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No Beast So Fierce: The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History
No Beast So Fierce
The Terrifying True Story of the Champawat Tiger, the Deadliest Animal in History
Paperback      ISBN: 0062678868

The astonishing true story of the man-eating tiger that claimed a record 437 human lives

"Thrilling. Fascinating. Exciting." --Wall Street Journal - Riveting. Haunting." --Scientific American

Nepal, c. 1900: A lone tigress began stalking humans, moving like a phantom through the lush foothills of the Himalayas. As the death toll reached an astonishing 436 lives, a young local hunter was dispatched to stop the man-eater before it struck again. This is the extraordinary true story of the Champawat Man-Eater, the deadliest animal in recorded history.

One part pulse-pounding thriller, one part soulful natural history of the endangered Royal Bengal tiger, No Beast So Fierce is Dane Huckelbridge's gripping nonfiction account of the Champawat tiger, which terrified northern India and Nepal from 1900 to 1907, and Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter who pursued it. Huckelbridge's masterful telling also reveals that the tiger, Corbett, and the forces that brought them together are far more complex and fascinating than a simple man-versus-beast tale.

At the turn of the twentieth century as British rule of India tightened and bounties were placed on tiger's heads, a tigress was shot in the mouth by a poacher. Injured but alive, it turned from its usual hunting habits to easier prey--humans. For the next seven years, this man-made killer terrified locals, growing bolder with every kill. Colonial authorities, desperate for help, finally called upon Jim Corbett, a then-unknown railroad employee of humble origins who had grown up hunting game through the hills of Kumaon.

Like a detective on the trail of a serial killer, Corbett tracked the tiger's movements in the dense, hilly woodlands--meanwhile the animal shadowed Corbett in return. Then, after a heartbreaking new kill of a young woman whom he was unable to protect, Corbett followed the gruesome blood trail deep into the forest where hunter and tiger would meet at last.

Drawing upon on-the-ground research in the Indian Himalayan region where he retraced Corbett's footsteps, Huckelbridge brings to life one of the great adventure stories of the twentieth century. And yet Huckelbridge brings a deeper, more complex story into focus, placing the episode into its full context for the first time: that of colonialism's disturbing impact on the ancient balance between man and tiger; and that of Corbett's own evolution from a celebrated hunter to a principled conservationist who in time would earn fame for his devotion to saving the Bengal tiger and its habitat. Today the Corbett Tiger Reserve preserves 1,200 km of wilderness; within its borders is Jim Corbett National Park, India's oldest and most prestigious national park and a vital haven for the very animals Corbett once hunted.

An unforgettable tale, magnificently told, No Beast So Fierce is an epic of beauty, terror, survival, and redemption for the ages.

Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon
Legend, Enemy, Icon
Paperback      ISBN: 1770855599

"A new bible for wolf-lovers... Any lover of all things lupine is in safe hands. With a meticulous seamstress's eye, Grambo interweaves biological facts with lupine legends, fascinating artifacts and relevant quotes and songs."
--BBC Wildlife Magazine

In this updated and expanded edition with 16 new pages, Rebecca Grambo paints an intimate portrait of an animal that has fascinated, inspired and terrified people throughout human history. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, the author weaves together ancient legends, up-to-date science, historical writings and personal observations. With penetrating photography by Daniel J. Cox, the result is a magnificent, passionate and powerful story of an animal worth understanding and preserving.

Chapters include:

  • At the Firelight's Edge: stories that record the earliest human-wolf encounters
  • Part of the Pack: how wolves work together to hunt, for protection and to take care of the young
  • Legendary Predator: how wolves organize the hunt and select their prey
  • Warriors and Wolves: how, from ancient times, wolves have been role models for warriors
  • Shamans and Shapeshifters: how wolves have been seen as a great source of power and healing
  • Predator Becomes Prey: how humans have hunted wolves beyond all reason or need

New in this edition:

  • At the Edge Again: how wolves have fared since their 1995-96 reintroduction to Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho.

Wolf blends natural science, history and folklore to explore the fascination with one of the most complex creatures in the world. The book reveals how humans have interacted with wolves, from the earliest creation myths to current attempts to restore near-extinct populations. It also includes photographs of artworks depicting wolves in human cultures.

Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty
Shell Games
Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature's Bounty
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0061537136

Shell Games is a cops-and-robbers tale set in a double-crossing world where smugglers fight turf wars over some of the world's strangest marine creatures.

Puget Sound sits south of the border between the U.S. and Canada and is home to the magnificent geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck"), the world's largest burrowing clam. Comically proportioned but increasingly fashionable as seafood, the geoduck has been the subject of pranks, TV specials, and gourmet feasts. But this shellfish is so valuable it is also traded for millions of dollars on the black market-- a world where outlaw scuba divers dodge cops while using souped-up boats, night-vision goggles, and weighted belts to pluck the succulent treasures from the sea floor. And the greatest dangers come from rival poachers who resort to arson and hit men to eliminate competition and stake their claim in the geoduck market.

Detective Ed Volz spent his life chasing elk-antler thieves, bobcat smugglers, and eagle talon poachers. Now he was determined to find the kingpin of the geoduck underworld. He and a team of federal agents set up illegal sales, secretly recorded conversations, and photographed hand-offs from the bushes. For years, they tracked a rogues' gallery of lawbreakers, who eventually led them to the biggest thief of all-- a darkly charming con man who called himself the "GeoduckGotti" and who worked both sides of the law.

In Shell Games, veteran environmental journalist Craig Welch delves into the wilds of our nation's waters and forests in search of some of America's most unusual criminals and the cops who are on a mission to take them down. This thrilling examination of the international black market for wildlife is filled with butterfly thieves, bear slayers, and shark-trafficking pastors-- all part of one of the largest illegal trades in the world.

Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard: Month-by-Month Projects for Family Fun
Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard
Month-by-Month Projects for Family Fun
Paperback      ISBN: 1591866170

Make your backyard the best little wildlife sanctuary on the block. There are many ways to attract birds and butterflies to your backyard, giving us all a chance to enjoy these beautiful, coveted creatures. But have you ever tried to tempt a turtle, lure a lizard, summon a snake, or coax a chipmunk to come and visit? The wonders of wildlife are not limited to flying specimens, as anyone with a true affection for fauna (as well as flora) will attest. In Attracting Wildlife, longtime birding and wildlife author Marcus Schneck provides a charming blend of stylized illustrations, color photos, and helpful text offering fun, educational family activities for attracting your favorite critters to your property. Using a month-by-month approach, the book lays out project after project that you can complete whether you live on a small urban lot or sprawling piece of country acreage. So the next time you're going about planting tomatoes in May, you can add a simple toad sanctuary to the list and enjoy a summer's worth of serenades.

Stilwater: Finding Wild Mercy in the Outback
Finding Wild Mercy in the Outback
Paperback      ISBN: 1571313141
The spellbinding true story of a young woman's adventure in the Australian outback as she joins a small crew on an abandoned cattle station and drags feral cattle in from the wild.

One thousand square miles of coastal scrub--inundated by monsoon floods in summer, baked dry in winter, and filled with the most deadly animals in the world--Stilwater seems an unlikely home for a cattle operation. But in the countless miles beyond the station compound roam tens of thousands of cows, many entirely feral from a long period of neglect. Rafael has been hired, along with a ragged crew of ringers and stockmen, to bring them in for drafting. Over a season they use helicopters, motorcycles, bullcatcher jeeps, horses, ropes, and knives to win Stilwater Station back from the wild.

A deeply poetic inquiry into our desire to make order where we find wildness, Stilwater: Finding Mercy in the Outback suffuses us with salt and scrub and blood, blurring the line between domestic and feral in wondrous, unsettling ways. This is a whirlwind of men, women, cattle, horses, machines and landscape in collaborative evolution, all becoming different manifestations of the same entity--the Australian Wild.
Agriculture Foraging & Wildlife
Agriculture Foraging & Wildlife
Hardcover      ISBN: 071030515x

First Published in 1996

Can wildlife utilization become a sustainable alternative means of land usage? This anthropological study reveals the intricate web of socio-cultural forces at play in wildlife management in Africa, shedding light on many issues central to the management of natural resources around the world. Based on two years of fieldwork in a remote part of the Zambezi valley, where buffalos and elephants compete with foragers and stream-bank cultivators and where safari operators, spirit mediums and wildlife committees exert conflicting rights over natural resources, this book charts the progress of Zimbabwe's experiment in the use of wildlife for the benefit of local communities through the Communal Areas Management Program for Indigenous Resources (CAMPFIRE). CAMPFIRE aims to redirect control and benefits of state-run wildlife management through local community-based wildlife utilization common property regimes. Focusing on the cultural and political dynamics associated with wildlife use, Hasler's book describes the village context, where conflicting and ambiguous rights, and vested interests in natural resources from ward, district, national and global levels, result in a confusion of jurisdictions concerning use, ownership and access to wildlife.

Analysis of Vertebrate Pest Control
Analysis of Vertebrate Pest Control
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521415284

This book describes the application of statistics, economics and mathematical modeling to the control of bird and mammal pests. It is about how scientists have analyzed whether vertebrates are pests and what is achieved by control. The book distinguishes itself from other books on the topic by emphasizing the science behind vertebrate pest control rather than methods of control. Dr. Hone critically reviews the literature on topics such as damage assessment and control evaluation and makes links to ecology, epidemiology, fisheries management and economics. The text includes case studies of many mammalian and avian pests in a worldwide scope.

Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data
Analysis of Wildlife Radio-Tracking Data
Hardcover      ISBN: 0127467254

With the substantial advances in the miniaturization of electronic components, wildlife biologists now routinely monitor the movements of free-ranging animals with radio-tracking devices. This book explicates the many analytical techniques and computer programs available to extract biological information from the radio tracking data.

The Arctic Guide: Wildlife of the Far North
The Arctic Guide
Wildlife of the Far North
Paperback      ISBN: 069113975x

The definitive full-color field guide to Arctic wildlife

The Arctic Guide presents the traveler and naturalist with a portable, authoritative guide to the flora and fauna of earth's northernmost region. Featuring superb color illustrations, this one-of-a-kind book covers the complete spectrum of wildlife--more than 800 species of plants, fishes, butterflies, birds, and mammals--that inhabit the Arctic's polar deserts, tundra, taiga, sea ice, and oceans. It can be used anywhere in the entire Holarctic region, including Norway's Svalbard archipelago, Siberia, the Russian Far East, islands of the Bering Sea, Alaska, the Canadian Arctic, and Greenland. Detailed species accounts describe key identification features, size, habitat, range, scientific name, and the unique characteristics that enable these organisms to survive in the extreme conditions of the Far North. A color distribution map accompanies each species account, and alternative names in German, French, Norwegian, Russian, Inuit, and Inupiaq are also provided.

  • Features superb color plates that allow for quick identification of more than 800 species of plants, fishes, butterflies, birds, and mammals
  • Includes detailed species accounts and color distribution maps
  • Covers the flora and fauna of the entire Arctic region

Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases: True Stories of Florida Game Wardens
Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases
True Stories of Florida Game Wardens
Hardcover      ISBN: 0813062446

"Stories are brimming with confrontations and high-stakes action. . . . Lee's observations radiate authenticity and he effectively conveys his sophisticated knowledge base about the law, the Everglades and the criminal mind and the skill sets of conservation professionals. Once you get into this book, you won't be able to put it down."-Florida Weekly "Engaging, humorous, and touching. As we meet this crazy real-life cast, Lee shows us that the true character of those on the frontlines of the fight against wildlife crime is integrity and a commitment to protect animals and landscapes."-Laurel A. Neme, author of Animal Investigators: How the World's First Wildlife Forensics Lab Is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species "The job of a wildlife officer is never boring. Lee takes you behind the scenes on patrol-using everything from airboats to airplanes-as he and other state wildlife officers track and apprehend poachers in the Sunshine State."-W. H. "Chip" Gross, coauthor of Poachers Were My Prey: Eighteen Years as an Undercover Wildlife Officer "Lee's enlightening and entertaining stories will open your eyes to the duties and responsibilities that these officers perform on any given day."-Dave Grant, past president, North American Game Warden Museum "Lee provides remarkable insight into a world and culture unknown to most people, revealing the true diversity and dangers of the game warden profession."-Craig Hunter, director of law enforcement, Texas Parks and Wildlife "These stories convey the feel of the Florida environment, the tedium of the hiding and waiting, the thrill of the chase and capture, and the exhaustion, exhilaration, or heartbreak of the search and rescue. You won't be disappointed."-James "Tom" Mastin, consulting forester and principal, Natural Resource Planning Services, Inc. Imagine yourself alone in the wilderness holding two lawbreaking suspects at gunpoint. No onlookers, no backup. Just you in the dark, in the middle of nowhere, with suspects who would cheerfully kill you if they thought they could get away with it. Veteran wildlife officer Bob Lee takes readers deep into the days and nights of Florida game wardens in Bad Guys, Bullets, and Boat Chases. Some people might think that all these officers do is check fishing licenses, but this book tells a very different story, one of shoot-outs, survival, rescue, and powerboat chases. Tracking black-market gator poachers, jumping through truck windows, shredding boat propellers on underwater logs, trapping airboats in wild hog muck, ferrying crates of baby sea turtles, hunting for missing persons in remote areas, getting stuck under a 500-pound all-terrain vehicle at the bottom of a sinkhole-these are just some of the situations game wardens find themselves in. And beyond the action and excitement, the highs and lows of a wildlife officer's job would test the mental limits of even the bravest adventurer. In these stories, a rookie game warden works to rescue survivors after a jumbo jet crashes in a swamp; an experienced trapper leads a challenging search for a rogue gator after a tragic attack; and a dedicated lieutenant helps a deer poacher turn his life around. From Live Oak to the Everglades, from the cattle ranches west of Lake Okeechobee to the inshore fishing grounds of Pine Island, these amazing experiences span the state. Discover the excitement, dangers, and disasters that game wardens face every day on the job.