Archery and Target Shooting
Zen in the Art of Archery
Zen in the Art of Archery
Paperback      ISBN: 0375705090
Discusses the principles of Zen Buddhism involved in the practice of archery and shares the author's experiences studying both in Japan.
Zen in Motion: Lessons from a Master Archer on Breath, Posture, and the Path of Intuition
Zen in Motion
Lessons from a Master Archer on Breath, Posture, and the Path of Intuition
Paperback      ISBN: 089281361x
The author reveals the details of his initiation into the mysteries of Zen archery, discussing the Zen path of awareness and how to improve posture, breathing, and concentration
Annie Oakley
Annie Oakley
Paperback      ISBN: 0806132442
A biography of America's greatest female sharpshooter delves beneath her popular image to reveal a conservative but competitive and resolute woman who wanted to succeed
Paperback      ISBN: 1450420206
Edited and endorsed by USA Archery, the official governing body for the sport of target archery in the United States. Contributing authors are elite coaches and top archers, including KiSik Lee, the National Head Coach of the US Olympic Archery Training Program. Topics cover equipment, shooting techniques, mental and physical training, physical conditioning, strategies, developing young archers and working with para-archers. Both recurve and compound bow techniques thoroughly explained. Over 160 instructional photos. Original.
Archery: Skills, Tactics, Techniques
Skills, Tactics, Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1847979599
Improve your archery skills with helpful tips, seasoned advice, and photos showing proper form and techniques Archery has photographic sequences clearly illustrating how to achieve good form, and there are close-up photographs of equipment and accessories. Advice is given on choosing the right bow and arrows, and also a clear explanation of bow set up and arrow tuning. Detailed advice is given on how to produce a good shot cycle. There are practice tips for performance, helpful hints to improve scores, and advice on making the move from club to competition shooting.

Archery for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Shooting Recurve and Compound Bows
Archery for Beginners
The Complete Guide to Shooting Recurve and Compound Bows
Paperback      ISBN: 0804851530
Archery for Beginners is the complete instructional guide for anyone interested in taking up recreational archery. This book covers all the essentials for the beginning archer—from basic skills and equipment to effective and safe training methods. There are chapters on both recurve and compound bows, the two most popular types, as well as information on how to track your progress. Topics included in this book are: - Compound and Recurve bows - Archery equipment and accessories - Training preparation and safety - Advanced shooting methods - Fun archery games - How to make your own bow With over 150 illustrations and full-color photos, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow directions, Archery for Beginners is the go-to guide for anyone interested in learning archery basics. Be the next to join more than 8 million Americans who enjoy this popular pastime.
Archery Fundamentals
Archery Fundamentals
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1450469108
Explains everything beginning archers need to know about the sport, including bows, arrows, and accessories; an introduction to recurve, compound and traditional shooting technique; and information on equipment setup, tuning, maintenance and repair. It also includes information on preparing for target and field archery competitions and preparing for a first tournament. Original.
Bow Accessories: Equipment and Trimmings You Can Make
Bow Accessories
Equipment and Trimmings You Can Make
Hardcover      ISBN: 0764330357
Deer & Deer Hunting's Guide to Better Bow-Hunting
Deer & Deer Hunting's Guide to Better Bow-Hunting
Paperback      ISBN: 144023082x
This 128-page guide provides expert information on becoming a better archery hunter and shooter, whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert. Featuring tips and secrets found only inside the pages of North Amerca's No. 1 whitetail magazine, Deer & Deer Hunting?s Guide to Better Bowhunting is illustrated with instructional, eye-catching photography and tips that will make you a better shooter and hunter.

Female and Armed: A Woman's Guide to Advanced Situational Awareness, Concealed Carry, and Defensive Shooting Techniques
Female and Armed
A Woman's Guide to Advanced Situational Awareness, Concealed Carry, and Defensive Shooting Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1632205254
In Female and Armed Lynne Finch offers an information-packed follow-up to her first book,Taking Your First Shot. Based on questions and requests from readers, this book addresses more advanced techniques for personal defense as well as range drills to help readers practice and hone those skills. It’s important to know how to defend yourself, and Finch provides the building blocks necessary to successfully navigate some dangerous, real-life scenarios. Be it a carjacking, robbery, or home invasion, readers will learn how to protect themselves and their family. Female and Armed introduces readers to more advanced situational awareness techniques and builds upon their previous shooting experience by teaching them how to responsibly handle and carry a concealed handgun. Finch covers the advances in female holsters and discusses the various ways to carry, as well as the importance of having a primary carry method. In addition to this, topics include handgun retention, defensive draw stroke and defensive reloading, shooting from an unstable platform, and shooting from within a car. Knowing how to handle yourself can make all the difference in a stressful and dangerous situation. This guide also includes defensive tactics when confronted by an assailant armed with a gun or knife. Brimming with full-color photos, this approachable guide is written in Finch’s distinctive conversational and nonthreatening style. It is great for the novice shooter looking to advance and for the more experienced shooter looking for tips to improve her shooting.