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Tales from the Drag Strip: Memorable Stories from the Greatest Drag Racer of All Time
Tales from the Drag Strip
Memorable Stories from the Greatest Drag Racer of All Time
Hardcover      ISBN: 1613213492

Since the moment that young men began modifying and personalizing their automobiles back in the 1940s and '50s, "Big Daddy" Don Garlits was squarely in the thick of this intoxicating pursuit. Tales from the Drag Strip with "Big Daddy" Don Garlits is a first-person account of the many memorable experiences this drag racing icon has lived through in his half-century of nitromethane-fueled exploits. The many races, racers, race fans, and race tracks that have touched his colorful career are recounted as only Big Daddy can, painting a vivid picture of his life at speed and the triumphs and tragedies that came along the way. Insightful, ironic, humorous, and touching--but all true--Big Daddy's remembrances are the next best thing to reliving the glory days of America's quickest and fastest motorsports through the eyes of an American institution.

Team Penske: 50th Anniversary at the Indianapolis 500
Team Penske
50th Anniversary at the Indianapolis 500
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847867188
Celebrating fifty years of Team Penske competing and winning at the Indianapolis 500, Team Penske charts the team's unrivaled 17 victories throughout the decades with exciting race photography, detailed statistics, and profiles of the drivers and teams and their quest for glory at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.

No other team in history has come close to matching the record of Roger Penske's team at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Team Penske has won 17 times in its 44 Indy 500 races at the Brickyard for a remarkable win rate of 38%. Penske first attended the Indianapolis 500 with his father in 1951. He became a champion sport car driver in the 1950s and 60s, before forming his own team. Team Penske made its debut at Indianapolis in 1969 and earned its first victory in 1972 with legendary driver Mark Donohue.

To celebrate Team Penske's 50th anniversary of competing at the Indy 500, this 224-page volume captures all the highlights from each year's journey at Indianapolis including individual driver's details, race highlights and team statistics. Illustrated with exciting photography and race ephemera, the book features legendary racers like Rick Mears, Bobby Unser, Al Unser, Danny Sullivan and Helio Castroneves, who all helped establish Team Penske as an Indy car powerhouse. Team Penske is a commemorative tribute to the spectacle and prestige of auto racing's most historic event and is a must-have book for aficionados of the Indy 500, motor sports and automotive innovation.
then Junior Said to Jeff. . .
then Junior Said to Jeff. . .
Paperback      ISBN: 1600787673

This collection of behind-the-scenes happenings from the history of the beloved stock car series shares stories of the great and the infamous, revealing privy insights into the drivers that fans thought they knew everything about. The book grants a glimpse into Buck Baker's tomato juice incident, how his son Buddy Baker landed face first in the mud on an ambulance stretcher, Dale Earnhardt's 1997 Daytona 500 rolling crash and how he famously went from ambulance to car to complete the race, Tony Stewart's realization that racing was the ideal career choice, and how Jeff Gordon "misplaced" his commemorative Richard Petty money clip. Race fans with allegiance to any era of NASCAR, past or present, will feel drawn into the inner circle of the drivers after sharing in these inside stories that are worth the telling.

Tony Robinson: The Biography of a Race Mechanic
Tony Robinson
The Biography of a Race Mechanic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1845842308

The 1950s and 1960s were a revolutionary period in motor sport history, and there are few left who were as close to Formula One in that time as leading mechanic Tony Robinson. Tony started in Grand Prix racing as mechanic to Stirling Moss, and went on to work touring Europe with privateer Grand Prix driver Bruce Halford, before becoming chief mechanic at BRP where he was reunited with (Sir) Stirling. This is a fascinating account of life in the pit lane.

Toyota Celica Gt-Four
Toyota Celica Gt-Four
Paperback      ISBN: 1787113310

This is a comprehensive study of the career of the Toyota Celica GT-Four. Starting in 1988, three generations of this effective turbocharged four-wheel-drive car - known by enthusiasts as ST165, ST185 and ST205 types - fought for World Championships, and were amazingly successful for almost a decade.

All types combined high-performance, great reliability, and superb preparation by Toyota Team Europe (based in Cologne, Germany), their 300bhp/four-wheel-drive chassis package being among the best in the world. Over the years, the cars won some of the roughest events in the world (such as the Safari and the Acropolis), and were also supreme on tarmac, snow and ice, including Monte Carlo.

After fighting a running battle with Lancia for years, the Celicas won the World Manufacturers' Championship twice. Its famous drivers included Carlos Sainz (World Champion in 1990 and 1992), Juha Kankkunen (Champion in 1993) and Didier Auriol (Champion in 1994).

Never far from controversy, and at times embroiled in technical and regulatory disputes, these cars brought real glamour to the colourful sport of rallying, and were only replaced by an even higher-tech Toyota - the Corolla World Rally Car - in 1997.

Trading Paint: 101 Great NASCAR Debates
Trading Paint
101 Great NASCAR Debates
Paperback      ISBN: 0470278757
Top NASCAR writer and Sirius NASCAR radio personality Jerry Bonkowski answers the questions that get fans most fired up

Who was the greatest NASCAR driver ever? Are crashes good for NASCAR? How will Danica Patrick fare as a NASCAR driver? What are the best and worst NASCAR cities and racetracks?

In Trading Paint, veteran NASCAR writer Jerry Bonkowski gets inside the sport's most contentious issues and gives you fuel for the debates that drive NASCAR lovers around the bend.

So the next time you're arguing with your friends over whether NASCAR races should be shorter or whether double-file restarts are good for the sport, read Trading Paint and you'll be ready to argue--and win.

  • Covers 101 NASCAR questions that get fans revved up the most--about rules, drivers, car design, money, and more
  • Written by NASCAR expert Jerry Bonkowski, on-air personality on Sirius NASCAR Radio and former NASCAR and motorsports columnist/writer for USA Today, ESPN.COM and Yahoo Sports
  • Takes a comprehensive look at the sport--including the past, present, and the future of NASCAR--from both on and off the track

Whether you're new to NASCAR or a longtime fan, this insider's guide will get you up to speed on controversies and concerns of your favorite sport.

Ultimate Speed Secrets: The Complete Guide to High-Performance and Race Driving
Ultimate Speed Secrets
The Complete Guide to High-Performance and Race Driving
Paperback      ISBN: 0760340501

Performance and racing drivers constantly seek ways to sharpen their skills and lower their lap times. Ultimate Speed Secrets is the indispensable tool to help make you faster, whatever your driving goals.

Professional race driver and coach Ross Bentley has raced everything from Indycars to World Sports Cars to production sedans, on ovals, road courses, and street circuits around the world. His proven high-performance driving techniques benefit novice drivers as well as professional racers. Ultimate Speed Secrets covers everything you need to know to maximize your potential and your car:
  • Choosing the correct line
  • Overtaking maneuvers
  • Adapting to new tracks and cars
  • The mental game and dealing with adversity
  • Finding (and keeping) a sponsor.
The pages are filled with specially commissioned color diagrams to illustrate the concepts described.

Whether you are a track-day novice or a seasoned professional, Ultimate Speed Secrets will arm you with practical information to lower your lap times and help you get the best out of your vehicle--and yourself. It's the ultimate high-performance driving tutorial
Ventura County Motor Sports
Ventura County Motor Sports
Paperback      ISBN: 1467115290

Ventura County has a long tradition in motor sports, and area racing enthusiasts have done it all, whether on four wheels or two, on the road or off, in a straight line or a circle, or even on the water. Ventura County Motor Sports takes you back to the vintage years of the Central Coast car and racing culture with a new set of classic photographs. Visit the forgotten racetrack known as Oxnard Speedway, check out the hot-rodding scene in Ojai during the 1950s and 1960s, and meet some of the personalities from Ventura County that made their mark in the automotive and racing world, plus get a special look at local custom cars and some great motorcycle, off-road, and drag boat action from the golden years.

White Racers from Zuffenhausen: Porsche 904, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910
White Racers from Zuffenhausen
Porsche 904, 906, 907, 908, 909, 910
Paperback      ISBN: 1583882189

It was no small leap for Porsche from its giant-killing Spyders to the powerful Type 917 that swept all before it. The gap was bridged by its 900-series sports-racing cars, here depicted in rare original photography from the Ludvigsen Library. Karl Ludvigsen has personally selected both dramatic action images and intimate technical details of the 904, 906, 907, 908 and 910, which with their air-cooled flat-six and flat-eight engines brought Porsche to the fore in both international sports-car racing and the European Hillclimb Championship, which Porsche won in 1966 and 1968. These were the years of spare-no-expense building of fresh cars for every race, funded secretly by Volkswagen, with exotic titanium and beryllium components. Led technically by the thrusting Ferdinand Pi ch, Porsche built the ultra-light 908/03 expressly to win both the Targa Florio and N rburgring -- which it did. Porsche expert Karl Ludvigsen introduces this must-have pictorial panorama for all fans of the white racers from Zuffenhausen.

World Formula 1 Records 2018
World Formula 1 Records 2018
Hardcover      ISBN: 1780979991
The seventh edition of the BBC's popular record book--now updated to include the thrilling events of the 2016 season
Focused exclusively on the most glamorous of all racing competitions, this fan favorite highlights the great battles for the World Drivers' Championship and the Constructors' Cup since they began in the 1950s. Along with 380 fantastic action photographs, World Formula 1 Records features hundreds of stories, statistics, lists, and tables covering the legendary drivers, teams, and tracks.