Aquatic Sports
Lonely Planet Thailand's Islands & Beaches
Lonely Planet Thailand's Islands & Beaches
Paperback      ISBN: 1786570599
Lonely Planet
365 Surfboards: The Coolest, Raddest, Most Innovative Boards from Around the World
365 Surfboards
The Coolest, Raddest, Most Innovative Boards from Around the World
Paperback      ISBN: 0760345295
In 365 Surfboards, surfing expert and writer Ben Marcus brings together, through beautiful photographs and descriptions, the most important, most interesting, and most innovative surfboards the world has ever known.
Scratching the Horizon: A Surfing Life
Scratching the Horizon
A Surfing Life
Paperback      ISBN: 1250031591
A founder of the Surfers Healing foundation recounts how the author left a successful medical practice to pursue a lasting surfing odyssey that grew to include his wife and their nine children including one with autism, describing the vagabond bohemian existence and sense of purpose the family has shared along the world's coastlines. 30,000 first printing.
All for a Few Perfect Waves: The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora
All for a Few Perfect Waves
The Audacious Life and Legend of Rebel Surfer Miki Dora
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0060773332
For twenty years, Miki "Da Cat" Dora was the king of Malibu surfers—a dashing, enigmatic rebel who dominated the waves, ruled his peers' imaginations, and who still inspires the fantasies of wannabes to this day. And yet, Dora railed against surfing's sudden post-Gidget popularity and the overcrowding of his once empty waves, even after this avid sportsman, iconoclast, and scammer of wide repute ran afoul of the law and led the FBI on a remarkable seven-year chase around the globe in 1974. The New York Times named him "the most renegade spirit the sport has yet to produce" and Vanity Fair called him "a dark prince of the beach." To fully capture Dora's never-before-told story, David Rensin spent four years interviewing hundreds of Dora's friends, enemies, family members, lovers, and fellow surfers to uncover the untold truth about surfing's most outrageous practitioner, charismatic antihero, committed loner, and enduring mystery.

Amazing Waves: The Beauty of Waves and an Appreciation of Surf
Amazing Waves
The Beauty of Waves and an Appreciation of Surf
Hardcover      ISBN: 099303831x
No matter if you’re a surfer, or have never even seen the sea, you can’t help but be transfixed by the aquatic sculptures of infinite variety that are waves. Photographers dedicate their lives to capturing their majesty and this book is a testament to the awesome power and sublime beauty of waves. Amazing Waves is a stunning coffee-table book of photographs that capture the beauty and majesty of ocean waves. This breathtaking volume is a collection of the best work by 20 of the world’s top surf photographer’s. The photos in Amazing Waves are guaranteed to thrill surfers, longboarders, kite surfers and bodyboarders alike; everyone who loves looking at images of the ocean at its most spectacular. Plus, this title includes tips and advice for budding photographers.
Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life
Barbarian Days
A Surfing Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 1594203474
Describes the author's experiences as a lifelong surfer, from his early years in Honolulu through his culturally sophisticated pursuits of perfect waves in some of the world's most exotic locales.
The Big Juice: Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing
The Big Juice
Epic Tales of Big Wave Surfing
Paperback      ISBN: 0762769939
24 classic big wave surfing stories.
The Big Wave Method: 8 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Achieving Your Ultimate Dream
The Big Wave Method
8 Steps to Overcoming Your Fear and Achieving Your Ultimate Dream
Hardcover      ISBN: 1401953204
Each of us has a “big wave”—a dream that seems to be at the edge of what’s possible, that resonates deeply in our hearts, and would require all of our heart and soul to accomplish. If we’re successful, we’re transported far beyond who we thought we were and where we thought we would be. But to get there, we have to overcome our greatest fears and uncertainties. In order to surf Jaws at night in Maui, one of the most treacherous waves in the world, internationally renowned big wave surfer Mark Visser had to map out a plan. He knew he had to prepare for and accept the unpredictable so that he could achieve the unbelievable. And he knew his method had to be as practical as it was true to his passion. With a clear vision and a voice as bold as his personality, Visser outlines the eight steps he took to conquer his biggest challenge yet and that you can take to carve out your own path to success.

The California Surf Project
The California Surf Project
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811862828
Quit your job, pack your boards, and surf your way down the California coast.... Sound like a daydream? The California Surf Project is the fully illustrated travel diary of two surfers who took this trip of a lifetime. Chris Burkard, a talented photographer, and Eric Soderquist, a professional surfer, cajoled their Volkswagen bus along Highway 1 from the Oregon border to the Tijuana Sloughs and discovered everything the Golden State's legendary coastline has to offer. Relive their incredible adventure of surfing perfect waves, sharing campfires with total strangers, and keeping the bus running with duct tape and prayers in more than 200 gorgeous photographs, soulful text, and a professionally produced thirty-minute DVD.

Caught Inside: A Surfer's Year on the California Coast
Caught Inside
A Surfer's Year on the California Coast
Paperback      ISBN: 0865475091
Recounts a year of surfing in California, shares observations on Pacific shore ecology, and looks at the history of the state and surfing