibly detailed and thorough entries in this book talk a player through dozens of common strategic dilemmas, such as doubled pawn, bishops vs. knights, and hanging pawn pair. Diagrams illustrate the terms, first showing the basic position and then strategically moving to more complicated versions of it. Players will learn how to formulate plans once they have reached a middlegame, enabling them to make wiser strategic decisions after the first few moves of the game.

Designed for use as a ready reference during actual practice games, and usable without a chess board, Weapons of Chess is a unique and invaluable resource for any developing chess player.
Abc's of Chess
Abc's of Chess
Paperback      ISBN: 0671619829
From America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit comes a collection of the 50 best columns from the Chess Life magazine monthly feature--the most respected chess column in the world.​

Conscientious in its explanation of every step of play, filled with detailed examples and practical suggestions for better chess playing for students AND teachers, this book sets the standard for all instructional series.

Organized into 10 sections, each examining a different element of chess play according to novices, intermediate players, and instructors, you can choose to read it from start to finish to learn the basics or turn to the particular section that will help you correct specific problems in your play.

With 64 commandments for better chess playing, over 200 diagrams, and standard algebraic notation, this is an essential volume for any home or school chess library.
The Mammoth Book Of The World's Greatest Chess Games
The Mammoth Book Of The World's Greatest Chess Games
Paperback      ISBN: 0786714115

This new and expanded edition of The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games contains the 112 greatest chess games of all time--selected, analyzed, re-evaluated and explained by a team of experts and illustrated with more than 900 diagrams. Among the highlights are Kasparov vs. Topalov; Kasparov vs. Wijk aan Zee; the super-computer Deep Blue's historic first win over Kasparov; Boris Spassky's "James Bond" Mating Combination; and Bobby Fischer's "Game of the Century." Study these games and learn about defense and counterattack, logical opening play, endgame strategy, psychological warfare, and how great players think.

The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen: Master of Attack
The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen
Master of Attack
Paperback      ISBN: 1886846030

No one has ever played chess like Adolph Anderssen played it, nor won as much fame and glory for his charismatic style. Anderssen's hallmark is the direct (and often spectacular ) Kingside attack, executed always with aggressive optimism, resourcefulness and daring. In Anderssen, moreover, this relentless drive to checkmate is backed up by explosive tactical brilliance, leaving in its wake combinations that have filled anthologies for generations.This volume features 897 games - with only 94 draws - richly annotated by the old Masters, and thoroughly updated for the 21st century. Also included are 80 chess problems composed by Anderssen, and a memorial essay here translated into English for the first time. Complete opening and player indexes plus 367 diagrams round out this massive chess biography of Adolph Anderssen, arguably the greatest of the great Masters.

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi
Japanese Chess
The Game of Shogi
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 4805310367
Learn and master the fascinating game of Japanese Chess or Shogi with this expert guide and chess set.

Japanese Chess: The Game of Shogi is the ultimate strategy guidebook for players of any skill level to improve their game and winning strategies. Played by millions around the world, Shogi is the uniquely Japanese variant of chess. It is the only version in which an opponent's captured piece can be dropped back onto the board as one's own. This makes for extremely exciting, dynamic gameplay in which momentum can quickly shift back and forth between players.

Trevor Legett, expert player and longtime resident of Japan, gives you all the information you need to play the game, form its basic rules to winning tactics.

Also included in this book are:
  • Sample game and commentary
  • Discussion of various opening strategies and game positions
  • Explanation of how to read a Japanese score
  • Fold-out Shogi board
  • Sturdy paper playing pieces
Japanese Chess features everything you need to get started playing this challenging and fun game
Chessercizes: New Winning Techniques for Players of All Levels
New Winning Techniques for Players of All Levels
Paperback      ISBN: 0671701843
From America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit comes a unique and challenging chess exercise book for players of all levels.

Faced with actual positions from recent tournaments and match play, readers are asked to make the winning move for some of the world's best players, including world champion Gary Kasparov, former champion Anatoly Karpov and future stars such as Hungary's Polgar sisters and Gata Kamsky from the US.

Problems are arranged into chapters by tactical themes, so that readers can focus on related attacks and combinations. For beginners and children, it also features a "Little Chessercizes" section with lighter examples that can help less experienced players.
More Chessercizes: Checkmate: 300 Winning Strategies for Players of All Levels
More Chessercizes: Checkmate
300 Winning Strategies for Players of All Levels
Paperback      ISBN: 0671701851
From America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit comes a collection of 300 winning strategies for players of all levels.

Continuing the innovative Chessercizes series this volume offers players the ultimate challenge--to find the move or sequence of moves that will finish off the imaginary opponent in a checkmate situation. A unique and challenging puzzle book for players of all levels, this book features 300 original problems and is arranged by degree of difficulty and ideal for developing tactical, analytical, and combinative skills.

Invaluable for practicing traps and winning opening moves, More Chessercizes: Checkmate is also convenient, as most of the problems can be solved without a chess board.
Russian Chess
Russian Chess
Paperback      ISBN: 0671619845
Based on six games played by the "Kasparov generation" of Soviet chess players, America's foremost chess coach and game strategist for Netflix's The Queen's Gambit presents a complete course in intermediate chess logic.​

The "Kasparov generation" of Soviet chess players is perhaps the best-trained crop of young players ever to come out of the country, holding the world title for 55 of the last 60 years.

With the clarity of instruction for which he is renowned, Bruce Pandolfini illustrates such concepts as Light Squares, Time, Attack, Pawn Advances, and Counterattack in six chapters structured around each of the six games.

Featuring a Grandmaster Glossary, 101 diagrams, an index, and algebraic notation throughout, this uniquely crafted volume puts the most valuable concepts in world-class chess at the intermediate player's fingertips.
Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black: How to Play for a Win Against the Spanish Opening
Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black
How to Play for a Win Against the Spanish Opening
Paperback      ISBN: 9056916076

The Ruy Lopez remains one of the most popular chess openings, both at club level and among top players. In this book, the companion volume to his acclaimed bestseller Bologan's Black Weapons in the Open Games, Victor Bologan presents a cutting-edge repertoire for Black based on the favorite lines of Magnus Carlsen and Levon Aronian. Bologan's Ruy Lopez for Black is more than just a well laid-out, clearly explained and eminently playable set of responses against the Spanish Opening. Bologan presents TWO different options against every main line. It's actually two books in one And there's a lot more: -- A quick guide for those who are new to the Ruy Lopez and have little time -- An instructive strategy section: how pawn structures define important themes -- The Fast Lane repertoire (in every chapter) indicates the minimum you need to know -- A wealth of new ideas in old lines -- A clear-cut presentation of tactical motifs -- Transpositions and move-order subtleties are clearly identified -- Traps & tricks are visually marked -- Many examples from Bologan's own games -- 2200 games referenced and presented in a separate index -- Lots of practical tips Victor Bologan has taken the chess opening repertoire book to a next level. He has created a unique instrument of chess instruction for players of almost any playing strength.