Foreign Automobiles - History
Cars & Curves: A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche
Cars & Curves
A Tribute to 70 Years of Porsche
Hardcover      ISBN: 3667112939
Classic Cars: A Century of Masterpieces
Classic Cars
A Century of Masterpieces
Hardcover      ISBN: 1851499164

- A ride through the most coveted cars of the twentieth century, offering sumptuous color photography and stunning close ups - Every featured vehicle has risen significantly in price over the past five to ten years "These are the cars that most collectors would want to own for their looks, character, performance and driving enjoyment. They all broke the mold." - Simon de Burton Simon de Burton journeys through some of the most coveted cars of the twentieth century. From the Alfa Romeo 6C to the Porsche 996 GT3, the author has chosen cars from each decade from the 1930s to the early 2000s, his choices made from the perspective of the enthusiast and collector. All are considered 'milestone' cars and all have risen substantially in value in the past five to ten years. They are not all necessarily the fastest, rarest or most valuable cars, but they are all highly significant and highly regarded. These are the cars that should have been bought when they were new and kept for the future - now that they are truly desired. Features cars from across the varied spans of time, price and purpose, including: Lancia Lambda, Austin Seven, Volkswagen Beetle, Jaguar C-Type, Citroen DS19, Ford Mustang, DeLorean DMC 12, McLaren F1.

111 Porsche Stories You Should Know Revised & Updated
111 Porsche Stories You Should Know Revised & Updated
Hardcover      ISBN: 3740800356

- 111 Porsche stories that will give you a greater insight into the lengendary car manufactory- A must for anyone with even just a passing interest in Porsche What came first - the Porsche or the Beetle? Which Porsche racing car set every world record in the very year it was first presented in racing at Monza? And who is "Sascha"? Immerse yourself in the unique and visionary world of Porsche: in tales of secret prototypes, fascinating photos from the Porsche archives, magic words such as "Carrera" and inside stories that have never yet been told in this way.

Leica and Zagato: Europe Collectibles
Leica and Zagato
Europe Collectibles
Hardcover      ISBN: 3667113897

- Features photographs of Zagato cars, taken on a Leica camera, using some of Europe's most impressive architecture as a backdropZagato Leica: European Collectibles is part of a fascinating series conceived by Zagato (1919) and Leica Camera (1914). The book wasn't conceived as a pure motoring publication. The aim is to create a fantastic trip through three continents, combining thirty-three Zagato models from its entire history, with the history and quality of Leica Camera AG's products.This book features stunning photographs against the dramatic backdrop of some of the most significant European Architecture.

Ferrari: The Best
The Best
French    Hardcover      ISBN: 885701262x

- The most beautiful cars in the world have been rolling out of the Maranello Ferrari factory for 70 years. This book is a tribute to the mix of imagination and ingenuity that makes them so special Ferrari: The Best contains seven chapters full of curiosities, outstanding photos, solid information and previously-unrevealed details with models, people, victories and places that have contributed to make Ferrari the worldwide famous icon it is today. A book for the most demanding fan and collector as well as for any car lover.

Bulli Love
Bulli Love
Hardcover      ISBN: 3667103042

- A celebration of Volkwagen's iconic "Bulli" - the camper vanWhether hippie vehicle, work machine, camper van, family car or sought-after collector's item: for fans of the Volkswagen Transporter or "Bulli" there really is nothing better.On occasion of the world premiere of the brand new model, Volkswagen Transporter T6, and the 65th birthday of the Type 2, this book portrays the VW Bulli and its devotees. Apart from celebrities like Jacky Ickx or Johann Lafer Bulli Love presents Bulli fans from all over the world: an Indian Transporter enthusiast at the colourful Holi festival, a New York youngster, who earned his camper van by mowing lawns or the Tokyo trio with their T3 models.Bulli Love combines wonderful reports from all over world with excellent photos of Bulli models and their owners. Pure passion, exceptionally staged, this is a magnum opus for one of the very few, unique automobiles of the world. A popular figure par excellence.

Stars and Cars
Stars and Cars
Hardcover      ISBN: 1781316767

Steve McQueen, a Mustang, and San Francisco; the ten-minute pursuit in Bullitt has remained the definitive movie car chase for nearly fifty years. Iconic moments from cinematic history do not get much better than this.

Stars & Cars is a celebration of the most unforgettable automotive moments in film, TV, and popular culture. Lavishly illustrated, it brings together the iconic cars that made an impact on our collective psyche, and the stars who drove, raced, collected, re-painted, crashed, or simply loved them to an obsessional degree.

From James Dean and his ill-fated Porsche Spyder, to the greatest Aston Martin moments in the Bond movies. Heroic Minis in The Italian Job, to the eye-popping paint jobs on the psychedelic limos commissioned by The Beatles--all of the greatest collaborations between stars and cars are featured in the pages of this book.

#99 X 911: The History of the Porsche 911
#99 X 911
The History of the Porsche 911
Hardcover      ISBN: 3667116551

-Incredible miniature Porsches, photographed in 'real-world' settings - each model is 1/43rd scale -All of the eight 911 generation in 99 models, among them the Porsche 'Fledermaus' (prototype TS 901), Porsche 901/911 and the Porsche 911 Carrera S (Porsche 992) -Handy Porsche compendium, in chronical order from 1962 to 2019 -Informative, historical and technical details to each and every model Five decades, eight generations, one number: 911.There is no other car as legendary as the Porsche 911. Old-timer, new release or racing car legend; fans worldwide are fascinated. The Porsche 911, an epitome of a German sports car, is a world-renowned import success and dream car. In this multi-faceted work, the 99 most important models of the legend are presented chronologically as miniatures in a 1/43rd scale, each with a picture and text page, in an informative, entertaining and surprising way: as Urban Outlaw, flat speedster, Germany's Next top model, as a wolf in sheep's clothing... all put together by author J rg Walz, a collector since childhood. The author places the snapshots of vehicle miniatures in a 'real' environment and presents a well-assorted digital car museum. The charming interplay between a small car model set into a lively background is fascinating. The originally spontaneously created photo collection is completely simply "iPhonographed", without further aids or artificial arrangements, initially taken for Instagram.

356 Porsche Technical and Restoration Guide
356 Porsche Technical and Restoration Guide
Paperback      ISBN: 0929758102

This superb collection of technical and restoration articles from the first 20 years of the 356 Registry covers all aspects of restoration and repair. Chapters include: Background/History; Body; Brakes; Detailing; Driving; Electrical; Engine; Engine Lore from the Maestro; Engine/Gearbox Conversions; Fuel System; Hardware; Interior; Linkage/Cables; Luggage Compartment; Parts; Restoration; Storage; Suspension; Tools; and Trim.

Abarth: Racing Cars. Collection 1949-1974
Racing Cars. Collection 1949-1974
Hardcover      ISBN: 3667113927

- The complete history of Abarth race cars- Previously unseen pictures and documentsA spectacular collection of 48 Abarth race cars, covering the whole production period, with lavish pictures by top photographers, makes for a very exciting book. The author has access to huge archives, one from a former race mechanic, with lots of letters, documents and historic photos. The pictures are the main focus here, interspersed by anecdotes from the golden times of motor racing. Text in English and German.