Hatha Yoga
The Yogi Code: Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success
The Yogi Code
Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success
Paperback      ISBN: 1501154532

Thousands of years of wisdom are distilled into one accessible and simple code of ethics comprised of seven daily practices "imbued with heart, soul, and genuine love for the empowering potential of this practice" (LA Yoga).

While most of us think of yoga as a series of poses, the path of a Yogi goes far beyond the mat into a set of daily practices that can reverse aging, grant better health and confidence, help you create deeper connections, and ultimately allow you to live your true purpose. The knowledge and techniques of The Yogi Code can unleash your power to manifest your full potential, every day.

In this succinct yet illuminating book, Yogi Cameron demystifies seven thousand years of ancient wisdom into accessible language, regardless of your familiarity or ability with yoga. You'll learn to balance daily demands while achieving a higher level of consciousness and self-knowledge. Your new routines will build a strong foundation for centering yourself and being guided by your intuition, ultimately leading you to gain mastery over your fears and to achieve your highest goals.

With carefully crafted chapters and practices expertly created to fit into your fast-paced days, these "lucid teachings from a compassionate teacher" (Publishers Weekly) will bring order to your life and point you in the direction of your eternal purpose.

Yogic Tools for Recovery: A Guide for Working the Twelve Steps
Yogic Tools for Recovery
A Guide for Working the Twelve Steps
Paperback      ISBN: 1942094523

Experience the benefits of recovery through the practice of yoga

Recovery from active addiction is a lifelong journey that can take many paths. By aligning yoga philosophy and poses with each of the Twelve Steps, Kyczy Hawk presents a physical and spiritual guide that complements and augments any twelve-step practice.

Highlighting her own yogic journey through the steps, Hawk provides an enlightened way of thinking that allows readers to investigate how they think, feel, and believe by using a new vocabulary to process traditional recovery principles.

  • Current findings increasingly support yoga and mindfulness as promising complementary therapies for addictive behaviors (Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 2013).

  • Provides clear and concise instructions requiring no prior knowledge and enabling people to experience the benefits of this ancient practice in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

  • Key yoga terms are explained clearly and all poses are accompanied by illustrations.

  • Consistent practice will lead to a more positive outlook on life and help eliminate harmful attitudes and behaviors. It can also create a balanced lifestyle, bringing greater harmony, stability, and enjoyment.

  • Anyone can benefit from yoga, regardless of ability, age, belief system, or life circumstance.

Kyczy Hawk is a certified yoga instructor. She lectures on yoga and recovery throughout the Bay Area and has been a presenter at the Art of Yoga Project and Niroga Institute's Yoga Therapy teacher training. As the Success Over Addiction and Relapse (SOAR) yoga teacher specialty-training founder, she has taught yoga instruction workshops throughout the United States. She hosts a weekly yoga recovery meeting on In The Rooms and manages the Willow Glen Yoga Studio in San Jose, CA.

The Yogic Tools Workbook
The Yogic Tools Workbook
Paperback      ISBN: 1942094639

an active and personalized way for people in recovery to extend and strengthen their yogic investigation of the Twelve Steps.

Designed for use as a companion to Yogic Tools for Recovery, this workbook allows a person from any fellowship to document his or her progress through the Twelve Steps. In the introduction of each step, yogini Kyczy Hawk focuses on a recovery concept and breaks down its healing message, utilizing the wisdom of the yoga sutras. Then, she leads readers through a self-exploration of the yogic principles aligned with the step, providing introspective questions along with activities such as poses, visualizations, breath practices, and meditations.

By working the steps in this manner, both men and women, regardless of age and physical ability, will learn how to synthesize the artifacts and memories of addiction in a new, holistic way, leading to contentment as they find their true path.

Yogilates(r): Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength, and Flexibility
Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength, and Flexibility
Paperback      ISBN: 0060010274

Yogilates is the future of fitness. It is the unifying essence of yoga and the powerful, therapeutic value of Pilates fused together into one system. Yogilates gives a more balanced and complete workout than when either discipline is done separately. With regular practice readers will progress safely and quickly to a stronger, more flexible body and a more relaxed state of being. Drawing from his background in sports and dance, Jonathan Urla, a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor, has created original exercises that stimulate and enrich the mind, body, and spirit and is appropriate for people of all ages. Representing a new paradigm in holisitic fitness, Yogilates is perfect for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.

Your Body, Your Yoga: Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful, Safe, and Best Suited to You
Your Body, Your Yoga
Learn Alignment Cues That Are Skillful, Safe, and Best Suited to You
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0968766536
Your Body, Your Yoga goes beyond any prior yoga anatomy book available. It looks not only at the body's unique anatomical structures and what this means to everyone's individual range of motion, but also examines the physiological sources of restrictions to movement. Two volumes are provided in this book: Volume 1 raises a new mantra to be used in every yoga posture: What Stops Me? The answers presented run through a spectrum, beginning with a variety of tensile resistance to three kinds of compressive resistance. Examined is the nature of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, bones and our extracellular matrix and their contribution to mobility. The shape of these structures also defines our individual, ultimate range of movement, which means that not every body can do every yoga posture. The reader will discover where his or her limits lie, which dictates which alignment cues will work best, and which ones should be abandoned. Volume 2 will take these principles and apply them to the lower body, examining the hip joint, the knee, ankle and foot, and will present how your unique variations in these joints will show up in your yoga practice.